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schoolboy Q- Studio
  • Anderson .Paak Am I Wrong (feat. ScHoolboy Q)
    "I’m only coming out to play Nothing more that I hate in this life The wrong impression, I only have one to make You can open your palm Waiting to catch a break The cards will fall where they may And what"
  • MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS White Walls (feat. ScHoolboy Q and Hollis)
    "I wanna be free, I wanna just live Inside my Cadillac, that is my shit And I throw it up (I throw that up) That's what it is (that's what it is) In my C A D D I L L A C bitch (biatch) Can't see me through"
  • Tinashe 2 On (feat. ScHoolBoy Q, prod. DJ Mustard)
    "Give me all that you got now Make you want me ?cause I?m high now I?m gone, so faded I?m on one Bang bang, ?bout fly like a long gun If you ain?t laid Nigga, you ain?t making no noise Get faded, turn"
  • Mustard Plug Schoolboy
    "Your rosy lips tease me when you speak and the way you smell just makes me freak. The sound of your voice is giving me chills and the warmth of your skin gives me such a thrill. You're giving me willies"
  • ScHoolboy Q Party
    "Hot LA nigga but I'm extra cold No chain on and I'm extra froze Nigga, icy bucket hat be all low I smoke dope, everybody and my P.O. know UFO, nigga, so damn fly Backwood, that good, nigga, so damn high I'm"
  • Average White Band Schoolboy Crush
    "Meet me in the playground at a quarter to four Wait till everybody's long gone There might be somethings we could explore Hey, baby maybe I could walk you home When it starts to rain we can take"
  • Jimmy Buffett Schoolboy Heart
    "I got a school boy heart, a novelist eye Stout sailor's legs and a license to fly I came with nomad feet and some wandering toes That walk up my longboard and hang off the nose I suppose The need to focus"
  • Evans Blue Q
    "Are you saying love Or are you saying nothing Still life is a crime That I can't ignore Your perfect ways will follow The temperature that's rising All this time you never me think It was the hardest"
  • Cartel Q
    "reaching out can you hear me i said im reaching out but no one's near me and through all this i've been reaching out blindly and so it comes down and i don't know anything it always comes around and fighting"
  • Alice Nine Q.
    "I don't know myself I'm fed up,You're fed up with me Can't you hear my voice? like a crying baby,I'm calling you nagai tameiki no hate ni nokosareta gimonfu wa mou kesenakute nani wo mite waratte, nani"
  • Zarys Zdarze Studio, studio
    "Siedemnasty maj i światło błysnęło Z głośników popłynęło, tak to się zaczęło Nasze dzieło nabrało kolorytu, git bit Ziomków bez liku i nasza kanciapa To mi się marzyło przez te wszystkie lata Rata-tata"
  • ScHoolboy Q What They Want (feat. 2 Chainz)
    "This the shit that they need, tell me where are you from Drop your pants to your knees, yeah, I got the codeine Might pull up in my bucket This nine holds a good dozen Might slide up in your cousin Just"
  • ScHoolboy Q Collard Greens (Ft. Kendrick Lamar)
    "Oh, oh, luxury Chidi-ching-ching could buy anything, cop that Oh, oh, collard greens Three degrees low, make it hot for me, drop that Oh, oh, down with that shit Drink this, smoke this, get down with the"
  • Studio Pok Studio pok
    "przestań mi pierdolić .. wyjdź stąd bardzo cie proszę ! chce byc dzisiaj sam , zrozum natrętów nie znoszę ! chce odciąć sie tam spędzić najbliższe noce gdzie będę tylko ja - do ciebie sie odnoszę.. zrozum"
  • Q-Tip Q-Tip
    "Take you (higher) Hit you (higher) Make you (higher) Hit you (higher) Take you (higher) I don't know what to make of this Funny brothers on my nerves type ridiculous I guess I really gotta do it Put my"
  • Q-Fish Q-Fish dance
    "Take a step to the left - and one to the right And now turn round - do it on the other side left hand on your hip - the right behind the neck now hop around the room - always be glad show us your teeth"
  • They Might Be Giants Q U
    "Q U Q U Q U, they're often a pair Make "kw" sounds together Like "quick", "quack" and "quill" Q U Q U Quack quack, quack quack Q U, they're often a pair Make "kw" sounds together Like "squid", "squash""
  • Suziquatro Suzi Q
    "Oh, Suzi Q Oh, Suzi Q Oh, Suzi Q I love you My Suzi Q I love the way you walk I love the way you talk Love the way you walk I love the way you talk My Suzi Q Say that you'll be true Say that you'll be"
  • The Rolling Stones Suzie Q
    "Oh, Susie Q Oh, Susie Q Oh, Susie Q I love you My Susie Q I love the way you walk I love the way you talk Love the way you walk I love the way you talk My Susie Q Say that you'll be true Say"
  • Dr. Feelgood Suzie Q
    "(Eleanor Broadwater/Dale Hawkins/Stanley S. Lewis) Oh Suzie Q., oh Suzie Q. Oh Suzie Q., baby I love you Suzie Q. I like the way you walk I like the way you talk I like the way you walk, I like the way"

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