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seal i am your man

  • Seal - Fool's Garden
    "(Hinkel / Freudenthaler) You said it in a strange kind, I don't forget the day Your smile is not the same now, you've drawn your hands away I don't begrudge it to you You've found another place Another"
  • The Seventh Seal - Groundation
    "Oh did ya see dem, chanting for them soul Jah Some a dem man come, fight a dutty one obeah They want to control with violency In them battle for the Seventh Seal Brimstone and thunder shall surely tell All"
  • Act I: The First Seal - Opera IX
    "Act I: The First Seal Arcane and powerful symbols traced on them Dark and forgotten the times of these writings Timeless stones shape the walls of this site In the sacred search of supreme knowledge May"
  • Grey Seal - Elton John
    "Why's it never light on my lawn Why does it rain and never say good-day to the new-born On the big screen they showed us the sun But not as bright in life as the real one It's never quite the same as the"
  • Seal Slayer - Deadlock
    "comrades come on, enter the boat. we are about to start the hunt of our lifes. comrades come on, the hunt is on. lets get us some dead corpses. hunt down the weak, predators of the sea. oh it's my life"
  • The Seal - Fool's Garden
    "(Hinkel / Freudenthaler) You said it in a strange kind, I don't forget the day Your smile is not the same now, you've drawn your hands away I don't begrudge it to you You've found another place Another"
  • Seal Whales - Meat Puppets
    "c'mon everybody you know what I mean won't spell it out for you it's so plain we're gonna play some numbers this you'd better believe yes we surely are and we're gonna achieve don't start talking about"
  • Seal - Janne Da Arc
    "Uki ashi datta kimi ga ikareteiruKiken na megami ni mieruKubi ni kakatta akai kurosu oMata mote asobi waratteiruKimi ni mitsume kaesareru toOmowazu shisenhazu shitaNandaka maketa ki ni naru...Mada mada"
  • Seal It W/A Kis - Big Mike
    "I got a thorn in my side and I wish someone would pull it I'm thinking about giving this motherfucker a bullet But I ain't going out like that I got too much at stake To let myself be brought down by these"
  • I Am The Man - Kings Philosopher
    "I am the man, that's what I am I'm a straight shooter, with a master plan I am the man, that's why I'm here I am the man, I am the man I am the last real cowboy I roped the soul of the world can I have"
  • I Am The Man - Unwritten Law
    "I want to take you around the world, show you all dreams and aperos, well he's the leader of our land, you know that the man, he is the captin of our team, He's the star of sliver screen, and he's the"
  • I Am That Man - Brooks & Dunn
    "You put your heart up on a shelf I know it's hard to be by yourself You need someone that's tur and strong Baby someone just came along I am that man You're trying to find I am that man You had in mind And"
  • I am a man - Lonestar
    "I am a man on a missionI have tunnel visionJust 'cause I'm not talkingDon't mean that I'm not listeningYou can say I suffer from a lifelong conditionYou know I love you babyBut try to understand I am a"
  • Squeal, Baby Seal - Bad Catholic Schoolgirls
    "AG = Awesome Gorgeous' lyrics ST = Special T's lyrics AG: Hey Seal, you like my club? It's made of solid oak And I'm about to shove the fucker right down your throat Coughin' up blood like a donation"
  • Man That I Am - Nat Stuckey
    "In a world where there's not enough love to go round And hurt wears a pretty disguise Well I found the love that's too strong to tear down As strong as the look in her eyes And I'm so thankful your love"
  • Seal It Forever - Sandra
    "Can I find the words to say How I feel tonight We are astrange We can turn the time Just look at me I'm so scared Would you be here if I was sad, would you do? I wanna be your guiding light I wanna stay"
  • Break The Seal - Vampiria
    "So then I break the seal, and start the fire with the olden spell, with the rage of anguish, and the wrath of asphix. I say the words to be heard for thou, to be obey for thou. I know the words that can"
  • Break The Seal - Scanner
    "It's the hour, the cypher for rebirth A poisoned arrow is darted Liberation, one hope against the dearth Striving for help, but the factions started The screams of pain - struggling in vain To terminate"
  • The Seventh Seal - Lefay
  • Break The Seal - Rhyn
    "Here it comes again The thing that I need now and needed then It's Heaven-sent It fills the space Though I don't know how I couldn't trace It's hard to place I heard this sound Underground Telling me to"

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