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  • Korro - Koro
    "tylko przypomnę wam tracklistę bo kończymy tym kawałkiem wszytko jak planowałem bo jestem słowny jak scrabble choć to jest wersja demo to i tak wbijac na ajbę"
  • 1956 And All That - McLusky
    "come out quick and count the corpse i'm sure we killed a family keep your killing clean my love just keep your killing clean come out quick and count the corpse i'm sure we killed a family keep your killing"
  • Book Of Hours - Anekdoten
    "watching the world through the eyes of a child leaving the past behind me curiously peeping behind each door already longing for tomorrow there's no need to fear as long as you're here it's not always"
  • Oh, no what we gonna do - Veggie Tales
    "Wisemen:Oh no! What we gonna do?The king likes DanielMore than me and youOh, no! What we gonna do?We gotta get him out of here.(repeat)Wiseman#1:We could throw him in the dungeonWe could let him rot in"
  • Wy! - Ten Typ Mes, Kuba Knap, Zetenwupe & LJ Karwel
    "To oczywiste jakbym urodził się w Skopje A te dzieciaki to tylko szczeniaki A nie pozbędę się championów, Kiedy mogę podarować kozacki rap Nie tylko swój, bo chęć pomóc Nasz lodówki, im większe lubią"
  • Oh, No! What We Gonna Do? - VeggieTales
    "Wisemen: Oh no! What we gonna do? The king likes Daniel More than me and you Oh, no! What we gonna do? We gotta get him out of here. (repeat) Wiseman#1: We could throw him in the dungeon We could let"
  • Rich Pickings - Maddy Prior
    "Rich pickings from the wastrels Rich pickings from the hand of man These fine beaks can find What you leave behind Because we're not fussy We don't care We're not proud We're loud. We'll scrabble in"
  • The Twelve Days Of Christmas - Frank Sinatra
    "(Traditional, adapted by S. Cahn and J. Van Heusen) On the (first) day of Christmas my true love sent to me Twelve lords leaping, Eleven ladies dancing, Ten pipers piping Nine drummers drumming,"
  • Harvest - Anekdoten
    "i've drunk my fill, sunk my will, bored myself with talk end the dreaming, time for seeing life as real as now synchronized in sharp focus, tuned with space and time led by instinct and emotion, ruled"
  • Caravan In Wales - The Wombats
    "We're going on holiday So why have you got an array of board games under your arm? What's the point in going somewhere else If you're only going to do exactly what you would be doing at home? Looks like"
  • You can have the Tv - Barry Manilow
    "You can have the t.v.I'll take the radioreally, I don't want the t.v.just please the radioI'd like that chair if you don't want itthank youyou keep the couchyou'll need a couch that's okyou can keep the"
  • No Fiction - Spitvalves
    "ilay off the hassle i'll woop your ass in scrabble your tryin to flow the rhyme but all you can do is babble about what you want to do let's talk about what you've done it seems you've drawn a blank um no"
  • All Hail The Grey Dawn - Napalm Death
    "When I look out of my window The feelgood factor doesn't feel so great and good Minors feed the majors All hail the grey dawn Where hopes dissolve in rainstorms When I stare into the TV There's wealth"
  • I Predict A Riot - McFly
    "Watching the people get lairy It's not very pretty I tell thee Walking through town is quite scary It's not very sensible either A friend of a friend he got beaten He looked the wrong way at a policeman"
  • Your Disco Need You (Spanish Version) - Kylie Minogue
    "YOUR DISCO NEEDS YOU (Spanish Version) Your disco, your disco, your disco needs you Your disco, your disco, your disco needs you Desperately seeking someone, willing to travel You're lost in conversation"
  • Chapter And Verse - Utopia
    "I got the dictionary in my hand But I can't seem to find the word I'm looking for I've checked every letter, now I'm up to Z There just ain't anymore I've got a million choices in my head If"
  • Losing Faith In Words - Peter Hammill
    "I just can't see why you can't see what I mean, but I can't make things any plainer, the words get in the way - is that quite what I mean? If not now, then certainly sooner or later we've got a problem"
  • All Said And Done - Peter Hammill
    "All the words in the world wouldn't make you stay this evening; though I scrabble around for any I can say, so hard to take our leave, so hard to stop believing. I guess we know this silence well enough, and"
  • Conventioneers - Barenaked Ladies
    "You walked into the room And the whole place stopped to notice Standing next to you, I feel hopeless and you know this I've never been ashamed of my attraction I'd be happy if you gave me just a fraction As"
  • I must be in Oregon - Greg Brown
    "Let me make it clearIt rains in Seattle more than it does hereWe have lots of funRaising bananas one by oneI must be, I must be in Oregon.The sky is hanging lowAs a clothesline full of clothesAs your hair"

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