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shabba ranks

  • Roots & Culture - Shabba Ranks
    "Ah soh yuh stay! Yuh ongle ah tink one way But I'm not a one way DJ Coin!Two side. Get that? Hear dis! Shabba Rankin reggae people's callin' out, People from east, west, north, and south. Say"
  • Ting-A-Ling (The Original) - Shabba Ranks
    "Ting-A-Ling ((Wax)) an turn em up! It's a Shabba ting Suckling sing Yard and foreign kick up Bruk whine! (he, he) (Sing!) Chorus Ting-A-Ling-A-Ling (Sing!) Dancehall it swing (Sing!) DJ ears"
  • Dem Bow - Shabba Ranks
    "Dem bow dem winkie so, dem ah suck weener like woah, like woah, dem bow, dem bow, dem a black nigger me say woah, barack obama suck dick like oh, we bow, we bow, we bow, alvin megnauth ah suck shabba ranks"
  • Mr. Loverman - Shabba Ranks
    "Hear this all the man, mek sure you know how fi undestand You women, straight up, to the max ,alright,come now Woman if a loving yuh looking for yuh buck upon the right man Loving yuh looking for yuh"
  • Housecall - Shabba Ranks
    "(feat. Maxi Priest) (Woah Sha) False Pretender (Woo, woo, woo, woo, woy) Stop pretending (We are di docters) All gals single have dem singing (Maxi Priest and Shabba) Watch this! Maxi Priest: (See)"
  • Slow And Sexy - Shabba Ranks
    "(feat. Johnny Gill) Sensuous emotion They`re gettin` my attention Staring up easy To find the right position Dont rush don`t hurry now Take your time girl, get it right No need to accelerate Cuz we can"
  • Wicked In Bed - Shabba Ranks
    "Bed wuk, world a girl a cry mon, bed wuk, step up, and dont play Girls have mercy I am bad, mad and wicked inna bed Wicked, bad and mad inna bed I am bad, mad and wicked inna bed Wicked, bad and mad"
  • Join The Ranks - One Man Army
    "Join The Ranks Join The Fight Here We All Are United In A Plight For Doing What You Wanna Do Let The Truth Be Told They're Made From The Mold Tied Down Against Their Will What Do They Know I'll"
  • Join The Ranks - Rise Against
    "With your eyes Glazed and half-smiled Explain to me the details of your God-given right You point your finger In my face but You can't remember what you did last night It's all fun and games 'til"
  • Tension In The Ranks - Cave In
    "Tension in the ranks is what I feel Another 'please' and 'thanks' for you, my dear So nice to meet you I'm so sad to see you go Tension in the ranks is what I see Trickle through the banks into the sea"
  • Comienzo (F. Baby Ranks) - Divino
    "Comienzo Es mi introduccion Para que aqui bailen Con mi cancion Nena, siente la tentacion Ven y acercate que comienza la accion Aqui voy yo Entra Divino, a la disco Pago la entrada y te observo Escucho"
  • Mujeres (F. Baby Ranks) - Divino
    "Se enciende la musica y tu sangre pide mas Reggae-reggae para tu poder bailar Las nenas se motivan al escuchar mi voz Es el viejo Ranks junto al Divino Mujeres comienzan el baile Y preguntan quienes"
  • His Name Is Mutty Ranks - A Tribe Called Quest
    "Live and direct, live and direct! You know what live and direct mean? Live and direct, come!!! Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, how you be, how you be? From New York to A-T-Aliens, youknowhatI'msayin? Word"
  • En Vela (F. Baby Ranks) - Divino
    "DJ Reynaldo! Llego a la disco Y quiero bailar contigo Tu cuerpo me pone mal (Da' Flex...) Yo te tengo en vela Te queda muy bien la tela Te juro que yo quisiera Perriarte la noche entera Yo te tengo en"
  • My Life In The Suicide Ranks - Tears For Fears
    "My life, my life in the suicide ranks My life, my life in the suicide ranks My life, my life in the suicide ranks My life, my life in the suicide ranks My life, my life in the suicide ranks My life, my"
  • Dale Hasta Abajo (Feat Baby Ranks) - Divino
    "DJ Blass! Baby Ranks Divino-oo-oo! Me estoy acercando a tu cuerpo Observo tu guille y tu flow Tu tela y tu pelo flotando Al compas de este dembow Tu y tu truya mirando Listas y ready to go Veo que ya"
  • Yo Quisiera Saber (F. Baby Ranks) - Divino
    "Divino y Baby Ranks! Ahh! Nena, yo quisiera saber Que tu haras si me pego Si te perreo, mujer, quiero saber Que tu harias si acaricio tu cuerpo Dime si te excitas, quiero saber Para poderte complacer Vas"
  • Dame Tu Cosita (feat. Cutty Ranks) - Pitbull x El Chombo x Karol G
    "Ah! Bienvanidos a la cripta Dame Tu Cosita Dame Tu Cosita Dame Tu Cosita Dame Tu Cosita Dame Tu Cosita chonro la cripta numero dos damela damela bienevida mamacita a mi me gusta como tu lo Ah! Bienvanidos"
  • Heart Of A Lion - Shabba Ranks
    "Zso-zso-zso-zso! He dat knoweth the wrong but doeth the right shall be span while many strive. When da heathen a come jah children shall step wide. Even though they make mention of them and those (fire"
  • So Jah Say - Shabba Ranks
    "Yes black people (fire) Yes people, world a people Especially I & I black people Mi a chat to unnu inno Yuh try a little grudge, yuh try a little corruption Yuh try drugs Unnu just a say love an"

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