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sex it lagune

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sex it lagune
  • The Legendary Pink Dots Laguna Beach
    "We tried to watch the sun rise, but a cloud fell and we froze inside your coat. One arm for you, and one for me--two arms crossing, winding . . . as the tide roared in. The highway howling high above,"
  • Temporary Basement Laguna Beach
    "Man I need a little holiday Man I need some time to get away I know you'll know that no one will know You say you gotta work today You say your shift begins and ends at 8 But nothing keeps me, It's"
  • Lenny Kravitz Sex
    "I feel the flames of your fire And it’s burning my heart Girl you got game and my number And it ain’t gonna stop Hold me, love me Call my name I just want you to feel me Breathe me, tease me Can’t control"
  • The Black Eyed Peas Sex
    "Lets have sex. Some real good sex. Some real hott sex. Some sexxxy sex. Lets just have sex! *Moans and Groans* Oh yeah! Just keep on digging further in! Ooo, right there! Keep on plea-sur-ing, Yea plea-sur-ing,"
  • Kyprios Sex
    "I'm a centerfold, I'm 69 fantasises an hour bro. I'm a lap dance, I'm a red light flickering in Amsterdam. I am champagne, I'm a little lubrication for the campaign. I am silicone...can't get me off your"
  • Frank Zappa Sex
    "What's the ting that they's talkin' about everywhere? Sex When they wanna be suave 'n' debonair Sex What's poppin' up the most from coast to coast Sex At yer bongo party an' yer weenie roast Sex Even"
  • Motley Crue SEX
    "Never really had a reason Never really cared We’re the dogs and the heathans, yeah Never tell you what you’re thinking Let me tell you why you’re here This is not a new religion Everybody wants some,"
  • Ice T Sex
    "Sex I the morning,sex at night,sex in the afternoon's alright Ain't a man on earth,that can stay alive Without a drive Sex (x4) I was in a contest to rock the world First prize was a virgin"
  • Girls Aloud Sex
    "Why don't you stop yelling at me. It's not my fault that i cant give you good enough sex. Will you be home early I will make it up to you Chorus I heard you come in late I asked you where you'd been I"
  • Ginuwine Sex
    "(feat. Sol) I like it i love it I want it all the time (sex) I crave it I needs it Its always on my mind (sex) I like it i love it I want it all the time (sex) I crave it I needs it Its always on my"
  • Cheat Codes x Kris Kross Amsterdam SEX
    "That was unforgettable I want to do it again You’re crazy like an animal And I don’t want to it end Tell me all your dreams and darkness fantasies * That was unforgettable I want to do it again You’re"
  • The 1975 Sex
    "And this is how it starts You take your shoes off in the back of my van Yeah my shirt looks so good, when it's just hanging off your back An she said use your hands in my spare time We've got one thing"
  • Billie Eilish Sex
    "And this is how it starts Take your shoes of in the back of my van My shirt looks so good When it's just hanging off your back She said use your hands and my spare time We've got one thing in common,"
  • Atari Teenage Riot Sex
    "Test the world ... united colours I told myself I wasn't about to give up! What time is it? it doesn't matter anymore! I watch the sea through my colour tv - it's all over now But I knew that for me throwing"
  • New Model Army Sex
    "( The black angel )Look at my eyes you know what it is I want you, I want you The way your body moves beneath that dress And all the nights I've spent alone in sleeplessness It's a hunger that we can fill"
  • Sex Pistols Sex on 45
    "Suburban kid, ya got no nameTwo ton baby and ya got no brainI bet you're only happy in suburbian dreamsBut I'm only laughing cause you ain't in my schemeHey babyI love youI love youI love youI only ever"
  • John Frusciante Interstate Sex
    "Being in line is a dream I'm after I can take it easier so is fights Taking time is a way of light What this takes you here to brings you no lie I'll be up high In the air Between your home I'll"
  • Dope Sex Machine
    "Long hair big lips Little doll frame round her plastic tits She's automatic super clean Little bang baby all American dream American dream My little baby is electric on it My little baby is a sex machine My"
  • The Darkness Physical Sex
    "Physical Sex Many miles between you and me and love is guaranteed to fail Cos a fuck should be multi sensory And you just cant smell an email Phone sex cyber sex aint all that I prefer to take my sex"
  • Circle Jerks Group Sex
    "group sex! group sex! group sex! group sex! private swing party friday & saturday night wouldn't it be nice to have a party with couples that are friendly and mellow? a ion-key atmosphere where you can"

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