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  • Come Come Now (Ending With "Mermaids Are Sea Sluts" Segment) (90.3 WRIU) - Sage Francis
    "(verse) Let me rub my back against the notches on your bedpost scratch these afterthoughts off my flesh and shed ghosts My head's close to your closet door. I've got the glass to my ear. My nose is in"
  • Car - Car - Peter, Paul & Mary
    "(this song is a combination of spoken segments with vocal sound effects and singing. this will be the basic lyric only as the performance is far more than can be easily written down). Chorus: Take me"
  • Waiting For The Breakdown - Ensign
    "That right Turn and walk away Because you just don get it When it not spelled out for you When it not forced down your throat You need to think about this It all the fucking same I guess that right, another"
  • Programmed Behind - Cave In
    "I think with my eyes cemented to a flickering screen. A thirty second segment, fragmented. Programmed behind the masks... And what do I absorb? A question never asked. And I will never be in control of"
  • Ps2-Powdery Snow - Snoweffect
    "Please help yourself Please help yourself to water This is a self service resturant You may eat as much salad as you like (music start) Do we pay before-hand? Do we pay in advance? Do you have alcohol? There"
  • Easy - The Beta Band
    "Sometimes I can be up like that, when I don't cross myself with you Sometimes I can be down like that, when I don't cross myself with you I'm dysmorphic in doses Imagine trying to Shit out Twelve red roses It's"
  • Fragment - Theatre of Tragedy
    "Broken frames Shattered glass Like a monochrome film The replaceable background Flickers and dissolves Out of control There's no sense, it's all Volta, Amp?re and Ohm Earth to Moon, it's the same as London-Rome"
  • Mack The Knife - Nick Cave
    "Cave Nick Miscellaneous Mack The Knife Nick covered this in a segment in September Songs: A Tribute to Kurt Weill See the shark with teeth like razors And he wears them in his face And Macheath has"
  • Fair Play - Crashdog
    "let's go on a shopping trip courtesy of uncle GNP with the fearless leaders of the world we'll dispense health and property for the pigs at the top, we'll sling the most slop they need more, more, so much"
  • Beckoning Of The Xul - Kataklysm
    "(Segment II - In the midst of the Azonei's Dominion) Misery falls.. ... Miscellaneous calls. Echoes of the marvelous Zones. This enmeshing den forfeits the thriving mist. As a vector that would beckon"
  • One Of Us - Flirtations
    "(Note: this segment is spoken. The five of them describe each other.) Jon: One of us was a U.S. Army MP. Jimmy: One of us came out of the closet at thirty-seven. Cliff: One of us went to his"
  • Erased - Chris Brown
    "Verse 1: You don't see me The same no more It's hard To see the light with closing doors Don't treat me like Like I'm invisible Your tone with me It's not the usual We scream, we fight Saying"
  • Choosing you masters - Vandals
    "I think my TV's busted if not this country's dusted 'cause I think I saw 7 Mary 3, and they were on the MTV They were telling the people to rock the what? Talentless hippies, Hootie wannabees, Southern"
  • Clock Strikes (Remix) - Timbaland & Magoo
    "(Timbaland) Yo... dot-da-dot-dot-dot, party ain't over Uh-huh, what, uh-huh, what? Dot-dot-dot da party ain't over Diggi do, uh-huh, what? Uh-huh, what, the party ain't over Uh-huh, what, yeah, what..."
  • Splish splash - Cappadonna
    "I know a lot of brothers that think that they can flow But when I come through, it's like everybody's slow One kid told me he used to be a pro Until he bump heads with new Cappachino You might of seen"
  • Hip-Hopopotamus Vs. The Rhymenoceros - Flight Of The Conchords
    "I'm the mother flippin' Rhymenocerous My beats are fat and the birds are on my back And I'm horny (I'm horny) If you choose to proceed you will indeed concede 'Cause I hit you with my flow The Wild Rhino"
  • Here in this house - Vicki Yohe
    "We've gathered here, in faith we believeWe lift our voices, His praises we singWhatever you need, my God will provideThe Father is waiting with arms open wideChorus 1: Here is this house, there is a blessingHere"
  • Fundament - Fundacja nr 1
    "Fundacyjny fundament nie błyszczy jak diament jest mocny jak stal Patrzę prosto w dal wierze ze dobrze będzie Że nie zostanę na wiecznej kolędzie Że ogarnę wszystko zadbam dobrze o przyszłość Że nie przerośnie"
  • To whom it might concern - Alphaville
    "I am a traveller. i am a friend, an observer, a messenger, sometimes a guardian angel. plus i am a fan of alphaville. i have met alphaville many times, in their early days in munich or, sorry, possibly"
  • Poisonous Darts - Ghostface Killah
    ""Let's see you try the water technique! Hai! Ha, ha! The sky is high, the cloud is low But my water technique is hard to think that the earth, can absorb water, hai! Hai!" Yeah... word up... gotta"

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