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she is girl singing in the dark

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she is girl singing in the dark

  • Girl singing in the wreckage - Black Box Recorder
    "It's my primary instinct to protect the child,Girl singing in the wreckage,My dress is torn,My hair is wild,Girl singing in the wreckage,My first car,My early boyfriends,Girl singing in the wreckage,Wet"
  • Singing To The Scarecrow - Sherrie Austin
    "In a pair of faded coveralls And her mama's old high heels She wobbles up and takes a shakey bow She smiles a little smile That hides her missing baby tooth And she manages to sing that way some how Why"
  • She Is The Dark - My Dying Bride
    "A cruel sleep 'cross our land All withered and dying As the fall, the victims They're dying a sad death In our land, we lay down And suffer again A dark girl'cross our land Is pacing. Is preying And with"
  • Singing That Melody - Swingfly
    "I got this hot girl, She drive a hot car You know I met her where, Were at the rock bar She stole my heart, pow She's on my chart now And everytime we hit the club, it's like shit wow She's a nine out"
  • Singing Hills - Bing Crosby
    "Sioux City Sue, Sioux City Sue, Your hair is red, your eyes are blue I'd swap my horse and dog for you, oh Sioux City Sue, Sioux City Sue There ain't no gal as true as my sweet Sioux City Sue. I"
  • The Whole House Is Singing - Alasdair Roberts
    "I know she rose early, for I heard her sweet singing Echoing over the flowering heath. She gathered the willow, the elder, the linden, The holly, the ivy twined into a wreath. Oh, the notes you are forming,"
  • She - Tyler, The Creator
    "Golden rubbers in these denim pockets (denim pockets) On my waist, there's a black Glock (black Glock) New girl moved on the block (on the block) She been plottin' on my brown cock (brown cock) Last night"
  • The Singing Nightingale - Lyriel
    "The crying owl, the crying owl Cries a prophecy of storm for all of us The nightingale, the nightingale Is going on to sing her song her evening star Nightingale, don't you know, taciturn You must learn"
  • Dark Skinned White Girl - Murs
    "(Verse I) She got that mocha-chino baby on the back of the bus If you close your eyes and listen she would be one of us Never did trust, her family at home So she kicked it in the hood, raised her self"
  • Dark - Ray Wilson
    "Where were you when I needed you? The fear that I would call out to despite You Lying staring at my feelings across some sacred crowd An endless search for anger This silence is too loud Do I have no strength?"
  • Whoever she is - The Maine
    "I thought I had my girl but she ran away My car got stolen and I'm gonna be late For work this week make that the 4th day straight But I'm fine with it I thought I had it all but I gave it away I quit"
  • Another One In The Dark - The Wallflowers
    "We took 'em high, we took 'em straight up the hill, They wanted it all, we gave 'em such a fill. In their parades we stole every thrill And in their games we made every kill. We took them hard, we took"
  • Singing man - The Roots
    "Days are living fast, moves in misery,You got a song you wanna sing for me,Sing a song, singing man,Sing a song, singing man,Sing another song, singing man,Sing another song, singing man,Sing a song for"
  • Singing My Song - Jimmy Dean
    "Here's a song I love to sing it's about the girl that wears my ring And even though I'm tempted I know she'll make sure that I get everything Cause when I'm cold I know she's warm and she warm me in her"
  • Singing In Vietnam Talking Blues - Johnny Cash
    "One mornin' at breakfast, I said to my wife, We been everywhere once and some places twice, As I had another helping of country ham, She said "We ain't never been to Vietnam, "And there's a bunch of our"
  • I'm Singing Broadway - Bette Midler
    "I'm singing Broadway and I love it! I'm singing Broadway and I'm proud! You can keep your Springsteen. Shove your Chaka. I really don't care for that kind of kaka. Ethel, Liza, Chita, that's my crowd,"
  • Dance In The Dark - Lady GaGa
    "Silicon, saline, poison inject me Baby, I'm a free bitch I'm a free bitch Some girls won't dance to the beat of the tribe She won't walk away But she won't look back She looks good But her boyfriend says"
  • She is - Carl Thomas
    "feat. LL Cool JLike my favorite scene in the best movie, like the air that I breath that's what she is to me. Like a song I just wrote or like comming home, when I've been gone too long that's what she"
  • She is - Houston
    "Girl i wouldn't think a year ago That you'd make me feel this way And you know it's not that often girl That you make me wanna say That i'll cool on you i wanna do Anything that you might say you want"
  • Deep In The Dark - Laura Branigan
    "(Falco/R. Ponger/Bill Bowersock) Check it out, Joe I'll tell you a secret If you know where to keep it And you promise not to tell Got a tale or two About a girl that you could have sworn you knew"

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