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shame on my

  • Shame, Shame, Shame - Aerosmith
    "(Brian Holland / Lamont Dozier / Edward Holland) Well I tried to tell you baby Running makes no sense Now you got me baby Up against this fence And Ain't that a shame... shame shame Shame... shame the"
  • Shame Shame Shame - Ratt
    "I'm knockin' at your door And there's no answer I hear the moans and groans Of your nasty laughter I'm kickin' in the door As your breathin' gets faster Your trail of clues Is leadin' to disaster Once"
  • Shame Shame Shame - A-Teens
    "A-Teens New Arrival Shame Shame Shame Oh I feel somebody And I want you to know about You see I want you to feel it too So just listen to me baby. Can't stop me now hear what I say My feet wanna move so-get"
  • Shame - SHeDAISY
    "(Kristyn Osborn) Shame, shame, shame Shoulda let it go too far Shame, shame, shame Should've opened up my heart Well, there you go in the wrong direction Here I am right where I've always been Typical,"
  • Shame - Agnetha F
    "Agnetha Faltskog Miscellaneous Shame It doesn't matter what you say, I don't believe you anyway, Talking love is easy when it's new. Slow down don't move so fast, This feeling may not last, I've been wrong"
  • Shame - Linda Perry
    "Driving my car, didn't get far, Stopped to cry. Man on the street asked me so sweet... are you alright? No I'm okay seemed to've misplaced my life. And it's shame, shame please don't ask me why. And it's"
  • Shame - Drowning Pool
    "Straight through you I burn, I burn My tongue rhymes one thing, for eager ears to hold on to You know I'll lie again You know I'll try again My words, ripping, tearing, straight through you I, I turn"
  • Shame - Embraze
    "Shame, my only feeling Shame, of dirty memories We hide and the words hurt more Like a slap on my face Pain takes over my mind When shame fills up the room Where is your love when devil is in your heart Shame,"
  • Shame - Pink Cream 69
    "Opened up my eyes and saw the sky Over meadows where I lie Then I heard the children cry In my sleep I saw a distant light It arose and left in flight Then the shadows faded to white In the night Why"
  • Shame - Monrose
    "Our final a conversation It lies heavy on my mind And although we couldn't say it I think we know Shame we can't go back this time For love and desperation Is there writing on the wall And when"
  • Shame - Hardcore Superstar
    "feels like yesterday since she took my lust away nothing really matters anyway bloodsucker her name, she's envy wrapped in a frame affection's no guarantee, say hello to her best friend mrs. jealousy she"
  • Shame - Endo
    "SHAME Take me low Feed me slow Leave me empty Nothing's right when they've all found you guilty Shame that you can't see That all the things that pass through me Makes me say Rape me slowly Take my"
  • Shame - Joe
    "She never gave a reason why It's possible my love Wasn't strong enough Now that love is said and done Come and turn around Maybe is better in the long run Girl it's a shame Things that you say"
  • Shame - Gary Numan
    "I've done things God should've questioned But I don't care. I've seen things that made my flesh crawl But I was young. I've said things that you believed in But I don't mean. I heard things, one more confession"
  • SHAME - Young Fathers
    "Nothing but a bare faced lie Is all you cunts can hold on to I suggest you downgrade fast Before it’s a shame on you Ama sing what a shame on you Where you going when its a shame on you (oooohh) Nothing"
  • Shame - Anna Abreu
    "I walked around, And trough the empty halls, I could hear the sound, Echoing a call, Of a love so strong, That gently slipped away, Now there's no one left to hold today, You know what they say When your"
  • Shame - System Of A Down
    "I FUCK yo' ass up! I FUCK yo' ass up! (fuck'em up son) I FUCK yo' ass up! (fuck 'em up son)I FUCK yo' as up! (Wu for life) FUCK 'em up. Shame on a nigga who try to run game on a nigga Wu buck wild with"
  • Shame Shame Shame - A Teens
    "I feel somebodyAnd I want you to know aboutYou seeI want you to feel it tooSo just listen to mebaby.Can't stop me nowhear what I sayMy feet wanna moveso-get out of my wayI'm gonna have my sayI'm goin'"
  • Shame - ABS
    "(Yeah... wooo Uh, uh-huh... c'mon... uh Yo... ch'mere ... uh, uh) The first time I laid my eyes on you, You know that... girl, you know I had to. She had the honeycomb lips fired up. I had the drop top,"
  • Shame - Backyard Babies
    "I've been down too many times I can't feel my bones I've been down all the time I would not even feel If a train came crushing into my soul Don't blow me away Sometimes I need some piece of mind Shaking"

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