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seja number one forever

  • Number One - Richard Jacques
    "When the day is done, when the race is won My life has only just begun When you're next to me, so much more I can see There's nowhere that I'd rather be When I'm away from you and there's nothing I can"
  • My Number One - Dream Evil
    "You're my lover undercover Your my sacred passion & I have no other You're delicious So capricious If I find out you don't want me I'll be vicious Say you love me and you'll have me In your arms"
  • My Number One - Helena Paparizou
    "You're my lover Undercover You're my secret passion and I have no other You're delicious So capricious If I find out you don't want me, I'll be vicious Say you love me And you'll have me In your arms"
  • Number one fan - Cleopatra
    "Every time I see you there Every time I see you smile Cos you?re my number one fan You have our posters on your wall Without a doubt you have them all Inside your player is our CD Forever playing, on repeat"
  • My number one - Elena Paparizou
    "Youre my lover undercover Youre my sacred passion and I have no other Youre Delicious So Capricious If I find out you dont want me Ill be vicious Say you love me and youll have me In your arms forever"
  • Number One Killer - Good Morning Milo
    "I never meant to expose you but you look so good sitting on my sleeve. My need for control battling my need to feel body heat. Dreaming the impossible, vignettes of romance in my mind. Forgive my lack"
  • Number One Stunner - Big Timers
    "niggas cant out stunt me when it comes to these mothaf**kin cars nigga balive dat you no me i dont need no introduction or shit ride bentlys around the city unbotton it bitch im hangin just blingin just"
  • Number One Gun - Number One Gun
    "I know you had to go It's too late to turn back And I know you're so far away It's too bad all the things that you might say I saw the way you move You never stop to notice what you have You saw the way"
  • You're my number one - Elena Paparizou
    "You're my loverUndercoverYou're my secret passion and I have no otherYou're deliciousSo capriciousIf I find out you don't want me, I'll be viciousSay you love meAnd you'll have meIn your arms forever and"
  • You Are My Number One - Smash Mouth
    "Hold me down I'm gonna fly straight to heaven Hold me down Dont ever let go I've been around You know I can't stay forever And when I leave I want you to know - When I'm finally gone, I'm gonna be gone"
  • Number One (ft. Weronika Juszczak) - Cleo
    "let's get together we own tonight best friends forever we 2 for live nothing can’t stop us we hold the keys livin’ in the dream but it’s all for real we’re forever young looking for some fun when i am"
  • Number One - The Rutles
    "Number One, Number One (Number One, Number One!) You're my Number One (You're my Number One!) You're my second-to-none (You're my second-to-none!) Number One, Number One (Number One, Number One, oooo!) One"
  • Number One - Rutles
    "Number one, number one You're my number one You're my second to none Number one, number one Wooo! One and one make two and I look after you Number one, number one You're my number one Wooo! When I fell"
  • Number One - Kelly Clarkson
    "na [3x] ohhh boy do you know what it takes to be with me. oh I think i do know what it takes. see girl with alittle time ohhh I could be your Number one my number one the one to stand by"
  • Number One - Baccara
    "Baccara Miscellaneous Number One Since i can remember I've been dreaming Dreams have been Loved by everyone I was a girl In my own world The only friends i had Then were my family I've heard people's Eyes"
  • Number one - Initial D
    "You're lookin' out for fun(fun)get your satisfaction(you crazy)ready for emotion(are you ready for lovin'?)here comes your number one(hey)let me be your lover(you kiddin')got to ride the tiger(gimme now)gimme"
  • Number One - Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge
    "You were conceived at the right time everything about you blows my mind Thought I'd been in love before now I just got my foot in that door now There's never been anyone like you for me All the rest have"
  • Number One - The Queers
    "I've been told many times before To think of number one When I do, I guess it's true I think I'm having fun But lately all I ever do is think of you And now I know it's true No matter what you do, you're"
  • Number one - Alexia
    "I wanna hold you baby I wanna hold you Never be lonely with me by your side Say that you want me baby I got the things you needed to get by I wish you love me too This time you promise and look into my"
  • Number One - Playgroup
    "You say you wanna be down I've seen you run with every fool in town What I see needs to be heard I'm the kind cat who always gets his bird Don't have to travel too far I see you bumping in my motorcar And"

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