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she dont really love me

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she dont really love me

  • She Dont Love You - Lil' Kim
    "(Kim) Does she do it like me? Does she work that body? Throw that ass like pu-pump-pump-pu-pump that hottie Do she handle it like she got a deep throat? I mean suck that cock 'til she start to choke Does"
  • I dont really hate you - Girls Aloud
    "Can't take me awayDon't try to handle meYour not the boy for meCan't take me awayDon't tell me I'm beautifulI'm not availableDon't waste your time, your wishing your life awayYour not my type, I'll tell"
  • Dont Ever Love Me - Harry Belafonte
    "Don't Ever Love Me Harry Belafonte Word and Music by Lord Burgess (peak Billboard position # 90 in 1957) While in that gay tropic isle I first saw that maiden smile Though I had failed in the"
  • Dont Turn Away - Face To Face
    "FACE TO FACE FAT WRECK (Time wasted by : Don't Turn Away CHORDS -YOU'VE DONE NOTHING / You don't know what you want to be/you don't know what you want to do/never going to amount to"
  • I Really Dont Want To Knowep - Elvis Presley
    "Hold me close, hold me tight Make me thrill with delight Let me know where I stand from the start I want you, I need you, I love you With all my heart Ev'ry time that you're near All my cares disappear Darling,"
  • Dont Approach Me - Eminem
    "Pssh, man I need a lighter man Right here Yeahhh.. whassup Slim? What's crackin? Hit this shit Ssshhit I almost hit this motherfucker today Psh, is that right? What is it with"
  • She - Prominent
    "She- Blowing up my celly She's- always trina' tell me She 's - Always in my face She claims that I drive her crazy She's - got an attitude Still- Girl I'm digging' you Still- I just play it cool She claims"
  • Dont Cry - Culture Club
    "Give me time To realize my crime Let me love and steal I have danced inside your eyes How can I be real Do you really want to hurt me Do you really want to make me cry Precious kisses Words that burn me Lovers"
  • Dont Stop - Aerosmith
    "Aerosmith Miscellaneous Dont Stop AEROSMITH Don't Stop Transcribed by Mike Heasley Remember when somebody tried to tell you how to walk? And now they got the"
  • Dont Rush - K-Ci & JoJo
    "The look within your eys, baby It makes me wonder why, lady You want to be with me, darlin When I thought we were just friends Then you made your move on me You started moving on met strongly Even though"
  • Did You Really Love Me - CoCo Lee
    "My everything, you were my world For you I'd do most anything Just to make youhappy baby Gave all my heart gave gave all my time My faith in you had me so blind I never saw the heartbreak coming CHORUS: Did"
  • Dont shut me out - Bread
    "Don't shut me out, shut me out, out of your lifeDon't shut the door, shut the door , door on my lifeYou been lockin' apart of your love awayYou been holdin'out on meI just wanna get down deep inside of"
  • You Must Really Love Me - LiL Zane
    "It's not about the money (chorus)2x You see its not the (money) (5x) You say it aint about the (lovin) (5x) You be on the alone its (nuthin) (5x) If its not nuthin Girl its gotta be somethin Slippin fallin"
  • You Must Really Love Me - Lil' Zane
    "say its not about tha money say its not (tha money)x4 say it aint about say its not tha lovin say its not (tha lovin)x4 or u be on ya own say its not (nothin)x4 girl it must (b sumthin)x4 or u must really"
  • Really - UB40
    "I couldn't really put it any better than this The love that I feel, in your tender kiss. And something about your body girl I can't resist It don't get no better, no better than this. You know I love"
  • Really Really - Huntingtons
    "The first time I saw you hanging out You were kissing by the telephone I knew what you were all about And knew I had to leave it alone Cause people talk And talk gets talked And eventually we all know What"
  • Please Dont Turn Me On - Rene Froger
  • Really Good Time - Icehouse
    "Youre heard enough Of the blues and stuff Youre pretty swell now cause youre pretty tough But I dont have to tell you How hard it can be to get by You never bothered About anyone else Youre well educated With"
  • Dont Think Twice - Indigo Girls
    ""Draw the Line" is an Amy Ray song. A studio version of it appears on "Blue Food." (Additionally, there's a live version of it on the legendary "Purple Parrot" bootleg - I mention it only because it"
  • You Dont Understand - Faith Evans
    "1 - Is it a game that we're playing It seems like the cloudy days Keep coming in my life, whoa Is it a game that we're playing You don't understand Your love is taking over me I know you wonder why"

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