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ser it to belive

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ser it to belive
  • Dima Bilan Belive
    "Even when the thunder and storm begins I'll be standing strong like a tree in the wind Nothing is gonna move this mountain or change my direction I'm falling off the sky and I'm all alone The courage that's"
  • King's X Don't belive it
    "This is not the end of the road It goes on for maybe miles and miles This is not the time to give up hope But it's easier said than done It's easier to give up and run Don't believe it it's a lie Don't"
  • Taproot Don't belive
    "This time it's gone to far, so why do i push and push to make youBelieve me, soWhy don't you believe me.I hope you can trust me when you touch my hand and don't pushMe away when youDont believe me, so"
  • Bro'Sis I Belive
    "Alle: Do you know what it feels like? Do you know when the time's right to go the very own way? No matter what they say Faiz: I was never the one to do the things all the people do I'm the one to decide"
  • Koda Kumi Belive
    "modosenai kako modorenai kako mata yowai jibun ni kidzuita kimi kara sayonara "sore de owari na no?" ienai kotoba ga namida ni kawatteku kizutsukanai koi nante hontou no koi ja nai kimi to no kizu nara"
  • Animals I can't belive it
    "Why am I lonely, why do I cry,Am I gonna be a lonely one till the day that I die?Yes, you don't be there while I sit here alone,I can't believe my eyes, you've up and goneI get so weary, weary and blue,When"
  • Steps If you belive
    "There`s a brigde I don`t know how to cross yet I need your love inside like verdigo In your arms I see that you wanna dissapoint you by choices I may make If you belive Belive in me I`ll turn this lide,"
  • Ala Boratyn Don't belive them
    "Follow me i'll open a secret gate before you I know a plac where things aren't only back and white People have happines in their eyes You can see other faces of a life I'll never lie to you I'll never"
  • Tammy Trent I Do Belive
    "Seems like it was yesterday Still it's hard to say Why God would try so hard to get me Looking back I'm blown away Now His love's like second nature He makes me shine Oh, no it's no secret I can't"
  • Sasha If You Belive
    "I know it's not a game to play your eyes they show no fear I bum inside and can not wait to be The man that feels your body close is here to set you free to hold you near and satisfy your needs You shiver"
  • Scorpions Belive In Love
    "How does it fell babe To taste sweet revenge Do you want me on my knees How does it feel babe to let me feel your strength Don't be cruel, can't you see If you don't catch me now I can't stop falling down Just"
  • Scorpions Don't Belive Her
    "Out for a thrill Got time to kill Just livin' up my dreams for heaven's sake She's on the make A twisted vicar's queen And then one night we took a ride She was all over me Outrageous Just ain't real I"
  • Rachael Lampa If You Belive
    "I close my eyes And even when I'm sleeping I'm alright Cause You were, in my life. Once upon a time, I only imagined this And now You're mine Wished for you so hard Prayed that You'd find me Maybe"
  • Banaroo Do You Belive
  • Barlow Girl I Belive In Love
    "How long will my prayers seem unanswered? Is there still faith in me to reach the end? I'm feeling doubt I'm losing faith But giving up would cost me everything So I'll stand in the pain and silence And"
  • Magda Femme I belive in you
    "I've been so very lonelyWaiting for my loveYou came, brought joy to my heartWe're walking hand in handNothing everCan change this feelingIt's only you and meI could dream itI could see itI could feel it"
  • Nana Mouskouri I belive in you
    "I dont believe in superstars organic food and foreign cars I dont believe the price of gold the certainty of growing old that right is right and left is wrong that north and south cant get along that east"
  • Jerry Lee Lewis I belive in you
    "Well, I heard, the other day, from some people who passed this way, They were sayin', you weren't true, I love you baby, no matter what you do They say you'll leave me, and I'm just a fool All I'll ever"
  • 'N Sync I belive in you
    "I never believed in dreaming It never got me very far I never believed that love could find me Like an arrow through the heart I never believed in miracles Or building castles in the air Not until that"
  • 'N Sync I belive in you
    "I never believed in dreaming It never got me very far I never believed that love could find me Like an arrow through the heart I never believed in miracles Or building castles in the air Not until that"

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