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screm and should

  • Should - Over The Rhine
    "bone dry should I never dance like Salome danced bathing in the rain and moonlight and flame should I never sweat surreal shadows rushing through my veins good red blood run red bone dry should I never"
  • Should - Lacrimas Profundere
    "Be honest here We should be testified now What shall we do then And for what are we prefixed Leave a touch Down in our rust And we We tried it all Love should have been a revelation I think we did enough But"
  • Should - The Sweet
    "I gave up. I know things won't get better. Closed the door and talked about the weather. I went home. You would wait forever. I'll go first. We shouldn't be together. And after all, what did I say? "You"
  • Should I - Kingdom Come
    "Oh, just another bloody day I've gone the ways they said that I should go And now sands of time have brought decay The hand of fate is in control Should I, should I Pretend and close my eyes: Should"
  • Should i - Frank Sinatra
    "Should I reveal exactly how I feel?Should I confess I love you?Should I recite beneath the pale moonlight?And swear by the stars above you?Could I repeat the sweetest story told?Could I entreat, would"
  • Should I - Kiley Dean
    "Oh no, oh yea, oh Sometimes my world's not turning Wonder will my life Just fade away, away yea Situations grab my mind and I can't see myself escaping All the pain Should I go Far away? Should I"
  • Should wait - Norton
    "We said we'd walk together baby come what may That come the twilight should we lose our way If as we're walking a hand should slip free I'll wait for you And should I fall behind Wait for me We swore we'd"
  • Should I - Rik Rok
    "Uuuuuh babay babay Uuuuuh babay babay (Chorus) Should I let her know Im really in love And that she's the one I been thinkin of Women of my dreams ain't no one above her, Should I tell her Should"
  • Should Have - Beyonce
    "Should Have ou're all alone But, I did this I got no one else to blame You didn't know I was a risk And it's such a cryin' shame How you gave me all of you And wanted nothing else from me Tried to make"
  • Your Should - Joe Purdy
    "You and Jesus were close Yeah at least as far as he knows and you used to sell tickets invite all your friends Saying "walk on that water again" Yeah walk on that water again I'm so good at telling the"
  • Should I - Ball In The House
    "Chorus: Should I, could I, would I love her Should I, would I, could I care Should I, would I, could I love her Even when my world is not so clear Before I met you, I couldn't get through The day without"
  • Should I - Do
    "Just you and me, lost inside of love Feeling ecstasy and we cannot get enough You move in closer now and it's driving me crazy Try to hide it somehow but I lose my self control Should I just let it go Should"
  • Should I? - J-Status
    "Boy your standin real close to me Tell me now what's it gonna be U like what you see But lovin don't come easily Now your whisperin in my ear All the things that I wanna hear Now let me make it very clear Words"
  • Should i - Rihanna
    "Verse 1 Boy your standin real close to me tell me now what's it gonna be u like what you see but lovin don't come easily now your whisperin in my ear all the thing that i wanna hear now let me make it"
  • Love Should - Moby
    "So we in sleep in bed We never make Holding close to love Love should fade Holding on to this is the best thing we'll ever do Morning sun is sweet and soft on your eyes Oh my love, you always leave me"
  • Someone Should - Saga
    "Young Albert was searching for something A little bit out of the ordinary Some kind of break in his dull routine One day he took leave of his senses Dropped everything, climbed over his fences To find"
  • U Should - LL Cool J
    "Uhh.. yeah Uh-huh.. uh-huh Uhh.. yeah Uh-huh.. I'ma make you feel good (uhh) It'll be my pleasure to take you out the hood (yeah) Let you shop 'til you drop Let you pick your own rocks I'ma carry the"
  • I Should Care - Diana Krall
    "I should care I should go around weeping And I should care I should go without sleeping Strangely enough I sleep well Except for a dream or two But then I count my sheep well Funny how sheep can"
  • I Should Care - Taco
    "(some French stuff) I should care, I should go around weeping I should care, I should go without sleeping Strangely enough, I sleep well Except for a dream or two But then I count my sheep well Funny"
  • I Should Care - Ann-Margret
    "Ann-Margret And Here She Is I Should Care I should care I should go around weeping I should care I should go without sleeping Strangely enough, I sleep well 'Cept for a dream or two But then I count my"

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