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  • Serpents - Sharon Van Etten
    "It was a close call Sitting in the back of the room with a bowl you had owned, But they didn't know. Close in on my black eye. I feel safe at times. Certain emblems Tell me it's time Serpents in my mind Looking"
  • Serpents embrace - Agathodaimon
    "She was the dawn of a new day The crystal voice inside my head And at times she showed me Eden Untrodden paths, a sky that's bleeding Serpent's embrace Serpent's embrace Darkness waiting in her eyes, her"
  • Serpents In Paradise - Avantasia
    ""Serpents In Paradise" Reading the madness they took her away under the cross. Bailiff and bishop and monk - Malleus Maleficarum - the law Prayed for salvetion, I fought for her soul - scared by the horned. The"
  • Serpents In Paradise - Tobias Sammet's Avantasia
    "(Gabriel) Reading the madness they took her away under the cross. Bailiff and bishop and monk - Malleus Maleficarum - the law Prayed for salvation, I fought for her soul Scared by the horned. The devil"
  • Where Serpents Reign - Ancient Ceremony
    "Ancient Ceremony Miscellaneous Where Serpents Reign Falling into Emptiness, caught by Pits of Despair can't find out sense of this Fuck why am I sentenced for Life? Evocation of Lord Death Ritualistic"
  • Mother of Serpents - Babylon Whores
    "Oh do not wish for a thing 'Lest the gods punish you with it all The things youre looking for you'll never find In this life For all the auguries vague Oracles drunk with a sulphur spring Still"
  • Pillars Of Serpents - Trivium
    ""I'm alive!" "I'm alive!" Final words of a god left drowning Burned alive Burned alive Scorch the angels out from the skies Building up the walls to surround us in From a world built on sin Building up"
  • Walkin' On Serpents - Glenn Kaiser
    "Got my head together, got my mind made up Got love forever, made the final cut Got life support, got eternal aid Had enough of bein' pushed around Makin' lemonade Start to walk, start to stand Start to"
  • Unleash The Serpents - Sea Of Treachery
    "Crashed! They were sisters in fortune; the serpents they struck them at the darkest of nights. Two ships sharing a gravesite, homogenized like a pile of bones. Two ships sharing a gravesite, homogenized like"
  • When Angels & Serpents Dance - P.O.D.
    "Rhythmically moving Emotions are rising Quivering to music Trembling vibes in song No one steadily sliding Devious gliding So beautifully sailing and floating on Life's real, when angels & serpents dance Life's"
  • Serpents Of The Light - Deicide
    "Free of their god, intelligence won Go with your instinct to live as you want No longer begging for mercy from thieves They can't come near you, through them you can see Keep to the outside the teachings"
  • When angels and serpents dance - P.O.D.
    "Rhythmically movingEmotions are risingQuivering to musicTrembling bodies in songGo unsteadily slidingDevious glidingSo beautifully sailing and floating onLife's real when angels and serpents danceTwistedly"
  • Possessed By The Serpents Vengeance - Aeternus
    "we dwell in purity content with the nurture of our native land beneath a sea of abundance stabbed by the oppressors blade we are awakened in torment a silence slashed by tyranny's hostile face provoke"
  • Where The Serpents Ever Dwell - Tiamat
    "Enthrone thy sacred soul to enter the lands of mist Invoke the path of gathered stars at night ( Binding conjurations in the circle on the top of the hill Face the crown of history that is older"
  • In the Nest of Serpents - Scream Maker
    "Snake Is somewhere 'round here And when I search for answers He just wakes up all my fear Fear of dying alone Destroying a home Loosing everything Fear of breaking a promise One lie One step Can bring The"
  • Night of the serpents judgement - Gehenna
    "Many nights I have wakedWaiting for the four winds to gatherHere in the desert there are no roadsThey went away the night beforeSilence only surrounds meFor things left behindBe it a gate to this shrineThe"
  • Than The Serpents In My Hands - Moonspell
    "(spoken) "Dorme, dorme meu menino! Dorme - no mar dos sargaos; Que mais vale o mar a pino Que as Serpentes nos meus braos!" Mrio Cesriny And when all Life as you know it - Fails All ghostlike lips taste"
  • Than the serpents in my arms - Moonspell
    "Dorme, dorme meu menino dorme no mar dos sargaos que mais vale o mar a pino que as serpentes nos meus braos -Mrio Cesriny And when all life as you know it -fails all ghostlike lips taste just the -same"
  • Armageddon's Raid - Belphegor
    "The rebellion of man against God The stability of the church An illusion raped by time Pestilentia, christorum Rest in peace Divine serpents, throne of sacrilege Fanum diabolicum, Armageddon's raid Divine"
  • Serpent's Kiss - The Mission
    "Foreign tongues in familiar places Surrender the thrills to the very core Forever young and blessed with nameless graces A love that kills and promises more Ash on the carpet and dust on the mirror Chasing"

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