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see it through

  • See It Through - Charlatans Uk
    "Charlatans Uk Charlatans U.k. (...first Shag See It Through Carry me away from the country, Ride a number 24 to the west, Feel the earth begin to move on the music, Singin' anthems i'll be down anywheres, I"
  • See Through - Parasite
    "I can see through your lies A standard law of ettiquette defied I can see through your lies No need to act quite so surprised I can see through your eyes And now I begin to realise I can see through"
  • See Through - Billie Eilish
    "Wait a minute, let me finish I know you don't care, but can you listen? I came committed, guess I overdid it Wore my heart out on a chain around my neck And now it's missing So I think I better go I never"
  • I'll See It Through - Colin James
    "2,3,4. one of these days baby, whatever i do, ill prove i can, get along without you, i dont care how much, that it hurts, ill see it through. i know my tears, will fall like rain, i known her for"
  • I'll See It Through - Texas
    "When you touch me I feel there's nothing you can do to turn me away And I know that In the past you've had bad luck so I should help you stay You're all I ever wanted You're all I ever needed, it's you You're"
  • See It Through My Eyes - Meredith Brooks
    "It's after midnight again And we sleep in separate rooms Wondering what went wrong I know we tried to talk about What it takes to talk things out But we just go on and on Baby, if you'd see it just"
  • See Me Through - Van Morrison
    "When I feel like l'can't get over The solid white cliffs of Dover When I don't know what to do Baby see me through (yeah) Well I've been too long in this storm I feel so sad and forlorn And perhaps I'm"
  • See Through Head - The Hives
    "I know what you're thinking You got a mind and it's stinking You know why? You got a transparent cranium, a see through head Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh It doesn't mean a thing Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh It's just a paper"
  • See Through You - Boiler Room
    "Can't understand why you thrive on your misery You and your jealousy Look at me now You never imagined I would be where I wanted to be There is no way: I would live your way Whatchya want from me!?! Whatchya"
  • See Through Me - Lefty
    "The car is parked Her mom and dad Are fast asleep inside She sits across from me She licks her lips And bats her eyes The time to make the move is now I slide across the seat I want to try and take it"
  • See Right Through - Kate Ceberano
    "I watch you sun it will fall when the day is done And I'll care for you Now the right time has begun to change Time to look around you Time to rearrange habits of life Can't you see the light shining"
  • Through - RAMP
    "Through friends we feel The sense of life Through love we seal The point of life Through the hate we show our pain This fire kept inside our brain Through humanity This we see Through war we show We"
  • Through - Autumn Clan
    "There's a time beyond the time, a place beyond a place I fall asleep, I'm in too deep and I feel nothing I surrender all the feelings and all things above I remember - saved by sex and punished with love ..."
  • Through - Galactic Cowboys
    "butterflies sunflowers walking hand in hand two adrift in a moments glance rainbows wildflowers a promise made in haste two embark on a fated chance on blind romance i thought you were in love what a fool's"
  • See Right Through You - 'N Sync
    "Tell me what kind of girl would wanna play me Tear me down then try to break me Baby how could you betray me After all I've done for you?! Took you there, bought you this now it's not enough babe You better"
  • See Right Through Me - Mobile
    "At the wake of the storm Many flurries of cold and furious thoughts Hardly managed to drag me down I heard it all from another room Stolen words from mouths of fools So what else is new still they can't"
  • See Right Through You - 'N Sync
    "Tell me what kind of girl would wanna play me Tear me down Then try to break me Baby how could you betray me? After all I've done for you take you there, bought you this, now it's not enough babe you better"
  • See Through Their Lies - Crucifix
    "I can't forget what seemed like yesterday the memories of war they just won't fade see through their lies the years i was there, it seems so far away everyone tried to ignore it, saying it'll go away it"
  • See Right Through (ft. Fiora) - Tensnake
    "My eyes are open I see the part of you Far beyond everything You can think of __ Holding your innocence With happy hands Trying to wash the __ Section of my regret Oh I can see right through See right"
  • I see right through you - DJ Encore
    "I see right through to you see right through to you I see right through to you see right through to you I see right through to you It's not like I don't feel your mood What you have for me is different"

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