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serens off the sea

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serens off the sea

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serens off the sea
  • Hearts Of Black Science Serene
    "Fake it again Take the world in your hands Just walk away Nothing left to say Shout now my love It's salvation day Echoes in our hearts Once we were in love Walking drifting away The beauty lies deep"
  • Duncan Sheik Serena
    "So what, life's rough You should get over yourself Like everyone else and enjoy The girls and the boys And everything in between Serena, in an effort to aviod The things that annoy you You hide-far, far"
  • Orgy Serena
    "THIS IS NOT AN ORGY SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So what, life's rough You should get over yourself Like everyone else And enjoy The girls and the boys And everything in between Serena, in an effort to avoid The"
  • Monika Borzym OFF TO SEA
    "… Stumbling and seeking is my right Shoot my name I place the … I don’t need to display Runing wawy Runing is not for me … I’m dancing to another tune … The voices in my head will never change My compass"
  • Becka The wind off the sea
    "Becka So la va The wind off the sea I wake up in the morning and I'm tucked up in my bed I remember what you said to me and I wish that I was dead. Why you have to say those things you my make my heart"
  • Jont Can't turn the sea off
    "Can't live in a safety net nobody really dropped you yet? well they don't hold on forever. Will hit you like a jumbo jet, don't stop flying there's a way to go yet and we're headed there together... Happy"
  • Shawn Mullins The Sea
    "I met him on the cliffs of twin rocks oregon he was sittin on his bedroll lookin just like richard brautigan I thought he was an old man he wasn't but 37 he said he'd been ridin trains for 15 years"
  • The Ocean The City In The Sea
    "Lo! Death has reared himself a throne In a strange city lying alone Lo! a strange town, lying alone Death has reared himself a throne Far down in the west Where the good, bad, worst, and the best have"
  • The Distillers Oh Serena
    "oh serena. i know what theyre saying about you. they all say its a resistance. they all say that ya didnt listen. well they all have scars on their eyes, its true. night and day is like a haunted replay. i"
  • Kidneythieves Serene Dream
    "serene dream soft easy winter watering the dry spots on the day water leaves of gray serene dream spend nowhere with me isn't far to nowhere rise and feel the bomb of fountains land close your eyes in"
  • Kidney Thieves Serene dream
    "Serene dreamsoft easy winterwatering the dry spots on the daywater leaves of grayserene dreamspend nowhere with meisn't far to nowhererise and feel the bomb of fountains landclose your eyes in front of"
  • Bracket Serena Hides
    "Serena Hides behind a face That isn't really hers She always tries a different way To put time in reverse I wonder what it is that she's hiding from She's passed on all her friends When will her crying"
  • Flesh Field Serene Image
    "They say you can be defined, That the parts make up the sum. You are not simply what you do. I am not only what I've done. We fell from grace only recently, So I hid my face to keep my sanity. This plague,"
  • The Shins Sea Legs
    "Of all the churning random hearts Under the sun Eventually fading into night, These two are opening now As we lie, I touch you Under fuller light. Girl, if you're a seascape I'm a listing boat, for the"
  • The RZA The North Sea
    "(RZA and Diaz conversating on a boat) (RZA) Yeh, this some good motherfuckin weed man, fo real Niggaz got me out here on the Norwegian sea Yo Diaz, I'm sayin what, we gone see a whale fo real? (Diaz)"
  • Nocturne Dead Sea
    "I eat the soul within your flesh I drink the blood within your vein I breathe the air within your lungs I prosper off of your pain I bathe in tears that you cry I suffer off of your joy I live to ruin"
  • Shearwater Red Sea, Black Sea
    "In place of the sun In place of the moon A terrible light Will flood every room And bathed in this light, we will swim again From the high desert's walls to the seas, red and black Turn the transmitters"
  • John Fogerty Sea Cruise
    "(Smith) Now Old Man Rhythm is in my shoes, it's no use sittin' here singin' the blues, So be my guest, you got nothin' to lose, won't you let me take you on a sea cruise? Ooowee, ooowee baby, ooowee,"
  • Status Quo Sea Cruise
    "Old Man Rhythm is-a in my shoes It's no use sittin' there just singing the blues So be my guest, you got nothin' to lose Won't you let me take you on a sea cruise Gotta get a-movin baby, I ain't lyin' My"
  • Dion Sea Cruise
    "Sea Cruise (Huey P. Smith) The old man rhythm's gotten in my shoes Know you're sittin' here and singing the blues So be my guest you got nothing to loose Won't you let me take you on a see cruise I said Huey"

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