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september something's going on

  • Something's going on - A
    "Somethings going on I don't know what I did But it worked out fine again Got you in my song It sounds like a hit It's gonna be alright again We're something to celebrate The more you love, the more you"
  • Something's Going On - Lambchop
    "There so much I want to know In every day in every notice the hourit is going slow So how am I to show this And I've got this feeling Something's going on Wake up in a kinda sweat Fingers slightly numb"
  • Something's going on - Mireille Mathieu
    "Lately, whenever we touch, Get a feeling, you're not really there. And you used to be like a part of me, And I felt a part of you too. But lately when you said I've changed, I see all our dreams disappear."
  • September - bloodsimple
    "We're all going someplace sometimes It depends on just how you feel You take me, ah today you take me out drivin' so I don't got a think how i feel (Chorus) Yeeeeeeeahhh.. oh, your holy roses tripped"
  • Something's On - Ammo Poetic
    "Break 1 Take it down when I'ma take it down Cause when I'am rock up on the mic to the break of dawn Something's on, Somethings on and I mean it goes on Cause when I'm jamming on the mic you feel it going"
  • Something's going to die tonight - Rancid
    "This is one of the good times when When his brains lies on the pavement With a broken bone in his hand And another in his back Do you feel alright Oi oi oi Someone's gonna die tonight Oi oi oi Do you feel"
  • Something's Going On In My Head - Status Quo
    "(Lancaster) Something you're saying now Disturbing the way I feel I don't know what you're about I only know the way that I feel I'm holding it here in my mind So please don't be unkind Don't talk just"
  • Something's Happening - Eric Clapton
    "(Jerry Lynn Williams) Something's happening, something's going on. Something's happening, something so strong. Something's happening, something all over the world. Spirit's moving and it's moving fast. You"
  • Something's Wrong - Charlie Louvin
    "(Tonight I'm going home cause something's wrong) I dreamed that I heard mama calling for me And I walked out with a cold sweat on my face Now the job that I left home to take and all my plans will have"
  • Something's Coming - Yes
    "Could be Who knows? There something due any day I will know right away Soon as it shows It may come cannon-ballin* down from the sky Gleam in its eye Bright as a rose Who knows? It*s only just out of"
  • September Gurls - Big Star
    "I rather shoot a woman than a man I worry whether this is my last life and girl, if you're listening I'm sorry, I can't help it oh Dana, oh Dana, come on I'm forevermore fighting with Steven we do our"
  • August & September - The The
    "Suddenly last summer I started going out of my head In a tiny hotel room Lying naked on a bed I knew what you were doing And I knew what you'd done Your life with me was ending Your new life had begun But"
  • September - Ryan Adams
    "Laura lays on the foot of the bed Mimics a noose with a telephone cord Doctor's on the phone Then she hangs up and says "I ain't never gonna see the winter again" And I don't know how, but she smiles September,"
  • September - Aaron Pritchett
    "Midnight fog is rollin' in Nights are colder than they've been Feelin' the chill of autumn's breath Rememberin' what I can't forget The sunlight that lingered on her face The smile that September took"
  • September - Deborah Cox
    "I cant believe a year has passed Seems like yesterday was that day (Seems like yesterday) In September (September, damn, September, lets go) Yeah, oh yeah, yeah I remember the day in September (Take it"
  • Something's On Your Mind - Takida
    "Hate you I leave you I need you in time, answer myself and it all going down Something's on your mind, I hope that you could find Searching my head I don't know if I'll find, you are the one and I"
  • September - Urma
    "Don't tell me that you need me now Divided heart is all we have A lot of dust is all I can give Can't find a meaning for this end Release your day, don't keep it longer A better one stays in the line Can't"
  • September - Dakona
    "Just eighteen When they took his life Stupid games, on a stupid night Sorries only go so far They wont help return a stolen life Just eighteen When they took his life Stupid games, on a stupid night Sorries"
  • September - BBMak
    "(Why did you, why did you, did you go?) (I'll never know) Oh Girl, I wonder if I'm out of you mind Are you over me? It hurts... And I can't describe the feeling inside I rememeber the times When we were"
  • September - One Less Reason
    "I saw your headlights in the window My face was pressed against the glass I waited for years for you to return before I learned That you were never coming back I'm gonna close my eyes before I start to"

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