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sex from rusia

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sex from rusia
  • Kyprios Sex
    "I'm a centerfold, I'm 69 fantasises an hour bro. I'm a lap dance, I'm a red light flickering in Amsterdam. I am champagne, I'm a little lubrication for the campaign. I am silicone...can't get me off your"
  • Frank Zappa Sex
    "What's the ting that they's talkin' about everywhere? Sex When they wanna be suave 'n' debonair Sex What's poppin' up the most from coast to coast Sex At yer bongo party an' yer weenie roast Sex Even"
  • New Model Army Sex
    "( The black angel )Look at my eyes you know what it is I want you, I want you The way your body moves beneath that dress And all the nights I've spent alone in sleeplessness It's a hunger that we can fill"
  • Zombie Girl Sex
    "She never had an education She uses life as her vocation Standing on ledges Clinging to the edges The world's a hard place to land on. She has this one-way conversation Trying to avoid a confrontation Memories"
  • Berlin Sex
    "Feel the fire, feel my love inside you it's so right There's the sound and the smell of love in my mind I'm a toy, come and play with me, say the word now Wrap your legs around mine and ride me tonight"
  • Ultravox My Sex
    "My sex Waits for me Like a mongrel waits Downwind on a tight rope leash My sex Is a fragile acrobat Sometimes I'm a novocaine shot Sometimes I'm an automat My sex Is often solo Sometimes it short circuits"
  • Faber Drive Sex & Love
    "Pumpin' on my sleeve Heart that barely beats stallin' Uh oh Foatin' facin' down Sea of broken vows Drownin' Uh oh Blow after blow and I'm starting to see why Better alone than be bruised by your dark"
  • Monika Mo-J Jarosińska Sex Shop
    "I’m a woman You plastic doll from a sex shop From a sex shop I don’t wanna () I want my make-up, Just my make-up Girls, girls What happen? Beauty’s gone Telling yourself: you’re ugly on and on Unofficial"
  • Prince Mad Sex
    "Man, I ain't got time 4 that girl Say what? Yeah, she always want 2 talk 2 somebody Believe me, I know her Yeah I see u at another party Dancin' all over the place Lookin' 4 the perfect body 2 go with"
  • New Power Generation (N.P.G.) Mad Sex
    "Man, I ain't got time 4 that girl Say what? Yeah, she always want 2 talk 2 somebody Believe me, I know her Yeah I see U at another party Dancin' all over the place Lookin' 4 the perfect body 2"
  • Future Rich sex
    "I got my diamonds on You got your diamonds on Watches on watches I looked at her and I said, "Beautiful" Baby let's go have rich sex Baby let's go have rich sex Make a little love on the rich sex Rich"
  • Syleena Johnson Phone Sex
    "Now Twista and Syleena on tour, we can barely see each other and you told me you aint like that. But what if I find a way where we can still be together and get freaky, would you like that? I know I'm"
  • My Ruin Sex Junkie
    "Sex Junkie lyrics You Live Your Life Just To Let Yourself Go You Are The Lowest The Lowest Of The Low Beg For Me Crawl For Me Down On Your Knees You're A Sex Junkie You'll Do As I Please Harder Faster Harder"
  • Do Or Die Sex Appeal
    "Ooohhhhhhooo sex appeal she got a walk to sassy approaching wit a dog that look like lassy tha lipstick and philly product got her lookin all classy wit a tendecy to follow those while just lookin"
  • H-Town Sex Bowl
    "Welcome baby you lookin' so sexy glad you could make it now take your clothes off take your clothes off I don't wanna see no panties I want you the way you was brought into this world no nothing cause"
  • Goo Goo Dolls Sex maggot
    "Well I was hangin' around the railway stationMy mind was insane from total degradationLittle boy blue was a tootin' his horn nowScared those cows right out of the door nowI hear you screaming but you can't"
  • Next Phone Sex
    "Phone conversation.... T-Low Im sorry baby I cant be there with you, But I got a freaky Ideal, Cause girl Im in a freaky mood, So follow directions closely, Its gonna be the bomb, And before I let you"
  • The Rolling Stones Sex drive
    "I got this sexdrive Driving me mad I've got to drive you crazy Best you've ever had I got this sexdrive Driving me mad Got to drive you crazy The best you've ever had I can drive you fast I can drive you"
  • Used Cars Shocking Sex
    "I woke up in the morning with my head turnin' 'round I'd really need a coffee, not my mama's voice's sound I drank too much with my friends last night But I remember the girl with whom I spent my time She"
  • Mia X Sex education
    "Yo, I'm Silkk the Shocker, know I'm saying? Everybody's like if they ever meet me They'll do to me, come on, NOT!!! But I'm looking for somebody who could teach me Something I don't even know, for real"

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