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september until i die

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september until i die

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september until i die
  • September Until I Die
    "So every single day begins and ends the same. I see them pushing to get on board a crowded train. Out of the pouring rain, to face another pain.. Why you so afraid of the other side? It's just a big"
  • One Less Reason September
    "I saw your headlights in the window My face was pressed against the glass I waited for years for you to return before I learned That you were never coming back I'm gonna close my eyes before I start to"
  • Split Second September
    "spring wept its bitter tears of rain and we all know that youre the one to blame i dont want to hear anymore keep walking until you are out the door dont worry yeah ive been doing fine your concerts"
  • Ben Kweller Until I Die
    "I'm so sorry I'm so paranoid It's something in my head That I can't avoid And I want to be with you And always will Until I die Until I die Until I die I'm so sorry that I've been like this You're the"
  • Nasty Boy Klique Until I Die
    "Yeah this one's for you pretty mama this ones for you girl (chorus) Until I die until I'm gone until I can't see light no more I'll be your queen your everything cause you've been so good to me Until"
  • NB Ridaz Until i die
    "Yeah, this one's for you pretty mama This one's for you girl that's right yeah c'mon *CHORUS* Until I die, until I'm gone, until I can't see light no more. I'll be your queen, your everything, cuz you've"
  • Brandi Carlile Until I Die
    "Hey there what's that in your sky With all the pretty lights You think I can get that high? Hey you man, where's your motivation And why the celebration You've gotten nothing done here You wanna live"
  • Rage Until I Die
    "I awoke, I could not stay for more, I tried to tell the others what I'd seen before. No one believed me, "it's a dream" they said. But I have seen eternity when I was dead. Who decided who's to go and"
  • Overkill Until I Die
    "Dope, black suicide Eyes that look right through me Dead white feeling fine The eyes are in a hurry Into the ensuing flood Look into never be Swimming 'round in a pool of blood A pool she bleeds for me "
  • Neurosonic Until I Die
    "I know I planted flowers But look around at all my weeds I don't play well with others The thought occurred it might be me I'm so bitter I can taste it (taste it) I'm not allowed to leave But I'm not"
  • Tina Arena Until
    "If this is how the story ends,Where does it all begin? Can I find?, is it here inside? Silent feelings all around There's something we don't understandAnd now I'll never know All that you mean to me Until"
  • TQ Until
    "Yeah, ? father ? fatherAny old dayI'm just walking through my neighbourhoodCan't get away (can't get away)The game just chasing me down (chasing me down)I don't think (I don't think)I stand on the corner"
  • Chantal Kreviazuk Until We Die
    "I could almost remember your face When I heard your voice today I could see your lips moving At the other end of the receiver It was almost a very good bye But dialtones tend to make me cry I call back"
  • Dimension Zero Until You Die
    "There is nowhere left to go, tomorrow never gets here to this abandoned ground, where I can sleep within Now the air is dark, now the coldness breathes now you see the sign, now you see it reign when"
  • Clay Walker Live Until I Die
    "(Clay Walker) Skippin?rocks, skippin?rope Laughin?at all my best friends jokes Things I loved when I was a kid Muddy roads, muddy feet I didn live on no blacktop street Things have changed a lot but I"
  • Ten Years After Love Until I Die
    "(Alvin Lee) Well I'm gonna live my life darlin', live and love it until I die Ooooo, live my life darlin', live and love it 'til I die Tell ya, wanna have a good time - let the bad times pass me by Alright! Gonna"
  • David Hasselhoff Live until i die
    "Live your lifeLive your lifeLyelyelyelyelyelyelyelyeLyelyelyelyelyelyelyelyeLyelyelyelyelyelyelyelyeI?m gonna live until I dieI know what it takesYou know what it takesGonna climb every mountainSteal every"
  • Ass Ponys Live Until I Die
    "It's morning and I'm awake My soul's been chosen not to take I feel like I've been asleep for years Rolling out of bed And then I see the colors Pressing up on my eyes And I want to live until I die It's"
  • Story Of The Year Until the day I die
    "Until the day I die I'll spill my heart for you, for you Until the day I die I'll spill my heart for you As years go by I race the clock with you But if you died right now You know that I'd die too I'd"
  • Jimmy Nail Until The Day I Die
    "Words and music by Jimmy Nail what do you do when it hurts when the kids call you names ? nobody wants to know you and they won't let you join in all their games and what will you do when the man in the"

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