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severino seeger

  • Battle Of New Orleans - Pete Seeger
    "Well, in 18 and 14, we took a little trip Along with Colonel Jackson down the mighty Missisip We took a little bacon and we took a little beans And we met the bloody British in the town of New Orleans We"
  • Jellon Graeme - Peggy Seeger
    "JELLON GRAEME Jellon Graeme sat in the wood, he whistled and he sang He called for his servant boy who quickly to him ran Hurry up, hurry up, my pretty little boy, as fast as ever you can You must run"
  • Abiyoyo - Pete Seeger
    "ABIYOYO Once upon a time there was a little boy, who played a ukulele. He'd go around town: clink, clunk, CLONK! Of course, the grownups would be busy, and they'd say: "Take that thing out of here. We're"
  • Adam The Inventor - Pete Seeger
    "Early in the morning, Just as the sun was rising Adam started inventing things, And the results were surprising. Later in the morning The sun was getting higher. Adam made a discovery, He learned to"
  • All Mixed Up - Pete Seeger
    "You know this language that we speak, is part German, Latin and part Greek Celtic and Arabic all in a heap, well amended by the people in the street Choctaw gave us the word "okay"; "Vamose" is a word"
  • All My Children Of The Sun - Pete Seeger
    "ALL MY CHILDREN OF THE SUN The navigator said to the engineer, I think our radio's dead. I can hear but I can't send, And there's bad weather ahead. The pilot said to the co-pilot, Our right engine's"
  • Andorra - Pete Seeger
    "CHORUS (After each verse): I want to go to Andorra, Andorra, Andorra, I want to go to Andorra, its a place that I adore, They spent four dollars and ninety cents On armaments and their defense, Did you"
  • Arrange And Rearrange - Pete Seeger
    "Early in the mornin' I first see the sun, I say a little prayer for the world. I hope all the children live a long, long time, Yes, every little boy and little girl. I hope they learn to laugh at the way"
  • Ballad Of Harry Bridges - Pete Seeger
    "THE BALLAD OF HARRY BRIDGES Let me tell you of a sailor, Harry Bridges is his name, An honest union leader whom the bosses tried to frame, He left home in Australia, to sail the seas around, He sailed"
  • Ballad Of The Fort Hood Three - Pete Seeger
    "Come all you brave Americans and listen unto me, If you can spare five minutes in this 20th century, I'll sing to you a story true as you will plainly see It's about three U.S. soldiers they call the "Fort"
  • Kisses Sweeter Than Wine - Pete Seeger
    "When I was a young man I'd never been kissed; I got to thinking about what I had missed. I found a girl. I kissed her and then... Oh lord, I kissed her again. Oooooh, kisses sweeter than wine. Oooooh,"
  • River of My People - Pete Seeger
    "There's a river of my people And its flow is swift and strong, Flowing to some mighty ocean, Though its course is deep and long. Flowing to some mighty ocean, Though its course is deep and long. Many"
  • John Henry - Pete Seeger
    "John Henry was about three days old, sittin' on his papa's knee. He picked up a hammer and a little piece of steel; said, 'Hammer's gonna be the death of me, Lord, Lord. Hammer's gonna be the death of"
  • This Land Is Your Land - Pete Seeger
    "This land is your land and this land is my land From California to the New York island From the redwood forest to the Gulf Stream waters This land was made for you and me As I went walking that ribbon"
  • The Water Is Wide - Pete Seeger
    "The water is wide, I cannot cross over, And neither have I wings to fly, Give me a boat that can carry two, And both shall row - my love and I. A ship there was, and she sails the sea, She's loaded deep"
  • The Fox - Pete Seeger
    "The fox went out to the chase one night Prayed to the moon to give him light He had many a mile to go that night Before he reached the town-o, town-o town-o, Many a mile to go that night before he reached"
  • Jesse James - Pete Seeger
    "Jesse James was a lad That killed many a man He robbed the Glendale train He stole from the rich And he gave to the poor He'd a hand and a heart and a brain Well it was Robert Ford That dirty little coward I"
  • I Had a Rooster (Barnyard Song) - Pete Seeger
    "I had a rooster, my rooster pleased me I fed my rooster 'neath the greenberry tree My little rooster went cocka doodle doo Dee doodle-ee doodle-ee doodle-ee do. I had a dog, my dog pleased me I fed my"
  • Casey Jones (The Union Scab) - Pete Seeger
    "Casey Jones Come all you rounders If you want to hear The story of a brave engineer Casey Jones Was the rounder's name On the big six wheeler Boys he made his fame Well the caller called Casey 'bout"
  • Pretty Boy Floyd - Pete Seeger
    "Gather round me children A story I will tell About pretty boy Floyd, the outlaw Oklahoma knew him well Twas in the town of Shawnee On a Saturday afternoon With his wife beside him in a wagon It was into"

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