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she bang ricky martin

  • Ricky - Bruce Springsteen
    "Well look out Mama your little girl she has changed She cut her baby curls and she's got her act rearranged Look out Daddy what she needs now she can't find at home Oh Rickie wants a man of her She wants"
  • Diana (With Ricky Martin) - Paul Anka
    "Venga, aha, sige Yo soy joven to mayor eso ya lo se muy bien en las cosas del amor no hay edad y no hay porque no me importa que diran dame una oportunidad oh si, ven a mi Diana Thrills I get when"
  • Bambu -- W/ Ricky Martin - Miguel Bose
    "Como una intrpida liblulaAnte el espejo toda incrdulaPone un reparo a su extrafculaYo me la como o no?Va y se maquilla su melancolaHacindose la que no ve me espaY guia un ojo y s que es toda maMe la como"
  • Private Emotion (Duet With Ricky Martin) - Sertab Erener
    "Every endless night has a dawning day Every darkest sky has a shining ray And it shines on you Baby, can't you see? You are the only one Who can shine for me It's a private emotion that fills you tonight And"
  • Adrenalina (ft. Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin) - Wisin
    "Me gusta cuando se excita y me pegas Tu seduccion a la hora de bailar Es el juego que tiene tus caderas A cualquier hombre pone a delirar Es que tu cuerpo es pura adrenalina que por dentro me atrapa Me"
  • No Se Me Quita (ft. Ricky Martin) - Maluma
    "aqui otra vez estoy pensandonde no se por que te extrano si somos dos extranos comenzo con un beso prestado y termino un poco mas descarado Ay Dios mio que fue lo que hicimos es que la noche fue oportuna pa"
  • Nobody Wants To Be Lonely (with Ricky Martin) - Aguilera Christina
    "Aguilera Christina Miscellaneous Nobody Wants To Be Lonely (with Ricky Martin) Ricky: Why, why, why Christina: Oh ooh ohh Ricky: There you are, in a darkened room And you're all alone, looking out the"
  • Martina - Barbra Streisand
    "I can see Martina as a child of three In the sad seclusion of her nursery Go outside, Martina! Go outside and play Never speak, Martina, put your toys away So her days were loveless And her nights the"
  • Bang Bang - Violet Indiana
    "I crept into our room She came along too soon I saw things, they're not your taste Misunderstood, it's such a waste Your stranger asleep in our bed I stared at the back of her head Her hair layed on my"
  • Bang Bang - Stevie Wonder
    "She was five and I was six We rode on horses made of sticks I wore black and she wore white She would always win the fight Bang bang she shot me down Bang bang I hit the ground Bang bang that awful sound Bang"
  • Ricky Ticky Toc - Eminem
    "Once you call my name out things will never be the same.... They should have never let us get off foot in this game... Ever since I was introduced to rap music I been missing a screw like Bishop and Juice I"
  • Bang Bang - Squeeze
    "(Difford/Tilbrook) WARNING: These lyrics are unconfirmed and may be inaccurate. They represent the best attempt at deciphering the song we have yet to see. I can't stop my heart from beating beating"
  • Bang Bang - ZZ Top
    "Everybody knows what it's all about Pretty thing jumpin' all around Shakin' your money-maker now Take it off and take me down Bang, bang, shang-a-lang Bang, bang, shang-a-lang Take It Off She bang-bang"
  • Bang Bang - Will.I.Am
    "I love her, can’t leave her, Forever I’ll always need her, She lie, but I believe her, Lovesick I got that fever. Love stupid, I know it, Love stupid, I know it, I know, cause I’m a fool in love. My baby"
  • Bang - Shyne
    "I done fucked *The Baddest Bitches* ask Trina Give her coke to stuff between her, said she loved my demeanor Felonies and misdemeanors, I'm villified I just, rap on the side, black mafia ties Prolific"
  • Bang Bang - Holy Molly
    "Da-ra-ri-ra-ra, Maria Just like a flower She was dancing in the sun Before he stormed in And messed everything around She can't escape him And she misses living wild Oh, wild Some days I'm broke, some"
  • Bang bang - Ne-Yo
    "I never thought that it would be... She'd get tired of me... And leave me all alone... But she did... Looking back on the argument All of it seems to turn into a great big blur (Don't recall all that"
  • Bang Bang - Brutha
    "I never thought that it would be... She'd get tired of me... And leave me all alone... But she did... Looking back on the argument All of it seems to turn into a great big blur (don't recall all that"
  • Henry Martin - Joan Baez
    "There were three brothers in merry Scotland, In merry Scotland there were three, And they did cast lots which of them should go, should go, should go, And turn robber all on the salt sea. The lot it fell"
  • Ms. Martin - Big Pun
    "Intro: Big Pun Yeah, sometimes you gotta fool em Sometimes you gotta send a woman to do a man's job, nawmean? In this case, my girl hit like a grown motherf**king man Y'all niggas better lay low Catch"

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