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seven hundred people

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seven hundred people

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seven hundred people
  • Stephen Sondheim Another Hundred People
    "MARTA: Another hundred people just got off of the train, And came up through the ground, While another hundred people just got off of the bus, And are looking around At another hundred people who got off"
  • Saturday Looks Good To Me One Hundred People
    "One hundred people are screaming about something With all those voices making one noise, It's hard to even start listening I know I seemed sweeter than peach pie or ice cream But I could find the nightmare"
  • Engelbert Humperdinck Seven Billion People
    "SEVEN BILLION PEOPLE WRITERS PAMELA PHILLIPS-OLAND, J. FLUITSMA, E. VanTIJN, F. PELS Everybody's talking and fighting to be heard no-one listens anymore, So no-one hears a word we eat our breakfast,"
  • David Bowie Seven
    "I forgot what my father said I forgot what he said I forgot what my mother said as we layed upon your bed A city full of flowers a city full of rain I got seven days to live my life or seven ways to"
  • Bombshell Rocks Seven
    "I've got a few true friends making stakes by my side Give me the odds, odds don't mean a thing to me We slam the door behind Heading for year 99 Taking back the ground like chronic thieves Don't like"
  • Boondox Seven
    "(A tiskit a taskit The scarecrows out his casket Turn out the lites and lock the doors Prayin that he passes) A vision of the dead and the inbread of the backwoods Muthafucka born inside a tool shed Momma"
  • Quietdrive Seven
    "Yesterday I spent all my time Thinking of raising myself Forever even with you Now I'm just wasting all this energy Making sure you're not to blame Never cursing you All the people you Put to shame"
  • Army Of The Pharaohs Seven
    "(Verse 1: Planetary) Yeah! Yo, uh, A lotta rappers try approaching the omen, My palms are punishin' people while I'm up at the podium, Pharaohs folding 'em, like washed clothes again, I'm a vulture when"
  • Treble Charger Hundred Million
    "Take a step off your soapbox and see What it's like on the ground Set your ego in detox, maybe Cause you're becoming unwound And it's killing me Everyone complains about you They don't even know what"
  • Grave Digger Hundred Days
    "Killers on the prowl Hell is on earth Slaughter everywhere The world's getting worse Fires in the sky Blood runs forever When children cry Hundred days of genocide One million people have left to die The"
  • Queensryche Hundred Mile Stare
    "What ever happened to conviction and faith? People trip from side to side; don't know which way or what side to take. Always known the truth. It's really black and white. I've got no fear of judgment"
  • The Beloved A Hundred Words
    "you had it your way now don't you think it's my turn? you had it your way some people never learn you say, you say that nothing will change you say, you say don't you realise it will always end this way? you"
  • Peter Tosh Four Hundred Years
    "400 Years (400 years, 400 years. Wo-o-o-o) And it's the same - The same (wo-o-o-o) philosophy I've said it's four hundred years (400 Years, 400 years. Wo-o-o-o, wo-o-o-o) Look, how long (wo-o-o-o) And"
  • Deborah Gibson People
    "We travel single-o Maybe we're lucky but, I don't know With them just let one kid fall down And seven mothers faint I guess we're both happy But maybe, we ain't People, people who need people Are the"
  • Village People Village People
    "Where can you find pleasure, search the world for treasure, learn science, technology? Where can you begin to make your dreams all come true on the land or on the sea? Where can you learn to fly, play"
  • Dave Matthews Band People, people
    "Seven tumbling oceans surround The ground that I built upon Black and white and the rainbow five Colors in my eyes Seven tumbling oceans surround The ground that I built upon Black and white and the rainbow"
  • The Fratellis Seven Nights Seven Days
    "Oh my darlin' I'll go down and commute Until one hundred souls There's a fire on the moon I'll be over the line, I'll be under the spell I'll be the comeback king On his way home from hell Seven nights,"
  • Dr. Feelgood Lucky Seven
    "(Keith 'Lew' Lewis) Waiting on the station for the train to stand in line Your head is full of summin' and your feet is keeping time You can't stop moving while you're waiting for that train Your body's"
  • Level 42 Seven Years
    "There's thunder rolling in your eyes it's raining in your heart what lies around the corner you have seen an hundred times but you never thought anything like it would happen to you baby's gone he walked"
  • M.C. Breed Seven Years
    "(feat. SFD) Yeah Seven years of this bullshit SFD gon' put that shit on the line for yo ass (Seven years of bullshit) Ain't this kinda funny how the shit done changed now? It's been seven years of"

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