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sea line

  • Mother Sea - Rhodes Happy
    "(5:23) Piano: Martha Waterman Electric gulls and Keys: Kevin Bartlett I looked out over the blue And breathed in the new, old air Wondered where it had been Before it got here Little bell in a cage Singing"
  • Mediterranean Sea - Admiral Freebee
    "I was trying but the sweet girl was not buying I was the man who had lots of things to say But the only response was a walking away I said come on! Baby please, can I have your telephone number? She said"
  • Life-Line - Ryan Leslie
    "This is a call to anyone within the sound of my voice cus i need help i think im going under (he thinks hes going under) see me n my women we be trying our best to straighten things out but it aint working"
  • Circle Line - Fish
    "Just another day on the circle line, losing myself as I follow signs, Beneath the surface underground I keep my feelings deep inside. Just another face in another crowd, taking my place wihtout a sound, I"
  • Hot Line - Black Sabbath
    "Take me to the river baby drink my wine When I'm going down won't you throw me a line Lead me to religion take me up them stairs When I take a tumble will you say me some prayers When will you show me"
  • Magenta line - Klaatu
    "My my what a lovely day Could it be that we've arrived in fair Magentalane There were times, many times When I thought we wouldn't make it I was quite prepared to take it like a man But here I am Aye aye"
  • Sea Of Lies - Symphony X
    "Today I've seen the shallow face I wear Inside this shell a living hell endures I'm held captive by my fear, decaying hope and wasted years The knife of time carves another line around these eyes Good"
  • Sea Of Strangers - Stabilizer
    "flying through the air a new kind of flight a new kind of orbit see this green and blue washed away like new floating on, they appear the sea of strangers from up here, they appear ever distant ever trenchant they"
  • Bluesy Blue Sea - Gillan
    "Sitting here with the bottom line You wanna know what I'm gonna take my time It maybe good but it could be bad it It drives me mad oh Sitting here like a lunatic You wanna know what Don't make you sick Yes"
  • Sea Of Life - Symphorce
    "Anytime you cry, i opened up my eyes When i see you smile, it turns into light anytime you're there what's forever for When i see you fly, coming down the floor Don't you believe me don't you realize I'm"
  • Sea of Time - Royal Hunt
    "In the ocean of dreams things are changing but staying the same Nothing is like it seems So unreal that it drives me insane in the heat of seven suns Surrender to the power of time. End of the line - ready"
  • Sea of Sound - Pale Saints
    "your body's cold you're on the bed i'm the only one who knows you're there i'm reeling in that silver line the cord that brings you back in time reality obscures my view the pain of wanting to when am"
  • The Fine Line - Watson Wayne
    "Wayne Watson Ephesians 5:15/I John 2:6/Philippians 4:11-12 There's a fine line Between contentment and greed Between the things that I want And the things that I need Between "enough is enough" And where"
  • Across The Line - The Charlie Daniels Band
    "'''"Across The Line"''' Where the sun goes up and the sun comes down nothing ever changes in a border town It turns around and starts all over again It's alcohol and nicotine and everyday's like Halloween It's"
  • Broken White Line - Kris Delmhorst
    "It's been four years since that day when the news fell from the sky You took Iuntil we meet again' and turned it to Igoodbye' And I hope that you won't rest in peace because that would bore you right to"
  • Across The Line - Charlie Daniels Band
    "Where the sun goes up and the sun comes down nothing ever changes in a border town It turns around and starts all over again It's alcohol and nicotine and everyday's like Halloween It's a muy loco world"
  • The Frankston Line - Youth Group
    "The day is grey, don't love you anymore The sun smiles on the red tiles, I don't love you anymore The Frankston Line's full of teenage crime And the cops can't do no more Hooded topes, cigarettes at"
  • White Star Line - Venus
    "On the sun-deck, a lord looks at the foam Drinks champagne, eats Belouga, the night's long It's quiet, icebergs pass along There's no wind, says a lady, but it's cold On the below-deck, the people dream"
  • Trains Across The Sea - Silver Jews
    "Troubles, no troubles, on the line And I can't stand to see you I can't stand to see you when you're crying at home Scotch and Penecilin, please try Carlton a cold black maple hanger and husbands on the"
  • This Is The Sea - The Waterboys
    "These things you keep you'd better throw them away You wanna turn your back on your soulless days Once you were tethered and now you are free Once you were tethered well now you are free That was the river this"

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