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she is a liar

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she is a liar

  • Liar - Sister Soleil
    "The sticky velvet lounge is proud to present... Bunny Fantastic and Johnny Supremo! With the Belzibob Orchestra! You said that she said and that's ok Oh i stopped believein your mouth anyway Your an"
  • Liar - Megadeth
    "You take great pride in never having lived up to anything Lie, steal, cheat and kill, a real bad guy Your daddy is a wino, and your mommy is quite insane From altar boy to sewer rate, you don't give"
  • Liar - Nazareth
    "You think you're owed a living Something 'bout you family tree Your daddy was a bad man You are just a crazy freak The ship is surely sinking And history will finger you For staggering incompetence And"
  • Liar - Killer
    "Its easy for you to say I shouldnt take it the wrong way So dont spoil a perfectly good story by telling it aint true Chorus: And I believe everything you say, cause youre a liar, liar, liar, baby And"
  • Liar - Helloween
    "As a dancer she's undercover Won the Big Don to be her lover Had to make him tell her his secrets About his buiseness and about his street-rats She had to become his trustful right hand The burean needed"
  • Liar - Demon
    "Something is wrong inside your head Who you think your foolin' I don't believe a word that you said Why'd you tell it to me Liar your word is make believe Liar you cheated and deceived What ya doing oh"
  • Liar - The Human League
    "I can't help this feeling Every time you go away Something you're concealing Something you won't say Will you look in my eyes When I ask you where you've been Say what you've been doing Tell me who you've"
  • Liar - Human League
    "I can't help this feeling Every time you go away Something you're concealing Something you won't say Will you look in my eyes When I ask you where you've been Say what you've been doing Tell me who you've"
  • Liar - The Cross
    "Hey When my lady walks into the room The lights come on to her sweet perfume I didn't know the devils by her side There I stood I had nothing to hide My love could teach the blind to see My love's the"
  • Liar - Built To Spill
    "I wouldn't be a liar No i wouldn't be a liar if i told you that I wouldn't be a liar When things are all you think of And plans are all you make and thoughts are all you dream of your falls are all you"
  • Liar - Taking Back Sunday
    "All our secrets they are tailored trouble Draped loose now around your hips Your spotless instincts are valid We coexist Got 26 days to work with (got 26 days) We got 26 days to work with (it moves, it"
  • Liar - Damned
    "Theres not a word of truth in anything that I say I don't really want to listen till they go away I haven't finished and I never try If you ask me reasons I just lie I'm a liar, liar, I never tell the"
  • Liar - The Cranberries
    "Say it if you want to, and say it if you will But if you don't say what you are thinking And I won't take too kindly to it Well, all I want is something special And you can't give it to me And all you"
  • Liar - Ill Nino
    "For all the pain that calls my name I burn your picture in the same way That you burned the things you see in me And all the pills wash it away They tell me how and what to say I need that numbness here"
  • Liar - Grim Reaper
    "Liar, Liar, Liar, Liar I'd never thought I'd find a woman like her Who could satisfy my needs She got just about everything Satisfaction guaranteed Then one day I hear from my friends You've been cheatin'"
  • Liar - Glitter Kicks
    "You made it quite clear I'm not welcome here Pushed me out then got mad when I left you dear And now you call that a self-fulfilling prophecy Have your cake and eat it but don't you feed that shit to me Liar."
  • Liar - Ghost Of The Robot
    "I don't mean to sound mean When I talk about the day I believed every single word she said But things change like she changed Something's not the same Found the things she said to you Were never true 'Cause She's"
  • Liar - Frans
    "South of your eyes North of your chin Yes, I hear what you’re saying I’m taking it in Every single twisted word is All part of the dance The sanctuary of broken bird When nothing happens by chance I’m"
  • Liar - Eskimo Joe
    "You know, you know, you know i'm a liar I can't, i can't get burnt by the fire but you, had too i know, its you, when you come around crying i cannot sleep with a room full of trying but you, had too"
  • Liar - Madcon
    "It seems to be the truth. (Seems to be the truth) I guess she cheated on me too. (Cheated on me too) She really got me good. (Really got me good) I said she really got me good. (Really got me good) Youre"

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