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seven years old lucas graham

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seven years old lucas graham

  • Seven Years - M.C. Breed
    "(feat. SFD) Yeah Seven years of this bullshit SFD gon' put that shit on the line for yo ass (Seven years of bullshit) Ain't this kinda funny how the shit done changed now? It's been seven years of"
  • Seven years bitch - Slade
    "Woh hohowho ho wohwohwohou, Woh hohowho ho wohwohwohou You're going round the circle through another phase Your temperature rising, you're wining and dining A girl who's half your age She gives you all"
  • Seven Years Gone - Quasi
    "Seven years gone Skeleton pilot the ghost ship home He carried on, but now he's all alone Dead on his feet, he hits the streets of old town without a dime Sweet baby's breath could bring him back from"
  • Graham "Abo" Henry - Frenzal Rhomb
    "Childhood never silent His father was a violent drunk So he went back home and punched him out again Looked for something better Not content to sit around 15 years old, gonna burst with anger And it wasn't"
  • Seven - Autonomadic
    "When I was six years old Teacher told me I was slow "You must learn to count to ten -- You can't just stop at seven." But seven scabie Grahams And seven Gevar lambs And seven kits with seven cats And"
  • 7 Years - Lukas Graham
    "Once I was seven years old my mama told me, Go make yourself some friends or you'll be lonely Once I was seven years old It was a big, big world but we thought we were bigger Pushing each other to the"
  • Seven Years In Tibet - David Bowie
    ""Are you OK? You've been shot in the head And I'm holding your brains" The old woman said So I drink in the shadows Of an evening sky See nothing at all The stars look so special And the snow looks so"
  • On The Tray (Seven Years) - Sandra
    "Once in a year I'm looking back Counting my loves Time after time it's been so hard Holding my ground And I miss you For seven years, An' need you For seven years, On that's not a game I don't wanna play On"
  • Seven Years - Natalie Merchant
    "How did I love you? There was no measuring Far above this dirty world, far above everything In your tower over it you were clean So warm and insightful were you in my life I was sure the rightful guardian"
  • Seven Years - American Pearl
    "coming down before you is easier than spillin' on the ground pour my soul inside you it's all that you can do now to spit it out fallen down around you another name to pick up off the floor colors bleed"
  • Seven Years - Level 42
    "There's thunder rolling in your eyes it's raining in your heart what lies around the corner you have seen an hundred times but you never thought anything like it would happen to you baby's gone he walked"
  • Seven years - Saosin
    "Taking on seven years the holy ghost had left aloneTest my arms, kick like crazyAnd ive been trying way to longOnly if he could push his way off to fight youIm sorry, im sorry, im not sureGetting off my"
  • Seven Years - Cowboy Junkies
    "Haven't seen the sun for seven days November's got her nails dug in deep Haven't seen my son for seven years And the chances are we'll never again meet If truth be told I don't even know his name If truth"
  • Seven Years - Ambuscade Undeclinable
    "We're looking at each other with our discontented eyes. We're both waiting for that moment to arrive. When things wont't be so fucking boring and we're not fighting for hours on end. Why can't it just"
  • Seven Years - Norah Jones
    "Spinning, laughing, dancing to her favorite song A little girl with nothing wrong Is all alone Eyes wide open Always hoping for the sun And she'll sing her song to anyone that comes along Fragile as"
  • Graham hill - Chumbawamba
    "For twenty years Graham HillRisking life and limbDrove the circuits of the worldAnd they said it would kill himGoing so fast is a fine way to winBut one crash could make a mockery of that famous cheeky"
  • Graham Greene - John Cale
    "You're having tea with Graham Greene In a colored costume of your choice And you'll be held in high esteem If you're seen in between Stiffly holding umbrellas Catching the fellows making the toast To the"
  • Seven More Years - Barry Manilow
    "David I said as I lay on my bed another years gone bye your starting your parole in the morning they said please tell her I'm alright seven more years if only if she can hold on seven more years and I'll"
  • Seven Years Blues - Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys
    "Just seven years ago today Was when you said good-bye It broke my heart to see you go And yet I could not cry You kissed me sweet and said good-bye But I could not believe That you would ever make me"
  • Seven Long Years - Amaran
    "Amaran Pristine In Bondage Seven Long Years My revolution dies straight from the wound to the soil Didn't need long enough to be named Did need long enough to be mourned Shadow mirror on the wall"

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