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  • Shade - Joe Nichols
    "I don't want a fast car Don't need a four lane highway There's not another place i'd rather be Cuz out here in the country Bluebirds sing for nothing And the shade comes free with a tree Yeah the shade"
  • Shade - Silverchair
    "If you're hurt, Why don't you tell someone. Don't feel bad, You're not the only one, yeah. Don't go hiding, Hiding, in the shade. If you were abused, I'll find someone to help you. I know you were used, What"
  • Shade - Supe
    "Everything I had to say falls inside the shades of gray the shade Everything I fail to see takes another part of me the shame I have opened the third eye in me screaming all directions its chord"
  • Shade - Memory Garden
    "It knows no time, life or race Terminates, leaves just an empty space It rises high, black and shapeless Falls low, smooth and soundless All in it's way, will be gone like yesterday Crawling faster, our"
  • Shade - Feeder
    "Would it always be the same Give it all to reason Let me down You watch me drown Hold me down I can't explain Though I never could - that's the problem Fight about the plate again, Climbing up to free"
  • Shade - Indukti
    "Cold mists, burning fire on my face Written names in the sky, I read my fate Red eyes, hear them calling out my name You'll never taste the bliss of the chase The world is black and white I'm running with"
  • Shade - Lonewolf
    "There you stand, with your head in your hands, crying out. Once again, it has been like then before. Oh.. it hurts, oh.. how it hurts. T'was all your fault, like all these, these times before. It's not"
  • Shade - Portugal. The Man
    "Claims, they crawled from those clouds and over mountains cried into the streams where they ran the length of past and time that called out with their hands beside you as all the people shouted up to"
  • Siam Shade - Rain - Siam Shade
    "SHINING ILLUMINATION IN THE RAIN MY LOVE FOR YOU GROWS IN THE RAIN MY LOVE FOR YOU GROWS HEY, DON'T YOU KNOW? ==Romanized Japanese== Doshaburi no ame no naka de Kasa mo sasazu"
  • Night Shade - Winter's Bane
    "In the dead still night grows a plant so divine that atropa belladonna puts the extract in her wine The goddess of man's destiny on jealousy she feeds will cut the thread of live if the bitch she feels"
  • The Shade - Joe Nichols
    "I dont need a fast car. Dont need a 4 lane highway Theres not another place id rather be. Cause out here in the country bluebirds sing for nothin. And the shade comes free with a tree. Yea the shade"
  • Darker Shade - Phantom Planet
    "Oh that the sun shone down today, Maybe then you'd see me. Until then there's one more day, Patiently I'll wait. Oh that the sky were blue again, Maybe then I'd smile. Until then there's one more day, Patiently"
  • Ashen Shade - Girlyman
    "There goes that old postman Riding on his bike He's got a bag full of phone bills And nothing to justify I'm as naked as a winter tree With promises remote Wish I could fly away above the ashen shade Observe"
  • Falling Shade - Xiphea
    "Tell me is it arrogant to dream of building my beloved cathedral? shivering of cold that you cause with little judgmenst? I am not your sweet ghost! So tell me is it ignorant to waste somebody's dream? Falling"
  • Evening Shade - Dolly Parton
    "(Dolly Parton) My train of thought was broken by a sudden burst of laughter Something badly needed to brighten up the chores Seemed old Mrs. Bailey had accidentally fell In the water being used to scrub"
  • Walking Shade - Billy Corgan
    "(Billy Corgan) look at you now look at you torn estates took forever couldn't wait on words, on sound I just want you so you're everything, so cold the perfume of your rose in bloom I just want you so anywhere"
  • Sun Shade - Fairport Convention
    "Dying's not easy today Trying but can't get away Feel just the almost touch of her hand and the trees in her hair Eyes float, the sun she saw only me in the sky What could be higher than we Wind"
  • Sn shade - Richard Thompson
    "Dyings not easy today Trying but cant get away Feel just the almost touch of her hand and the trees in her hair Eyes float, the sun she saw only me in the sky What could be higher than we Wind grows cold"
  • Light The Shade - Xavier Rudd
    "When you're feeling lonely And you heart is hungry I'll light the shade When the moon escapes you And the sun denies you I'll light the shade When the question's pending You feel it all descending I'll"
  • In The Shade - Labyrinth
    "Livin' in a wasteland without any shadows what's left for me to see? I wonder with my soul Your Angel-eyes are shining bright I wanna take your hand All I know is I can't live with you In the shade,"

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