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scooter kid dies on a flair

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scooter kid dies on a flair

  • Flair - Josh Rouse
    "You want me to, I will The older I get, I spill blame And I lived there six months The past is all I'm driven for I'm driven for And I can't recall a name Faces are the same to me The same you see And"
  • Faster, Harder, Scooter - Scooter
    "Yeah, request: I want everybody as close to the stage as possible! Get that speed, We're going back to the Heavyweight Jam Let's go out for a walk to the other side Get the sound, join the crew and you"
  • Scooter Boys - Indigo Girls
    "Scooter boys and Argentineans Europe shed the blood of the Indian Here I sit in the land of plenty Crying about my own virginity Hey blue blood you're nothing new You see I come from privilege too A chapter"
  • The Scooter Song - American Idol
    "I'm a scooter girl I've got streamers And a sassy basket friend On my scooter, yeah, You know I can depend Taking me to school Or to the grocery store I can buy me a car But hunny, what for? I'm a scooter"
  • Bad Motor Scooter - Sammy Hagar
    "If you get lonely on your daddy's farm Just remember I don't live too far And there's a red bridge that arcs the bay, yeah You'll be at my place in less that a day So get on your bad motor scooter and"
  • Toto Dies - Nellie McKay
    "And when the dawn breaks through the drums start beating the morning to the farm your grimace widens and your lips part sounding the silent alarm and when the bells explode they scatter hitching a hand"
  • Kid - Amos Lee
    "Been kicked around so long You're starting to get used to how it feels The taste of blood that's in your mouth There's still somehow it always heals Don't know how you keep on getting up From all those"
  • Eyeball Kid - Tom Waits
    "Well Zenora Bariella And Coriander Pyle They had sixteen children In the usual style They had a curio museum And they had no guile All they ever wanted Was a show biz child So on the 7th of Dec. 1949 They"
  • Stupid Kid - Alkaline Trio
    "There are things that used to make me smile One of them was you for just a little while You left me for dead so far away I replaced you with fear and shame You'll be happy on the day I die There are things"
  • Kid A - Radio Head
    "I slip away I slipped on a little white lie We've got heads on sticks You've got ventriloquists We've got heads on sticks You've got ventriloquists Standing in the shadows at the end of my bed Standing"
  • Kid A - John Mayer
    "I slip away, I slipped on a little white lie. We've got heads on sticks, You've got ventriloquists. We've got heads on sticks, You've got ventriloquists. Standing in the shadows, at the end of my bed. Standing"
  • Daylight Dies - Wyrd
    "When the winter nights grow longer And the days have no returnings When the long nights shimmer whitely Over the icy wastes and woods When the northern winds grow colder And the days of man come to an"
  • Everything dies - Carnal Forge
    "All you have left is a wish to die and all you see is blackyour tortured soul cries out for a relief You can't go on like this, you'll hit the wall, scared to death I gave you life, i trashed your wall"
  • Darkness Dies - Paramaecium
    "(Music by J. De Ron) Distant voices begin to sing, "Now the fire's burning, let the fire spread so those who think they live will realise that they are dead. Over eons, over centuries, it has taken many"
  • She Dies - Draconian
    "The cold winds blew into life, my adored A bleeding heart we share, now on Azraels wings I fall like autumn rain You are my everything This lovelorn kiss of death in lugubrious silence Dawn breaks open"
  • Dies Irae - Christ Agony
    "At your command The dried darkness started Gloating over the last So marvelous banquet Rummaged out by the laughter Of desire The ferryman stood up And poured the blood on the table A noise was made God"
  • Everybody Dies - Logic
    "you are watching a master at wokk this what you all been waiting for ain’t it? ra game homie, I been waiting for the payment all these little rappers come and go I wonder why they went 10 years of running we"
  • Kid Summer - Jackson's Kid Summer
    "Three quarters and I can't sleep Got a lot of dreams that I can't keep Praying to her lord Why don't you save me? Three quarters, never learned to cook Got your back turned cause you can't look Caught"
  • A Legend Never Dies - Blackfoot
    "You know we could last forever Together 'til the end of time An everlasting love just like the stories go We'll make history you and I A legend never dies Tonight is the beginning Our once upon a time Like"
  • Just A Kid - Kenny Chesney
    "Well, the news spread through Jerusalem Tonight a child is born There are shepherds falling to their knees And angels blowing horns. But in their golden halls the Pharisees Scoffed and drank there wines They"

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