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sevege garden

  • Garden - Five for Fighting
    "Do you believe in the man in the garden Do you believe that he was there Do you believe in the man in the garden Do you believe or do you care Did he rise from the ashes and lead the sky above Did he"
  • Garden - Magnapop
    "On the way Near a truck stop That's behind my evil haven There is a garden He is a garden Are you mad yet Can't connect it When you try to Do you know He is evil You are mad Are you mad yet Known a"
  • Garden - Pearl Jam
    "the direction of the eye so misleading the defection of the soul nauseously quick I don't question our existence I just question our modern needs I will walk...with my hands bound I will walk...with"
  • GARDEN - Dir En Grey
    "GARDEN GARDEN GARDEN GARDEN GARDEN GARDEN ==Romanized Japanese== aishi hajimeta ano hi kara boku wa kawari hajimeta anata dake wo mitsumeraretara ii to anata wa itsumo ano niwa de"
  • Garden - Dua Lipa
    "Remember when we swam in the ocean? Now we know what’s deep inside Remember when we ran in the open? Now we know what’s in the wild Used to think that this love was heaven sent How did we get lost? Can’t"
  • Garden - Kirito
    "Kawaita te wo motto Nobashite hoshigaru you ni Nageita yume wo Motomeru dorei no you ni Sakenda zetsubou wa Kurai genjitsu wo mae ni Yuganda ganbou e Henka wo togete iku Kuroi hane Ibitsu ni hirogete Atarashii"
  • Garden - Korni
    "kawaita te wo motto nobashite hoshigaru you ni nageita yume wo motomeru dorei no you ni sakenda zetsubou ha kurai genjitsu wo mae ni yuganda ganbou he henka wo togeteiku kuroi hane ibitsu ni hirogete atarashii"
  • Garden - The Fall
    "The first god: had in his garden, from the back, looked like a household pet--but when it was twirled 'round was revealed to be a 3 legged black grey hog; SEE what flows from his mushy pen That person"
  • Garden - Asrai
    "I walk through the garden Touching rain like sparkling diamonds Walking next to you In the garden of innocence Standing alone in the circle of insanity The voices circle in your head The next step leads"
  • Garden - Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy
    "Behind shadows, behind fingers I'm hiding my true passion To be, to be alone In my garden, in its corners I'm looking for the path of my thoughts in the dark Open the gate, it's the rigth time Let the"
  • Garden - Noe Venable
    "I lay my head upon your chest Bones of iron bones of lead And death is rattling the cage Like a bird that would escape But there's no room for thoughts like these In the garden where we sleep And I am"
  • Garden - Ziggy Marley
    "In the garden of righteousness Where to weep is to learn There the wicked is no contest (No contest) We conquer them all Jah don't spare the rod so the man can't spoil Jah don't spare the rod so the man"
  • Garden - Halsey
    "Ah, ah, ah, ah Ah, ah, ah, ah Ah, ah, ah, ah Ah, ah, ah, ah He said, "Darling, who you praying to? Was anybody answering you? Because I've done my part for twelve years now And I can't seem to get through" He"
  • Garden - PFR
    "Standing over my garden I look down And disappointment overcomes me The tears that formed are now falling from my eyes And watering the ground around me Lost inside this dissolution I hear you say my name I"
  • Garden - XXANAXX
    "The wind is so warm Kiss me, goodnight Like all things behind, Like all, like all No one’s around I know we have found A place to hide That have been on our minds Don’t be afraid It won’t go away It’s"
  • Garden - Fall
    "The first god: had in his garden, from the back, looked likeA household pet--but when it was twirled round was revealed toBe a 3 legged black grey hog; see what flows from his mushy penThat person is films"
  • Garden - Flow
    "Sora wo koete yukou yo kitto mitsukeru yo bokura no rakuen wo A Mou dou demo ii tte nagedashi takunaru youna koto no renzoku de Sono tabi nukedasu kagi mitsukete wa mata susumuze ore-tachi Mado kara tobikondeku"
  • Garden - Monoral
    "Come and take me I know your name It's been the same, insane... I'll wave to you goodbye Come and save me I know your name It's been the same a game I'll play with you somehow The answer to The answer"
  • Garden - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (T.E.E.D.)
    "Looking over your shoulder girl, thinking you should have let me have it all. If you’re coming around again tell me how you feel cause I need to know. I could be your love again if you just let me in. We"
  • Tear Garden - Tear Garden
    "Our lady on the balcony in black and red The band plays stronger Spinning back we tread on broken glass Our heels dig harder I circle round inside your belt I felt your heart race faster Our eyes met with"

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