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  • Shadows - Joe Walsh
    "I am standing in the middle of my shadow In between the daylight hours And when the sun go down We are hiding in the shadows We are silent, we have nerve Like to think out loud We just don't think out"
  • Shadows - Shocking Blue
    "Golden shadows in your hairWhen I see you walking there,The shadows in your hair.Velvet shadows in your eyesNever tell and tell so lies,The shadows in your eyes.Dreaming of the colours of a rainbow,Dream"
  • Shadows - Sunny Day Real Estate
    "In the shadows buried in me lies a child's toy. In the shadows the name is unknown to me. In the shadows grey crusaders with tails mother made. In the shadows will to become their pride. In the shadows"
  • Shadows - Andy Griggs
    "Perfect little job Perfect little live A perfect little house for my perfect little wife One trip outta town a couple o lonely days The whole thing turned around By decisions that we made Shadows down"
  • Shadows - Deep Purple
    "Walk through the night looking for your kind of smile ?Hoping to meet you I walk my love for miles Your face, your eyes, I can't find the girl I look for refrain: Shadows can conceal you you can't hide,"
  • Shadows - Yo La Tengo
    "Scold me, that's all you've got to say Coldly hurt me and turn away You say I'm not sorry that I'm resolved to what is next I head for the shadows Hold me, taking it back in tears You've told me, slowly"
  • Shadows - Sandra
    "Shadows Over my head Shadows Is driving me mad I'm so afraid what rules my mind I only wanna live my life You can't run You can't hide Will I ever find some piece of mind? I'm so upset, yeah, we can try We"
  • Shadows - Honeycut
    "Somebody tell me why I'm so tired I could cry Fell out the window like a crooked cat Don't wanna lay down and die Lady with the white clothes came from easy street And now dirty work is all she does But"
  • Shadows - Prime Time
    "Roaming the nation, freedom ringing in my head My celebration will be in a strangers bed Slaving at night time, life is such a bitch It seems that loving is my crime That's the way it's got to be... When"
  • Shadows - Sabrina Carpenter
    "We all got nightmares in our dreams We look for someone to believe in us And show us the way And make it okay The world can be dangerous There's something so rare in your veins Not a single thing I would"
  • Shadows - Amy Grant
    "(Karen Peris, Don Peris, Amy Grant) There are two of me One does the right thing One cannot see Standing back to back Who is the strong one In the last act Every path I take Roads I go down Choices I"
  • Shadows - Edith Frost
    "Open up your eyes Cause there's a shadow outside Open up your eyes Cause there's something outside Wake up the drowsy friends You've made along your way Because there's shadows On the horizon my"
  • Shadows - Rufus Wainwright
    "Who will keep Keep me in this evening Even though They are not here with me I could be a great star Still I'm far from happy Finally Feel the world around me Fighting through Fighting through the whiskey"
  • Shadows - Callenish Circle
    "The dawn has reached the sky What does the darkness trying to hide Shadows overrun the sunlight Nocturnal violence took it's price (Solo J.E.) Diabolic evil minds They rule atrocious bestial crowds Ideas"
  • Shadows - Moonblood
    "Darkness everywhere, silence everywhere Trees stand like giants in front of me A weak wind blows through my hair Like a ghost wich is going through your body The shrubs sing the song of fear The grass"
  • Shadows - Sabaton
    "Facing the wind as they ride trough the sky Shadows of Mordor black horses they fly Black Shadow King: Find the Ring Search for the halfling you Lords of the Dark The Hobbit with Sauron's Ring he is your"
  • Shadows - Mercyful Fate
    "(Music & lyrics by King Diamond) When the darkness eats away the day And the moon bears witness to the graves In the shadows we are alive In the shadows, The Light Can you see the ghosts above our heads? We"
  • Shadows - it's different
    "Run free And dive into to the sky Hear the wind cryng out it prayer Why are we so ashamed to be alive Break the chains And the freedom's ours to take Going harder We are more than numbers Standing in"
  • Shadows - Lion's Share
    "I saw her standing by the shore her eyes they looked so sad never seen her like this way before She felt a pain behind her eyes burning inside pictures flashing by, memories on the rise Could it be shadows"
  • Shadows - Vert
    "(C)I've a shadow,it follows close to me. It's at my back shows in the semi light. People see it,they talk and stare. but I don't see it, and it's ready to pounce.(C) They comeout when I'm luke warm, only"

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