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she don

  • Don - Bitch Alert
    "Get down little scene mistreater You love but ya can`t believe her Breeding the atomic freedom Burnt out like a dead reign There`s no time for heaven You got everything ya wanted Now you`re just a past"
  • Don - Room 2012
    "I woke up with my head in the clouds I got a big fine smile And Im ready to ride Its just a good day (good day) Its gonna be a hot day (hot day, yeah) Head down town just to check out the vibe See"
  • Don - Bitch Alert
    "Dont say She never says what she feel insaid She never go... She is no angel thats for sure Just please tell me why are these things happening?? She really love you, 'cuz theres no limit to that,no"
  • Don - Mike Jones
    "(*talking*) Mike Jones (Who), Mike Jones (Who) Mike Jones, Ballin Underground From H-Town, to Funky Town Dick, don't fail me now I gotta turn shorty out She don't want, nobody else But me, and only"
  • Don - Pilate
    "Your love's faceless, she leads you on and on Your wine's tasteless, she leaves you sleeping with your ghosts, sleeping with your ghosts It holds you tight, between these lines, it holds you tight It"
  • Don - Little River Band
    "DON'T BLAME ME WRITER GRAHAM GOBLE I was just thirteen when I left home, living in my daddy's shadow, there was so much goin' on that he couldn't feel, there were times when I was scared, hell, but nobody"
  • Don Quixote - Dana International
    "Kama yamim shel ahava Lo yokhlo le shnot oti Kama tshuvot she yesh lekha Hen yihyu ha or sheli Li vkot elekha Li vkot elekha Galim shel dma ot Shtey mizvadot aruzot le hitra ot O Don Quikhote nasikh ha"
  • Don Juan - Phantom Of The Opera
    "CHORUS: Here the sire may serve the dam, here the master takes his meat! here the sacrifical lamb utters one dispairing bleat. CARLOTTA AND CHORUS poor young maiden! for the thrill on your tongue of stolen"
  • Don Alfonso - Mike Oldfield
    "Now I'm a toreador I am for sure I kill bulls by the score And sometimes more And when they hear the bell ring Inside the bullring The bullocks all start trembling They know I'm coming I'm don alfonso Some"
  • Please Don - The Kelly Family
    "Yo momma so fat that her senior pictures had to be arial views!Yo momma so fat she's on both sides of the family!Yo momma so fat everytime she walks in high heels, she strikes oil! Yo momma so fat she"
  • Baby Don - The Cribs
    "Now and again I've got a lot to say And I can't afford you this one Oh yeah, she asks me where I'm going Now and again I'll find a friend who knows She asks me where I'm going Oh yeah, she asks me where"
  • Please Don - Brodiepunk
    "She's been my best friend She's been there for me Always had good times Nowhere else I'd rather be One day a friend came over and asked me Are you completely blind how can't you see She keeps it"
  • Tears don - Bullet For My Valentine
    "With blood shot eyes I watch you sleeping the warmth I feel beside me is slowly fading would she hear me, if I called her name would she hold me, if she knew my shame Theres always something different"
  • I Don - Worm Quartet
    "I got an e-mail from a guy who claims to know me Claimed he graduated from my high school in the class two years below me And he sat three seats behind me in my composition class And he remembers my old"
  • She - Prominent
    "She- Blowing up my celly She's- always trina' tell me She 's - Always in my face She claims that I drive her crazy She's - got an attitude Still- Girl I'm digging' you Still- I just play it cool She claims"
  • Modern Don Juan - Buddy Holly
    "Well, I ain't nothin' but a man in love I ain't nothin' but a man in love the girls they say I'm their only one they even say I'm a modern Don Juan Well, there ain't but a-one thing puzzlin' me I"
  • Don, The Dutch - Lil' Bow Wow
    "Uh Neptunes Bow Wow a.k.a. the don the dutch Fa sho Star Trak collabo uh huh (Chorus 2x:) They call me Bow Wow The Don the Dutch (Dutch) Ask your girl man, she know wassup They call me Bow Wow The Don"
  • Don' t go - The Ramones
    "She was everything to me oh yeah She was everything to me But how I ever let her go I'll never know She was everything to me oh yeah She was everything to me But how I ever let her go I'll never know Don't"
  • Baby Please Don - Thin Lizzy
    "I tried to warn you baby I tried to tell you I was down Oh yeah yeah You would not listen baby You would not hel pme when I was down Oh no no He tells her "Doesn't anybody understand I love her?" That"
  • The Don (No DJ) - Nas
    "New York girls Dem A mad ova wi /4x Nas the Don /8x In a new york city /4x Yea.. yea Smoking a escubano, guzzle my second bottle Hope I don’t catch a homo (homicide) Grossing our net Simultaneously making"

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