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she like to patric swayze

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she like to patric swayze

  • Patrick Swayze - Adelphi
    "lover i saw a pink sun fade away and loved her so long night turned into to day i'm so lost where have you gone i'm so lost where have you gone lover i felt several blades of grass and rested there"
  • She's like the wind - Patrick Swayze
    "She's like the wind through my tree She rides the night next to me She leads me through moonlight Only to burn me with the sun She's taken my heart But she doesn't know what she's done Chorus: Feel her"
  • She Like - Magno
    "(*talking*) Magno ya heard, Rookie of the Year baby Coming soon, uh, Collection Plate For them girls that be bopping mayn When they see the slabs, they be like (oooh-aah-ahhhh), uh (Hook) When I pull"
  • Beautiful - Patric Nuo
    "Like a thunderstorm on a summerday she came out of nowhere I can say she's a supernova shini'n through the night a never sleepin' satellite she's a damn good reason for the sun to rise when you see"
  • What's she like - Roxette
    "What's she like when she turns around to kiss you goodnight? When she wakes up in the morning by your side? What's she like? What's she like? The yellow moon or the deep blue of the sea? Do you feel the"
  • She Looks Like - Ten Foot Pole
    "She looks like the type of girl who could ride a dirt bike She looks like the type of girl who'd go wherever I like We could talk about Freud and motorcycle leather No matter what I say she'll laugh and"
  • She - Suede
    "She, walking like a killer, She, another night another pillow. Nowhere places, nowhere faces, no one wants to see, No education, it's the arse of the nation, She is bad, she is bored, she is bony, she"
  • She - Louie Says
    "Bend and I'll break you Leave and I'll take you back again So bend and I'll break you Leave and I'll take you back again If she bends, then she breaks She loves you but then she takes it away She bends"
  • She - Groove Coverage
    "She hangs out every day near by the beach Having a Heineken falling asleep She looks so sexy when she's walking to sand Nobody ever put a ring on her hand Swim to the oceanshore fishing the sea She"
  • She - The Damned
    "She knows - about all the evil in this world She knows - what blackness lurks in our souls She parts her lips and gives me a literary quip Sharper and sweeter than any cat-o-nine tails whip She makes"
  • She - Diary Of Dreams
    "She has the silence deep in her breasts embrace She wears a perfume of a truly vicious taste She has the wisdom in her empathic eyes She knows the truth to all unspoken lies She says she'd sell her angel"
  • She - Hank Williams Jr.
    "She is just someone to wash your dirty clothes Someone who never knows where all your money goes She is just someone to teach the children right from wrong And you never know how much she means until she"
  • She - The Monkees
    "Words and Music by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart She, she told me that she loved me, And like a fool I believed her from the start. She, she said she'd never hurt me, But then she turned around and broke"
  • She - Jennifer Nettles
    "She laughs when she thinks her whole life could fit in her car. And she could drive it wherever she wanted. But she knows that she will never get that far. This suffering's hers and she will flaunt it"
  • She - Pure Touch
    "VERSE 1 in the dark she crys but no one comes all alone at night on her own *CHORUS* she just wants to be loved like we always do she just wants someone to turn to VERSE 2 sometimes I think I can hear"
  • She - Hank Williams
    "She is just someone to wash your dirty clothesSomeone who never knows where all your money goesShe is just someone to teach the children right from wrongAnd you never know how much she means until she"
  • She - Edie Brickell
    "She glows around you like the moon She smiles at her reflection in a spoon She reads expensive magazines She sees herself in everything You cant judge her for that She knows where her head is at Shes"
  • She - Taproot
    "She gets everything she wants, but nothing that she needsNo respect for what things cost, or who she wants to beJust neglect for what's been lost, 'cause nothing is for freeHow can we let her get away"
  • She - Harry Styles
    "9 in the morning the man drops his kids off at school and he’s thinking of you like all of us do sends his assistant for coffee in the afternoon around one thurty 2 like he knows what to do she she lives"
  • She - Over The Rhine
    "What she would like to do Is get you out of her head She's tried every trick She's so sick of thinking about it What's so special about you You're an ache she's learned to crave You're a blade too dull"

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