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shakira adikted to you

  • Shakira - YK Osiris
    "doin that shit in the mirror she doin that shit in the mirror bouncin’ that ass on the dick hed me still like a paraplegic you seen her with me and she nasty and freaky you better beliebe it occasional"
  • Comme moi (ft. Shakira) - Black M
    "I’m living with a broken heart Never meant to do you harm Don’t ever wanna see you cry, again And everybody hurts sometimes Never meant to do you wrong I know you’re gonna be just fine You said (…) "
  • Get It Started (feat. Shakira) - Pitbull
    "To all these rappers I apologize I know it ain't fair, the only ball I drop New Years, Times Square The world is mine sixth sense I see seven signs now baby, let's get started for life Everytime I look"
  • Shakira (ft. Palar) - White 2115
    "Prosty chłopak z Milanu Kolejny mi mija rok polej mi Jean Beana jak ja sie nazywam nie wiem też zaklina to to nie prawda to viral dzisja tancz ei nie czuje jak mi mija czas jebać mocny makijaż ona tańcz"
  • Shakira (White 2115, Palar) - SB MAFFIJA
    "to nie prawda, to VR dzisiaj tańczę i nie czuje jak mi mija czas jebać mocny makijaż ona tańcz się wygina Shakira Shakira Shakira Shakira Jestem z bloków Nigdy nie myślałem że się znajdę w twoim oku Nie"
  • Addicted To You - Shakira
    "Debe ser el perfume que usas el agua con que te bañas Pero cada cosita que haces ami me parece un hazaña Me besaste esa noche cual si fuera el unico dia de tu boca Cada vez que me acuerdo yo siento en"
  • Can't Remember To Forget You (ft. Rihanna) - Shakira
    ": I left a note on my bed­post Said not to repeat yesterday’s mista­kes What I tend to do when it comes to you I see only the good, selec­tive memory The way you make me feel yeah You got a hold on me I’ve"
  • Can't Remember to Forget You (ft. Rihanna) PARODY! - Shakira
    "I sing like a goat The frog in my throat He lived there for years And he make me sing this way I set up a bad Down by the steps So when I run down stairs I don’t crash and smash my head I really have to"
  • Hey You - Shakira
    "I'd like to be The kind of dream you'd never share To be your boss and to be your maid Your shaving cream, your razor blade The buttons of your shirt Your favourite underwear I'd like to be The only thing"
  • Dude (Looks Like A Lady) Tribute To Aerosmith - Shakira
    "Announcers: Columbias greatest export, the sexy, seductive, and she has a nice (sh sh sh sh sh sh) Shakira! Oooo! Cruisin through a bar on the shore Her picture graced the grime on the door She was a"
  • Poem to a Horse - Shakira
    "You're to far to bring you close And too high to see below just hangin' on your daily dose I know you never needed anyone But the rolling papers for your grass How can you give what you don't have? You"
  • I Want To Fly Away - Shakira
    "I want to fly away from here I want to pack my bags and disapear I want to be free again don't know how, dont know when but oh when I get there I know I will its only fare I'll have seen the one and"
  • How Do You Do - Shakira
    "Forgive us our trespasses As we forgive those who have trespassed against us Give us this day our daily bread Daily bread, daily bread In cello et in terra fiat voluntas tua Gloria Spiritui Sancto What"
  • You Don't Care About Me - Shakira
    "I found your t-shirt And I stripped your bed I left you perfect But there's no appreciation I listened sweetly to your sour tone I loved you only But there's no reciprocation Before you came along It"
  • Te Necesito (I need you) - Shakira
    "It's the rain of everyday that has augemented it's level And music doesn't have the same effect that it once had. Maybe I've lived too much in too little and too short a time... I don't even know what"
  • I Need You (Te Necesito, English Version) - Shakira
    "If it is the rain of every day that has increased its level the music has not the same effect that used to have before. Maybe I've learned so much in so little and so short time that I don't"
  • I Think Of You (Pienso En Ti) - Shakira
    "Everyday, I think of you, I think a little bit more of you, I take apart my heart, and something inside me is destroyed. Everyday I think of you, I think a little bit more of you; Everytime that the"
  • Where Are You Love? (Donde Estas Corazon) - Shakira
    "Verse 1: Where are you Love? Yesterday I looked for you; on the floor, and in the sky, Dearest, and I couldn't find you. I can't think that you're hiding from me Because the voice inside is sincere; It"
  • La bicicleta (ft. Shakira) - Carlos Vives
    "(Carlos Vives pracuje nad nową, piętnastą studyjną płytą. Jedną z piosenek, która na nią trafi, będzie duetem z Shakirą. Piosenka zatytułowana będzie ”La bicicleta”, jej premier wyznaczono na 3 czerwca"
  • Mi Verdad (ft. Shakira) - Maná
    "Hay mentiras en los labios Hay mentiras en la piel, que dolor Hay mentiras, hay amantes Que por instantes de placer Ponen su vida a temblar Hay mentiras compasivas Hay mentiras por piedad Que no quieren"

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