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shayna zaid

  • Among The Dead - Shayna Zaid
    "my flesh and bone not my own you have changed me to my core took control of my soul i am not me anymore Im gone now you live on Im among the dead blood dont reach my head suffering what you made me become slipping"
  • Welcome To The 60's - Hairspray
    "TRACY Hey mama hey mama, Look around Everybody's groovin' to a brand new sound Hey mama hey mama, Follow me 1 know something's in you That you wanna set free So let so, go, go of the past now Say"
  • Alphabet bitches - Lil Wayne
    "Well the A is for Ashley she always ask for me to take it out her pussy put it right in her ass and the B is for Brittany she right in the class she be hatin on Ashley cuz she tight in the ass you see"
  • Brooklyn Girls - Charles Hamilton
    "I'm an uptown boy with Soho flava The beat is D minor but I'm oh so major I do my own thing so I owe no favors Can't do it now then I won't go later Haters wanna see the boy get lost in the sauce But it's"
  • Alphabet Bitches - Lil Wayne
    "Santana i see ya haha see the son mama please dont be mad at me for this one but i gotta tell my story i had to do it thats right my name is weezy baby please say the baby if not dont say it at all this"

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