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shatap and dance wifth me

  • Dance - Dance Nation
    "you're the music in my soul feel your love take control you make me whole you feel my soul you're the music in my life like the sun and the light you make it right you make it right you're the sunshine after"
  • Dance - Darin
    "Girl I can't help myself I'm stuck on the view I like the way you do The tricks that you do You're flirting with the music Like it's your boo Got me lost in my fantasy Picturing you and me It's been a"
  • Dance - Giuffria
    "Hey Mac, pour me a jack, it's been a long, long day. Lady Luck dealt me some bucks. I'm gonna drink the night away. Say bye bye, no more nine to five, I did my time. So turn me loose, I got the juice. I'm"
  • Dance Dance Dance - Sweet Girls
    "I'm stor I'm stor Look eat's me And the life You a poor Arm a rich! The fantastic the girl! Let's just dance A my boy! Let's go to my dey! Ewry song i an dance! You a pet my boy! For a good dance to bag! Lest"
  • Dance - Lemar
    "Dance dance dance Dance dance dance Makes me wanna dance When I saw you girl I knew That you were something Out of a story book And I told my heart that We gotta take one look I imagined both me and"
  • Dance - Ryan Tedder
    "Talking to your baby Acting like I'm crazy Only crazy for you And there's no denying Almost tired of trying There's only one thing left to do Dance All you people if you Dance Get up on the floor and Dance And"
  • Dance Dance Dance - Mary Mary
    "Chorus: Maybe you don't understand Why I gotta dance There was something had me down But it's over now I'm gonna throw my hands up Wave 'em all in the air 'Cause all I wanna do is Dance dance dance They"
  • Dance - The Lovemakers
    "Saw you at the party You were there on the phone Asked you to dance you said "sorry" I prefer to dance alone (CHORUS) I said dance If you want to Don't ignore the sound Dance If you want to If you want"
  • Dance - Rye Rye
    "Walk up in this party, I'm feelin' naughty I might hit the dance floor and freak up on somebody Don't know what I'm sayin', sayin', sayin', sayin', sayin', sayin' So you can put it into dance, dance, dance,"
  • Dance - Leon Else
    "Dance /4x Running in the rain again Got the backup chasing me He follows everywhere I go I won’t he let me be Fire in my brain again I’ma get them over me Voices whisper in my ear And no, you’ll never"
  • Dance - Backstreet Boys
    "I saw you pull to the back And roll with the cream in the back I look at you, you look right back Like you wanna get funky I hit the bar, buy you a drink Feel you out to see how you think It's do or die,"
  • Dance - Fatman Scoop
    "Come on and dance! (ohh, ohh) Yeah...come on... Come on and dance! (ohh, ohh) Fatman Scoop, Lumidee let's go now! Ohh I wanna dance with somebody (let's go, let's go!) I wanna feel the heat with somebody"
  • Dance - Little Texas
    "(Porter Howell/Dwayne O'Brien) (Track 6 - Time 2:58) Take your time and watch your step You'd better get it right Or you'll get left behind The way you're dancin' I can tell That someone else is on your"
  • Dance - Texas Little
    "Take your time and watch your step You'd better get it right Or you'll get left behind The way you're dancin' I can tell That someone else is on your mind You'd better dance with the one that brung ya You'd"
  • Dance - Chris Rea
    "Sometimes I think I go insane So what's a boy supposed to do Working just to pay my way But baby when the day is through Just wanna have a good time Hey! I've got my shoe, shoes shined I'm gonna dance,"
  • Dance - Michael Nesmith
    "Here comes another blow You take it on the chin But oh no mama You just don't understand I said all I wanna do Is dance & have a good time I said all I wanna do Is dance a dance or two And have a good"
  • Dance - Caedmon's Call
    "My name is Mary and I'm from Greenville, Mississippi But this is where I live here in this old folks' dormitory Every Sunday night Sarah comes to see us And she plays that old upright But Sarah always"
  • Dance - Therapy
    "Mmm, tidy it up Fuck you, man, if you don't feel alright Fuck you, man, if you don't feel OK Cos I'm wired to the moon, stapled to the sky, happy as I am, and I don't know why Wired to the moon, stapled"
  • Dance - Shaznay Lewis
    "Owww... Hey, won't you come and show me what you got? Hey, think you can keep up with me all night? I said hey this booty wants to get on down with you Hey, something tells me that you dig the way"
  • Dance - Apollo
    "We've been together yesterday, you tried to find the only way. At the right time you'll be mine, and our love will always shine, tell me when will you be mine. chorus: dance will u dance with me all night, your"

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