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sen white 2115
  • Zeamsone ABCD (ft. White 2115)
    "|TEKST| Tańczy jak baletnica, nie pociągam tu sznurków jak Balenciaga Moja głowa nie walczy dziś na ulicach, depresyjna cisza każe wypierdalać Ale wchodzi faza, nie pociągam tu strun, by grała gitara."
  • White 2115 Sen
    "chyba nigdy nie zrozumiem mej natury czemu dookoła widzę tylko alko awantury jestem dzieckiem którego się nie da lubić jestem już dorosły bo podszedłem do matury nie robię muzy dla ulic ja robię dla ludzi"
  • BIAŁAS & LANEK Trap House (ft. White 2115)
    "ciągle najebani ciągle na forali Trap House się ruchają a się nie kompali to jest Trap House same zjawy z pustymi oczami Trap House to jest Trap House Trap House ty nie wiesz co to jest Trap House Arizona może"
  • Young Pit & Young Jacob Płonie Blok (ft. White 2115)
    "Kiedy patrzy na mnie płonie blant ona widzi we mnie to ja nie mówię: nie, nie, no!"
  • Żabson DI MARIA ft. White 2115
    "KRM to ziomal Robię muze jak młody Vivaldi I ja Żyje na luzie czas mi dobrze mija realizuj plan i nic mnie nie powstrzyma Choć towar kopie mocno, tak jak DI MARIA jak DI MARIA jak DI MARIA Chociaż nie"
  • Beteo Popstar/Rockstar (ft. White 2115)
    "czasem czuje się jak rapstar, popstar czasem czuje się jak trapstar, Rockstar ale kiedy siedzę sam i nie jestem online kombinuję ciągle jak nie pamiętać o łzach czasem czuje się jak rapstar, popstar czasem"
  • Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Snow White
    "She could've been a clerk Or settled as a ticket taker With aces in her hand She threw in with a music maker Well she's not the girl That she used to be 'Cause she's running from Sterile sanctity"
  • Snowpony Snow White
    "Snow White I think of you Beneath the strip lights turning blue Snow White your heart so pure Perhaps you'd better lock your door I think of you in the dreamless night Snow White, Snow White Can see her"
  • Mechanical Poet Snow White
    "This sunny morning looks so nice And all is so refreshing She hears the ticking of her clock No sign of past depression But yet she feels it's not some stupid dream at all And Snow White awakes And Snow"
  • Zoot Woman Snow White
    "I hear you moving Beneath the wood I fear you He said I would I know what I need A memory of Snow White Now i don't want you Now it's soothing I see through you What you gave to me Was misunderstood I"
  • Xandria Snow-White
    "Once upon an ancient time Beauty was born in a someone She was the Snow-White of mine And if you're no copy, my darling, become one Snow-white skin, Ebony hair And lips as red as blood Bite my apple,"
  • Suicidal Romance White Snow
    "Your soul is pure as white snow And you are so alone You wish to see if You still care About the life that you don't bear Burning pain in Your heart And raining tears from Your eyes You wonder why Your"
  • Unshine Snow White
    "< For paleness of the moon when mandragon's in bloom he chants undying music of doom For brightness of the sun when coldness is gone he waits for the moment of hunt Constant course through the darkest wood she summons up her bravest mood Immortal is thy life immortal is thy ride against the forces of time At sky ancient starlight will shine as her guide before the end of the night She feels their union in blood is now the time of outset or end Run now like a prey snow white now fly away your heart is pounding fast run now fly away snow white you are the prey he is nearing fast "
  • Dalbello Snow White
    "She could've been a clerk Or settled as a ticket taker With aces in her hand She threw in with a music maker Well she's not the girl That she used to be 'Cause she's running from Sterile sanctity And"
  • Boyz II Men Snow White
    "Settling along the scenery, beneath the steady fall The dusk accompanies a loneliness, descending as snow Tears can drown the embers in this broken heart of mine Another portrait in my life watching the"
  • JayMay Snow White
    "What you look like Snow white and so on Reminds me of what I can't quite put my finger upon The key piano and otherwise Secret upon secret I promise to hide I love you but I'm gonna keep quiet about it I"
  • Xandria Snow White
    "Take my life and paint it black Until I'm sleeping And my promise, I take back So please stop creeping I don't call your heart my own Where I rest my head I'm home You are here to please me You know my"
  • U2 White As Snow
    "WHITE AS SNOW Where I came from there were no hills at all The land was flat, the highway straight and wide My brother and I would drive for hours Like we had years instead of days Our faces as pale as"
  • Entwine Snow White Suicide
    "i see a million stars ahead i smell the heaven scent this sadness stains all red the nightfall's filled with ecstasy the dusk descends on me soon we will be free we must find the haven for our souls 'cos"
  • Evanescence Snow White Queen
    "Stoplight, lock the door. Don't look back. Undress in the dark, And hide from you, All of you. You'll never know the way your words have haunted me. I can't believe you'd ask these things of me. You don't"

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