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sexy baby

  • - Sexy - Belanova
    "Sexy, oh you look so sexy, oh You look so sexy, oh you blow my mind Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Sexy, oh I think you're sexy, oh 'Cause you're so sexy, baby you blow my mind You're mine and I'm yours 'Cause"
  • Sexy - Belanova
    "Sexy oh, You look so sexy, oh You look so sexy, Baby you blow my mind, Sexy oh, I think youre sexy oh Cause youre so sexy Baby you blow my mind Cause if somebody ask me Who do I love I will always say"
  • Sexy - French Affair
    "You're so sexy, sexy sexy I need your love, I need no esitation You're so sexy sex sex sexy Feel me now and stop the conversation Nonono don't stop and desire nonononono Nonono higher baby higher nonononono"
  • Sexy - Nightwish
    "You're so sexy sexy sexy I need you're love I need no hesitation You're so sexy sex sex sexy Feel me now and stop the conversation No no no Don't stop the desire No no no no no No no no Higher, baby, higher"
  • Sexy - Cascada
    "Youre so sexy sexy, sexy I need your love I need no insitation Youre so sexy sex, sex, sexy Feel my love and stop the conversation. No, no, no Dont stop the desire No, no, no, no, no No, no, no Highter,"
  • Sexy - David Guetta
    "O baby you're so fine Got me on a line on your beautiful skin, Sexy 17 honey you're so shy Baby you're so young I know you wanna try, games with my tongue Beautiest I've seen know you wanna do it, on and"
  • Sexy - Black Eyed Peas
    "I took ur picture, with one particluar reason and its to capture ur character, I like to sit and stare at 'cha Aint nothin wrong with starin at cha Girl don't be scared at the fact that I envison us getting"
  • Sexy eyes - Baby Bash
    "Sexy Eyes, theyre so lovely, Sexy Eyes Make me wanna love ya Sexy Eyes, Girl youre lookin way cool tonight Oohh Da da da da da, Ya know I got the cognac, Da da da da da, And the phat bomb sack Da da"
  • Sexy sexy lover - Modern Talking
    "Oh I tell you once and I tell you twice I'll be there for you in your paradise Oh please stay with me and I'll show you what I feel You're the nearest thing to heaven girl Baby just for you, fly around"
  • Sexy, Sexy Lover - Modern Talking
    "Oh, I'm Looking At The Same Old Star I'll Be There For You - But You're So Far Please Come Back To Me - I Can't Love A Memory You're The Nearset Thing To Heaven Girl Baby, Just For You - I'll Fly Around"
  • Sexy Christmas Baby Mine - morphine
    "Christmas cards upon the wall. Mail seems to come so slow. Tinsel starts to loose it glitter. Maybe you don't have a phone. Think about you every year about this time. About this time. You know who you"
  • Sexy Ladies - Ray J
    "(feat. Truth, Shorty Mack) Sexy ladies, sexy ladies Sexy ladies, sexy ladies The way you're walkin' in those high heals Girl you look so sexy Sexy ladies, sexy ladies Everywhere you go you're VIP"
  • Sexy Energy - Dr. Hook
    "(G. Bowen) Do you sing in the shower, do you sing in the rain Mama locks me in the closet and I sing, all day Sexy energy, makes me charming when I sing Sexy energy, makes me charming when I sing Do"
  • Sexy MF - Prince
    "Yo man What? She came Where? There! Oh! In a word or 2 - it's u I wanna do No not cha body, yo mind u fool Come here baby, yeah U sexy motherfucker We're all alone in a villa on the Rivera That's in"
  • Sexy Sucker - My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
    "Cool sweat, pop sexy sucker Super daddy! Psycho, foxy, tricky baby Naughty, wasted, fuckin' crazy Midnight deadly go-go cruiser Johnny Dagger, jet ride brother Heavy biker, hippie hustler Cool sweat,"
  • Sexy Ways - Jerry Lee Lewis
    "I said a shake baby shake baby shake till the meat rolls off your bones Shake baby shake baby shake till your mama and your papa come home Shake baby shake I just love your sexy ways Well upside down"
  • Sexy Girl - Namie Amuro
    "Hey baby let me see Your sexy sexy back to me Hey baby let me see Your pretty pretty eyes on me Hey baby motto shy na jibun wo nugisutete daitan ni Keep it Hey baby let me see Your sexy sexy hips on me Hey"
  • Sexy Thang - Chant
    "How can I tell you, how you've touched my life I have no words to describe you Do you remember when you wrote, 'I love you', in my hand? I thought to myself, "This is the man" There's something about you You've"
  • Sexy Papi - Claydee
    "The way you look in the morning In the morning The way you kiss without warning Without warning Sometimes you play me, like a girl You know the way to rock, my world I wish that we could find some time Alone Take"
  • Sexy Back - Lil Chris
    "You think your bringing sexy back You baldy ball bag dont know how to act Thats why im bringing sexy back I'm little chris i wear a stupid hat Flip it to the side now Dirty babe you see these shackles"

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