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sexy and funny nikasoul

  • Young & Sexy - Fabolous
    "(feat. Mikey Shorey, Pharrell Williams) Young money on the floor! Trak money on the beat That's right man, the young and sexy You're only young as you feel, haha, ya know? Let's get it in, 25 and younger "
  • Sexy - French Affair
    "You're so sexy, sexy sexy I need your love, I need no esitation You're so sexy sex sex sexy Feel me now and stop the conversation Nonono don't stop and desire nonononono Nonono higher baby higher nonononono"
  • - Sexy - Belanova
    "Sexy, oh you look so sexy, oh You look so sexy, oh you blow my mind Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Sexy, oh I think you're sexy, oh 'Cause you're so sexy, baby you blow my mind You're mine and I'm yours 'Cause"
  • Sexy - Belanova
    "Sexy oh, You look so sexy, oh You look so sexy, Baby you blow my mind, Sexy oh, I think youre sexy oh Cause youre so sexy Baby you blow my mind Cause if somebody ask me Who do I love I will always say"
  • Sexy - Nightwish
    "You're so sexy sexy sexy I need you're love I need no hesitation You're so sexy sex sex sexy Feel me now and stop the conversation No no no Don't stop the desire No no no no no No no no Higher, baby, higher"
  • Sexy - Cascada
    "Youre so sexy sexy, sexy I need your love I need no insitation Youre so sexy sex, sex, sexy Feel my love and stop the conversation. No, no, no Dont stop the desire No, no, no, no, no No, no, no Highter,"
  • Sexy - Ray J
    "(feat. Mya)Your so sexy... You look so sexy S-e-x-y sexy Sexy to me Do your dance you shake that thang You can drive a horny nigga insane Howd u get all that ass in them jeans You can let it all pop"
  • Sexy - David Guetta
    "O baby you're so fine Got me on a line on your beautiful skin, Sexy 17 honey you're so shy Baby you're so young I know you wanna try, games with my tongue Beautiest I've seen know you wanna do it, on and"
  • Sexy, Sexy - Brian Setzer
    "Young, wild, hot, style She's the one that's on the ball You know that chick's really got it all We're gonna rave up(se-se-sexy) We're gonna roll it up(se-se-sexy) We're gonna rock it up(se-se-sexy) We're"
  • Sexy - Black Eyed Peas
    "I took ur picture, with one particluar reason and its to capture ur character, I like to sit and stare at 'cha Aint nothin wrong with starin at cha Girl don't be scared at the fact that I envison us getting"
  • Sexy - Mary J. Blige
    "(feat. Jadakiss) [1] - Can't have you if I wanted to Can't let you get away from me Can have you if I wanted to Can't let you go, no Looking in my mirror Thinking 'bout last night I can't help but"
  • Sexy - Mary J. Blige
    "[1] - Can't have you if I wanted to Can't let you get away from me Can have you if I wanted to Can't let you go, no Looking in my mirror Thinking 'bout last night I can't help but see you Running often"
  • Funny - 3LW
    "Funny how, love feels Funny how, love can be Funny how, love feels Feels I didn't know til today I could get hurt so easily but now I realize (it's time that you say goodbye) and I almost cried Why must"
  • Funny - Zedd & Jasmine Thompson
    "The curtains are closed now Nothin’ to see But a dozen dying roses at our feet Your timing S perfect Ironic to me Showing up the moment that you shpuldn’t be Last time i checked You’re the one that left Last"
  • Funny - Crystal Gayle
    "Funny, funny you don't resemble what i had in mind funny as it seems every night you're in my dreams ooh baby I never thought that love could be so crazy crazy it may be but you're the only one for me i"
  • Funny - Nat King Cole
    "Funny, how I've stopped loving you I can pass you on the street and my heart don't skip a beat Not much, so much my eyes wanna cry Funny, how I've stopped loving you I can listen to your name and it doesn't"
  • Funny - Scars On Broadway
    "Funny, How You Turned Red When I First Said Let's Join The Dead Funny, I Was Driving By Feeling Really High It Made Me Cry Wooooohhhhhh..... Ahhhhh... Funny, There Were Swastikas On Santa Monica Where"
  • Funny - Trash Can Sinatras
    "I know she doesn't play the field But she likes to know the strength of the team She says she doesn't like my style But I loved her in my own fashion Kept her under wraps Planted lots of verbal traps But"
  • Funny - Treble Charger
    "Save your breath, don't waste your time I can tell what's on your mind No need to mention what we both know It's quite a time you picked to tell me It's quiet time and mostly lonely And now it's time to"
  • Funny - Gerald Levert
    "Huh, it's gonna be one of them days I can feel it, uh On a day, like today I got out of bed, upped and went my way Tryin' to find some peace within But here ain't no rest for a weary man Everything"

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