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see your hais

  • Je Te Hais - Jacques Duvall
    "Je te hais Mon Dieu si tu savais A quel point je te hais Je hais ces yeux Leur clat insidieux D'autant plus fort que je T'aimais Je t'aimerais encore mais Seulement si tu t'retenais Une heure ou deux D'respirer,"
  • See - Reactor
    "Eyes say more than thousand words Expose the soul that flows in me My inner warmth, my inner bleed My deep anxiety This sight is where you can read My illogical personal achemy Falling in my stream I can't"
  • See - The Rascals
    "Things ain't like they used to be Love's the only thing I see Wings of life are taking flight From the darkness to the light I used to try and fly away Upon the flood of dreams Tasting all the good and"
  • Je Hais Les Dimanches - Edith Piaf
    "Tous les jours de la semaine Sont vides et sonnent le creux Bien pire que la semaine Y a le dimanche prtentieux Qui veut paratre rose Et jouer les gnreux Le dimanche qui s'impose Comme un jour bienheureux Je"
  • See Your Lights - The Church
    "Come down Come down, come to me She's somewhere sliding through me Even thought I can't believe it If I look in the earth, receive you How come I see you I'm never coming down From the ceiling sister,"
  • See your lights - Church
    "Come downCome down, come to meShe's somewhere sliding through meEven thought I can't believe itIf I look in the earth, receive you [0:29]How come I see youI'm never coming downFrom the ceiling sister,"
  • See your sorrow - Eric Gadd
    "I wake up early it got a little late last night I put on some coffee I try to make your morning right But you dont wanna wake up nothing to look forward to Well, I feed the cat and I try to figure out"
  • See Your Face - Pink Cream 69
    "Wake up in the morning, so blinded by the light That I just lie and wait for the night Years of precious moments don't add up to a day Now I just feel you drifting away If I see your face again, with"
  • See Your Sunshine - Paul McCartney
    "She makes me feel gladI want her so badMy heart is beating madly for herIf you ask me whyI'm not going to lieI'll have to say that I adore herLook what you do to me babyYou're making me feel so fineStep"
  • See See Rider - LaVern Baker
    "See See Rider LaVern Baker Atlantic OS 13001 Oldies Series (Traditional) Well See, See See Rider Just see what you have a-done Yeah, yeah yeah yeah See See Rider See what you have"
  • See See Rider - Shy Albatross
    "I’m so unhappy I feel so blue I always feel so sad I made a mistake Right form the start It seem so hard to back About this leather That I will ride I hope you’ll remember When he receive it See, see"
  • See See Rider - Elvis Presley
    "(arr. by Elvis Presley) I said see, see, see rider Oh, see what you have done I said see, see, see rider Oh, see what you have done Oh girl, you made me love you Now, now, now your lovin' man has gone hear"
  • See See Rider - B.B. King
    "See, see rider, see what you have done Lord, Lord, Lord, see, see rider, see what you have done You made me love you, now your man have come I'm gonna buy me a shotgun, long as I am tall Lord, Lord, Lord,"
  • See See Rider - Hurt Mississippi John
    "You see, see, rider, you see what you have done? You made me love you Made me love you, now your man done come You made me love you, now your man have come Ain't no more potatoes, the frost have killed"
  • Your Legacy - See-Saw
    "Because we invite the peace and tranquility from afar, It looks like we will have to travel a bit further Only holding your hand, we cross the freezing night. Becasue we met when you were hurt with your"
  • I See Your Beginning - Steve Kilbey
    "Don't touch the snake who beckons you, his eyes are full of ice You'll be slippery just like he is, living on bad advice And I see you're beginning to undergo a subtle change of scale It's not the first"
  • I See Your Face - Paradise Lost
    "Coming back today, the pounding thoughts relay It's a time that's for myself I'm laying low, strife is gaining slow A kind of anguish I don't need...... When I see your frown, hurt will put me down If"
  • I See Your Cross - D.O.A.
    "you got their trust, you got their faith you push salvation, sell them a place b't wait to split up the country, make it second rate chorus we got ourselves a real logjam free traders pullin' their scam"
  • I See Your Smile - Gloria Estefan
    "I, get a little tongue twisted Every time I talk to you When I see you And I'm so glad that you just missed it The way I stared To memorize your face To kiss you in my mind Love you all the time 'Cause"
  • To see your name - Carpe Tenebrum
    "Weakeners of our time sinners of our mindWe will segregate our own source of timeSatan's on the way weak man's only prideWe suffer today to save our own mind Reverance waiting for the veinSanctity waiting"

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