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shagy ultimatum

  • Ultimatum - Asia Cruise
    "I'm tired of being number 2. and all I want is you.if you keep on telling me that we gon be together but you never come around cause your girlfriends got you all up in her grill. suspicious of the deal."
  • Ultimatum - Final Fantasy
    "He's gonna win the race With his six-string bass You're gonna give him a chase man, You left the devil breathless You want him 'till I tap your tits He's gonna caution your clits He talked your whole"
  • Ultimatum - Hotline
    "Come puoi credere di essere sopra noi tu che sei l perch, ti abbiamo scelto noi? Politico che infanghi tutti noi, cazzo vuoi? Smettila di credere di esser Dio, oppure io... Io scatener la gente contro"
  • Ultimatum - Shaggy
    "(feat. Natasha Watkins) Ultimatum, badman nuh tek ultimatum, go wey, yuh haffi stay If I stay, would you put an end to all the games you play Can you promise me that you will never stray Has"
  • Ultimatum - Shaggy feat. Natasha Watkins
    "Ultimatum, badman nuh tek ultimatum, go wey, yuh haffi stay If I stay, would you put an end to all the games you play Can you promise me that you will never stray Has to be a new beginning from today, only"
  • Ultimatum - Ten Foot Pole
    "Sitting on the couch watching time slip away Reach for your lighter to burn another way The clock runs fast while you run slow Nothing worth doing and nowhere to go Don't blame it on the herb You get"
  • Ultimatum - Stampin' Ground
    "I've fallen down No one's perfect Don't even try I don't care, I Won't live a lie Who broke the neck of my guardian angel? Left him for dead in a pool of dreams? Trampled me flat with their cynical disbelief And"
  • Ultimatum (ft. Fatoumata Diawara) - Disclosure
    "Featuring Fatoumata Diawara"
  • Dance For Me (Ultimatum Remix) - Queen Latifah
    "It's a fact I'll attest to, mess around and I'll arrest you I ain't playing, you know what I'm saying? This ain't the best you've ever hear coming from a female MC But you know what I mean? (Hail to the"
  • World Of Sin - Ultimatum
    "Destroy the body in a cruel word, pierce the flesh of the One who saved your soul. In a word utter annihilation, in a breath bring total destruction. We are Christ's body here on the earth, strike only"
  • Black Light - Ultimatum
    "Rape your mind till you're spiritually blind. Cults twist the truth into clever lies. Deceiving even God's holy elite. The god they serve will bring their defeat. When black becomes white and white becomes"
  • Blink - Ultimatum
    "Gone in a second, vanished in thin air. The Lord at His appearing, His people disappear. We are sons of God, we'll meet Him in the air. Those without Him will live in despair. Chorus: BLINK (x4) Coming"
  • Charged/Power - Ultimatum
    "In search for power no answer you will find when searching in darkness, feeling around blind. Demon powers willing to let you think you rule till that fatal day when they will rule you. Strength of steel"
  • Conform To Reality - Ultimatum
    "We live in a world that's topsy-turvy. Conscious seared and dead. Disintegration of morality. Politically correct instead. Conformity, Conformity, Conform to reality, Conformity, Conformity, A standard"
  • Crash Couse - Ultimatum
    "Living life like in reckless abandon, ignoring the signs like lifes just begun. Eternity is a long time to place into the hands of chance. So many asking, so many searching, the truth is right before"
  • Crosshope - Ultimatum
    "Hanging from the cross the greatest claim of man, a carpenter who is God in the form of man. We've turned it upside down, burned and mocked it too. Can't deny it or prove that you're a fool. History revolves"
  • Darkest Void - Ultimatum
    "Played the game, yes I played it well. Sang hallelujah, had a story to tell. Went to church, sometimes twice a week. Could quote the scripture and man could I preach. Fooled myself, thought I was smart. Religious"
  • E.N.D. - Ultimatum
    "Perdition's child, I was led astray. I had no friends, they all turned away. Is there anyone there who can hear my cry? I hear no one, so I'll say goodbye. Goodbye. My life will end, I want no more. I"
  • Fatal Delay - Ultimatum
    "Violence, hate, and rage they infiltrate my thoughts. I've had it with this world and I don't need your God. Hypocrites and liars that's all you really are. Religionists and lunatics I've seen it from"
  • Gutterbox - Ultimatum
    "Killer, killer, I know where you live. Action on the big screen. Vile, thriller, how much would you give to see blood spill on the TV. Torture, torture, blood curdling scream. Hear it in stereo. Creepy,"

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