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scorpions wind of chenh

  • Harem Of Scorpions - Cancer Bats
    "(feat. Tim McIlrath of Rise Against) Starving - like a pack of wolves in the city We'll chase our future down the barrel of a gun To what end? Haunted - by the siren song of the concrete Never ending"
  • Scorpions And Mudpies - Shamra
    "tied up my sheets And threw them out the window We met in the street And hid by the Camino You nodded at me A silent innuendo We pressed our soles together That night in the gazebo My Chuck Taylor's Got"
  • Wind Of Change - Scorpions
    "Follow the Moskva Down to Gorky Park Listening to the wind of change An August summer night Soldiers passing by Listening to the wind of change The world is closing in Did you ever think That we could"
  • Evening Wind - Scorpions
    "(Ulrich Roth) A summer day is gone Listen to the evening wind Singing tunes of (tel aviv)? Into the setting sun You lie in twilight sleep Dreaming colors deep Today all life is gone Look at the golden"
  • In Trance (Scorpions Cover) - Fates Warning
    "I wake up in the morning And the sun begins to shine The day did sneak up on the night I see your face, and I see myself And I get a little taste of life I try to stand it for a while But I'm in a trance Hey"
  • Wind Of Change (Spanish Version) - Scorpions
    "Por el rio de Moskva Bajo al Gorky Park Escuchando vientos nuevos Verano al tardecer Soldados al pasar Escuchando vientos nuevos Se achica el mundo mas Quien iba a creer Que fueramos tu y yo hermanos El"
  • Beware Of The Tales Of Scorpions - A Girl A Gun A Ghost
    "The furnace is cold, the timber rotten and old. The parasites have found the time to kill something bold. It's a lover's embrace without the lovers, It's the thrill of the chase without the hunters! It's"
  • Wind of Change (wersja dla Ukrainy) - Scorpions
    "Now listen to my heart It says Ukraina waiting for the wind to change Now listen to my heart It says Ukraina waiting for the wind to change A dark and lonely night Our hopes and dreams don't die Waiting"
  • Dust In The Wind - Scorpions
    "(Kerry Livgren) I close my eyes Only for a moment and the moment's gone All my dreams Pass before my eyes, a curiosity Dust in the wind All they are is dust in the wind Same old song Just a drop of"
  • Veter Peremen (Wind Of Change po rosyjsku) - Scorpions
    "Naberezhnoy Moskvy Idu k Parku Gor'kogo Slushayu ya Veter Peremen Letnyaya noch' Avgusta Mimo idut soldaty Slushayu ya Veter Peremen Mir smykaetsya Dumali li Vy My stanem blizkimi Kak brat'ya Vozduh napolnen"

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