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sea chendere

  • Sea - Magic Dirt
    "Yeah I waited sitting down on the sand hill And when I see you walking down the water Down those waves Always dreaming about you See you here On the spiral sand Watching everything With me Yeah And I close"
  • Sea - Smith & Mighty
    "Sky reflected ocean, submerged in blue Reflecting me and you and everybody Sea of sparkling sunlight we wash away Begin another new day, we wash away Begin another new day, we wash away Sky reflected ocean,"
  • Sea - Kirito
    "Yureru unabara ni omoi wo haseta kawaranu keshiki wo utsuri yuku kisetsu wo Deatta hi wo omoidashite yami wa terasare susumu beki mirai wo utsushite kureta Nagareru toki no naka ushinatta mono ni wakare"
  • Sea - Yui
    "ochikonde shimau you na koto mo ikiteireba touzen no you ni aru satte yawarakana hizashi no naka ni cry itsudatte oshietekureru kaze no naka hohoendeiru himawari ga saku kisetsu ni natta nara ai ni yukou"
  • Sea Cual Sea - Di Cataldo Massimo
    "Sea por lo que sea, bienvenido a m. Sea cual sea la historia que te trajo aqu, mi puerta se te abrir sincera porque sea cual sea tu vida la respetar. Sea cula sea la chica que te ha conquistado, la chica"
  • Sea To Sea - Matisyahu
    "Hashem S'fasai tiftach u-fee yagid tehilasecha Hashem S'fasai tiftach u-fee yagid tehilasecha Open up my lips and my mouth shall declare your praise Open up my lips and my mouth shall declare your praise From"
  • Lonely sea - Beach Boys
    "The lonely sea The lonely sea It never stops For you or me It moves along From day to day That's why my love (oooo-oooo-oooo) That's why my love (oooo-oooo-oooo) You'll never stay (oooo-oooo-oooo) You'll"
  • Sea lo que sea - Axel Fernando
    "Te vas a ir, despus de todo lo que nos unió, fui tan feliz. Te vas de aqu, clavndome esta soledad como una flecha gris. Si entre la multitud tu eras de cristal. Si juntos frente al mar me juraste eternidad. Y"
  • Enchanted Sea - The Browns
    "There is a sea enchanted sea that only lovers know It sings a song as it flows along with waves that whisper low When love is true it will be endless and deep as the deep blue sea Your tender love brings"
  • North Sea - Ancient Rites
    "Once there sailed the North Sea The North Sea wide and cold A ship heavily loaded With the world's most precious gold The enemy ship was floating To steal our precious gold Floating on the North Sea Our"
  • Dead Sea - 3rd Secret
    "Utwór 'Dead Sea' z albumu '3rd Secret' 3rd Secret (premiera 11 kwietnia 2022r.)."
  • Sargasso Sea - Ladytron
    "Utwór 'Sargasso Sea' z albumu 'Time's Arrow' Ladytron (premiera 20 stycznia 2023r.)"
  • Sea Lions - Samia
    "Utwór 'Sea Lions' z albumu 'Honey' od Samia (premiera 27 stycznia 2023r.)"
  • Solemn Sea - Leaves' Eyes
    "Seil den sterke sj solen Har gtt ned i det vide havet. I det mrke dypet hviler En drm om et ukjent land. The music of your heartbeat brightens me, Brightens me. Turn my fears into hope, Oceans of blue. Darkening"
  • Sea King - Eisley
    "At the bottom of the ocean lives a sea king, he was my king. He was so proud, diamonds in his crown. He was so proud, always so proud. I'm going away, I can't stay and I pray he finds out someday..."
  • Endless Sea - Iggy Pop
    "Oh baby, what a place to be In the service of the bourgeoisie Where can my believers be I wanna jump into the endless sea Oh, oh the endless sea Oh, oh the endless sea I wanna jump into the endless sea Let"
  • The Sea - Morcheeba
    "Flocking to the sea Crowds of people wait for me Sea gulls scavenge Steal ice cream Worries vanish Within my dream I left my soul there, Down by the sea I lost control here Living free I left my soul"
  • Silent Sea - KT Tunstall
    "I was happy in my harbour when you cut me loose Floating on an ocean and confused Winds are whipping waves up like skyscrapers And the harder they hit me, the less I seem to bruise And when I find the"
  • Red Sea, Black Sea - Shearwater
    "In place of the sun In place of the moon A terrible light Will flood every room And bathed in this light, we will swim again From the high desert's walls to the seas, red and black Turn the transmitters"
  • Sea Cruise - John Fogerty
    "(Smith) Now Old Man Rhythm is in my shoes, it's no use sittin' here singin' the blues, So be my guest, you got nothin' to lose, won't you let me take you on a sea cruise? Ooowee, ooowee baby, ooowee,"

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