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seeed dinig

  • Riddim No 1 - Seeed
    "Das is so eins dieser Lieder - uh das fhrt in die Glieder. Steh da nich so bieder komm beweg Dich mal wieder. Zieh 'n Stock aus'm Arsch und dann ergeb dich dem Fieber denn die Zeiten steifer Eitelkeiten"
  • Next...! - Seeed
    "'' '' Next! We're giving you stuff to relax, To have sex, to cheer you up when you're vexed You had a wife, now she's your ex Go get a life, we give you soundtrax! This is how we flex We plant this sound"
  • Dancehall Caballeros - Seeed
    "Chorus: Wir sind SEEED! Und das is' unser Gebiet, singende Caballeros aufm bombigen Beat. Einfach SEEED - boooom! Wenn sich der Nebel verzieht, dann hrst du irgendwie von irgendwo so heie Musik... 1. Verse"
  • Schwinger - Seeed
    "Bumm die Show beginnt! Die ganze Halle schwimmt im Bass Du denkst du kriegst'n Kind Alles was ihr ber uns gehrt habt stimmt! ''Refrain:'' Uh Baby, schwing dein Teil Teile schwingen, Typen findens geil Nananana"
  • Music Monks - Seeed
    "-Back in the place once again -Ladys check their ass once again -Who's this? That's the music monks once again -System of the temple Refrain: See(e)dy Monks, Ride again, With a witong, Whine again Everybody"
  • Double Soul - Seeed
    "(Seeed) I like that sound, when you call my name I like it when you say you like the same I cannot take my eyes of you, Even if you want me to The gap between your teeth drives me insane Uh, baby you look"
  • She Got Me Twisted - Seeed
    "Seeed - She Got Me Twisted she call me and she weep she was cryin on the phone says she couldnt sleep and she couldnt stay alone well, anytime the phone a ring she come up with some other thing next"
  • Grosshirn - Seeed
    "Mensch an Grosshirn Du verdammtes Drecksding Hast du nicht gecheckt, dass 's mir heute verdammt schlecht ging? Schick was in die Pipeline, das 'n wite wine effeckt bringt gib mir 'n Hormon das mich kickt"
  • Waterpumpee - Seeed
    "(AntonyB. And Seeed) (Refrain) Waan back mi waterpumpee, mi cool and deadly fi go dance With di ladies Dem a dance ya too funky- make man a move inna di dance Like junkie we.. Waan back mi waterpumpee,"
  • Walk Upright - Seeed
    "My love let we be together and make a change for the better outside is an easy weather but inside I feel so cold. Woh yoh how sweet tastes your lover something new you must discover shades of brutality but"
  • Psychedelic Kingdom - Seeed
    "Refrain: Psychedelic Kingdom come Da we can them a ron ron ron Psychedelic Kings and Queens Join me in this one-love-dream Neue Zeiten habn begonnen Jungs das Gute hat gewonn' Zepter und Krone hab ich"
  • Sensimilla - Seeed
    "I met a greenleafy lady, And she check for my physique- Am I turnin' to a doctor? Make a quick analysis. Weed en pensee: "This your diagnosis" Bad mother say: "Every week neurosis." And then she say: "Go"
  • Goosebumps - Seeed
    "Goosebumps (aha) Girl you gimme goosebumps (cha oh my god) from me head to me toe and there's nothing i can do goosebumps (oh ya) Goosebumps (aha) Girl you gimme goosebumps (h h h) from me chest to me"
  • Light The Sun - Seeed
    "Intro: light the sun light the sun Vers 1: you are sounding the space navigating your base you know what to select sail on your soundtrack don't get lost in the maze let's go on face to face all o you"
  • End Of Days - Seeed
    "Vers 1: taste that taste it tastes delicious baby you can read my wish you are too much food to finish stay right here and eat my dish electric blood and more desire my vains are like a hot wire pumping"
  • Stand Up - Seeed
    "Chorus You're fallin down, you hit the ground You must rebound - stand up my friend When morning come, you can get some Keep movin on - get up again [2x] Trust me - dirt tastes dusty My demons push me"
  • Tight Pants - Seeed
    "Minus 10 grad, doch wir mssen raus wie ne katze die auslauf brauch im haus ist es schon warm is es auch aber partykatze jagt die partymaus unter fnf mtzen schwitzt man auch nur mein thermooutfit wiegt"
  • Please - Seeed
    "Take me you are the one Let's go for one another see- this aint no joke say- I don't want no other let me be your friend cock father kid and brother will you be my pussy cat sister kid mother come on ride"
  • Ocean's 11 - Seeed
    "Ain't no job like robbin' a casino we bombed that spot dressed up in tuxedos champain poppin - it's better than a dream now livin' in a plot by Quentin Tarantino now we're on the top like a criminal hero start"
  • Can't Hold Me - Seeed
    "You can't hold me That's why I'm still lonely My rocket engine start to howl I take off quick and you throw in the towel Runnin' after bliss, I'm on the prowl I growl in your chicken house Scare your"

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