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she digy digy digy i miss you

  • I Miss You - Fleetwood Mac
    "When I think about you I think about how much I miss you when you're not around When I think about you I think about how much I can't wait to hear the sound of your laughter Time and distance never matter Well"
  • I Miss You - Randy Newman
    "Something in me can't be straight about romance. I don't completely mean this song - I'm not going to move up next door to my first wife, who lives in Idaho. This one reminds me of that Neil Young song,"
  • I Miss You - DMX
    "(feat. Faith Evans) i know that my saviour lives and at the end he will stand on this earth my flesh may be destroyed but from this body i will see god yes i will see him for myself and i long for that"
  • Miss You - Kashmir
    "there's a shark deep down under I try to call her name but the dark water's between us it makes me call in vain surfing on the surface with my fingers in the water but she seems to have lost her interest"
  • Miss YOU! - CORPSE
    "I don't wanna look like this, fuck I don't wanna feel like this, fuck Wish I didn't miss her so much Knew that this would happen, fuck love Break a mirror, yeah, fuckin' break a mirror Glass shatter,"
  • Miss You - The Notorious B.I.G.
    "Yeah, dedicatin' this to my nigga O We miss you nigga Goin out to all the niggas that died in the struggle Word up, shit is real in the field You know, sparkin' blunts for all you niggaz Word up Each"
  • She - Chemia
  • I Won't Miss You - Alisha's Attic
    "After six months of living with him She thinks I gotta get myself an interest Trying to get over what's gone before But no one told her you never get over You just learn to live with it She got no bow"
  • I Still Miss You - Hawk Nelson
    "There she was, 5'3 a picture of my mother's mother She showed me love, and all the ways of God Her final days were spent in bed where she passed away I won't forget her smiling face when she left us that"
  • I Miss You Best - Willard Grant Conspiracy
    "Snow blows Thru the window All I can do is stumble Across the uneven floor Into an unmade bed I lie awake for hours I must be afraid of something All that I own is Still in boxes Scattered across the"
  • Miss Li - Miss Li
    "Im a little girl trying to survive in a psycho world I was a spoiled child and I am fighting every bloody day to change my ego mind I am evil and I pay my friends to say Im loving, caring and so kind and"
  • I Miss You - And Then I Turned Seven
    "Yesterday was full of tears, knowing death has just been here All was lost but not forgot, the pain controls my every thought A new day's battle has begun, all was lost and nothing's won I can't wait to"
  • How Can I Miss You - Skew Siskin
    "You suck the air out of the room You're stuck to me like a cheap suit Like a junkie with no fix You hardly miss a trick Got better things to do Than hang around with you HOW CAN I MISS YOU WHEN YOU"
  • See how i miss you - Bruce Cockburn
    "Rays of the moon make magic in the streets of the city all the people get strange but their faces look so pretty the walking graffiti; survivalist bums; even the secret police shout that you're the one"
  • What I Miss About You - Katie Melua
    "Missing the train every morning at 8:52, Sipping coffee from the same cup as you. The sharing of secrets we thought no one else knew, That's what I miss about you. The new way that love had made me"
  • I Miss Her - Fun Factory
    "Music: Guy Simone Lyrics: Guy Simone deep in thought and oh so far away thinking about the pleasures that we shared night and day my life my love will never remain the same without you praying for my lover"
  • I Miss Her - Olodum
    "Oh lord I'd like to know where she is now If she thinks about me or not Oh not, Oh lord I wanna give her all my love My life, my heart And please her I wonder if I'm right? Or must I try to forget her? Be"
  • I Miss Ya - Fonzie
    "Going forever,will she ever let me? Can i tell her to keep on waiting without taking off Yeah!! To many shows,to many days We've got to be apart untill end of tour I'll miss you a lot Going forever,will"
  • I Miss Yah' - Prodigy Blacck
    "(Intro: Prodigy Blacck) You werren't lyin..I was mistakend.. Ya can't hate ikechi no mo, iight.. Now here's my appology.. (Verse 1: Prodigy Blacck) I really miss and love you.. I shouldn't have made"
  • Wouldn't Miss You - Pretty Maids
    "A love explosion One big bang Like a supernova One outstanding date with her Just one flash And I was spellbound Love came crashing right into my world But now she says she's leaving me that love ain't"

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