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second to none

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second to none

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second to none
  • Annihilator Second to none
    "Hello, are you looking for me? I'm the one to ease your pain Just call me 'The Doctor' and I prescribe cocaine I am your reason to live, I'm your church and I'm your pastor C'mon, you've got nothin to"
  • Electronic Second To None
    "What you need Love is satisfaction Is so unreal I like the feel But it goes away It comes too soon Life is satisfaction Me and you We could be in harmony Love is satisfaction There is a place If we must"
  • Paul Stanley Second To None
    "We both had stories, loves, and lifetimes before Left us wanting for more But it kept us on that journey With everyone we meet, we open the door There were others for sure, but they never got to know me It's"
  • Hammerfall Second to None
    "Returned from the dark side I found a greater truth No doubts or delusions, no higher absolute A walk through the ages, through history and time I’ve seen all the treasons all done by mankind I deny"
  • Vengeance Second to none
    "When They Kicked Me Out Of Highschool I Came To Know For Real The Tought I Had To Study Didn't Seam To Be Ideal I Had To Be A Rockstar But It Went against The Grain All My Friends Would Tell Me "Man, I"
  • Avengers Second To None
    "Gettin dirty on my hands and knees I live like an animal and now I got fleas. When I do what I do it's a sin But I like my parties soaked in gin. What's the use of sayin what you mean? Just watch yourself"
  • Phoenix Second To None
    "Second to none, I wouldn't seriously get involved in a thing Bored of all the talking, you know it didn't change much I doubt your intentions are to make me feel any better today I even doubt tomorrow"
  • 18 Over Par Second Guess
    "Sitting around in my room today. I don't think that I'm going to stay. I'm thinking about moving out pretty soon. I wanna be gone just before noon. My parents are yelling They don't understand me They"
  • John Mellencamp It Don't Scare Me None
    "Well, it don't scare me none, I've been there before, Sideswiped an old Oak tree In a rusted-out old Ford. Shot at guys who were shootin' back In the Second World War, And it don't scare me none I've been"
  • Tamar Braxton Get None
    "Hook: You can go home run your phone bill up, run your cell phone up You don't get none You can page me all you want but I won't call right back Naw naw you won't get none You can buy me diamonds,"
  • Robert Post Got None
    "When I was a little boy I used to wonder Just how old you'd have to be to feel good Now I've seen a thousand girls but I still wonder Cause they just don't make sense to me God knows I've tried I've tried"
  • Waltari Number None
    "I see you naked at the door of my room longing hungrily for a slide but I just can't help it, I have to leave the guys are waiting there outside but you wouldn't let me go and pushed me aside when I was"
  • Tamar Get None
    "(JD) Turn it up, uh, uh, uh-uh, naw, naw (Amil) Just cause you tricked a little dope tonight That don't mean you're taking me home tonight Just cause you tricked a little dope tonight That don't"
  • Lil' Zane None Tonight
    "(Lil' Zane) A yo check this out I'm sayin We been on this dance floor all night Man a nigga sweatin I'm tired And I'm just sayin my next question is Are you comin home wit a nigga or what? A (chorus)"
  • LiL Zane None Tonight
    "(Lil' Zane) A yo check this out I'm sayin We been on this dance floor all night Man a nigga sweatin I'm tired And I'm just sayin my next question is Are you comin home wit a nigga or what? A (chorus)"
  • Machine Head Down To None
    "bow down to no one bow down to none straight down been going been sleepwalkin' in a violent haze this world in ruin the chain shackles like a foul disease this rage this struggle it is a feeling that's"
  • Lynch Pilson Closer To None
    "I've been- called away A dying wish, a broken gift astray Conscience- not the same Encircling me like wind against the rain But you'll see me calling Calling out It's what I gotta do And the day is coming Coming"
  • Kreator Zero To None
    "Dominance in devotion Grabs us and disappears Have to take some direction Through the glass that we must break Zero to none Killing radical The instinct to destroy what's left Lives in everyone All prepared"
  • Hands On Approach Gift To None
    "I don't need to introduce myself 'Cause you know me for a long time Could be the face in your mirror But not quite so young I'm the soul behind whatever you need I'll be everywhere you feel Like a wave"
  • Soilent Green Love None
    "Pattern A Train Of Thought An Everlasting Word That Lies The Heart That Feeds Anothers Game Strings Attached To Control The Trust Change The Ground Of Terms Civilized Approach I'd Rather Put My Hands Around"

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