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she loves me because its dangerous bum bum Chris Brown


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she loves me because its dangerous bum bum Chris Brown

  • Bum Bum - Cam'ron
    "You tink all a bum bum Yuh know dis to all Jamaicans Yuh nuh live in Solomon fashion, ya know Tell me seh one ting Nancy can't understand A one ting Nancy can't understand Wha make dem a talk 'bout me"
  • BUM BUM - Die Antwoord
    "Love me, Ninja Love me everywhere Even in my bum, even even in my bum Even in my bum, even even in my bum Even in my bum, even even in my bum Even in my bum, even even in my bum Mi vida es una locura (Tu"
  • City Bum - G. LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE
    "Its a cold night said the city bum With a blanket on his shoulder Sitting by the Delaware And the damp air gets colder Morning is not even close Thats when the church doors open The night is long"
  • City bum - G. Love And Special Sauce
    "Its a cold night said the city bumWith a blanket on his shoulderSitting by the delawareAnd the damp air gets colderMorning is not even closeThats when the church doors openThe night is long lonely nightBut"
  • Carnival Bum - Joe Ely
    "The carnival is closed for the winter The gates are full of nails All my belongings in a camper truck In front of some Hell Hole Motel. The rides are wrapped in canvass There's a smell of snow in the"
  • Bum - Bananafishbones
    "saw you today your drop dead beautiful face strolling my way and you were dragging one lace I'll just stick to you like glue I'm lovesick and dream about you like a tick I will chew and you will get me"
  • Bum - Tanya Donelly
    "Some lucky bum Took away my right to some Sweet honey love Look what's been done to me look what i've become In for the fight fo your life today I'm giving you a head start You better run bum Look"
  • Bum Bum - Megam
    "1.Być z tobą lub nie być, który wariant wybrać mam Nie było cię kiedyś a teraz gdy jesteś sam nie wiem w co gram. Wiele z moich myśli wciąż do ciebie wracać chce Proszę niech się przyśni odpowiedź"
  • Bum Bum - Irene Grandi
    "Il lavoro fa male, lo dicono tutti meglio fare l'amore Anche tutte le sere s che fa bene S s il lavoro fa male male male Lo dicono in troppi Una valigia di sogni prima della partenza Da domani vacanza"
  • Bum Bum - Mabel
    "I see you tonight You bring me to life And groove let the music's gonna in me Hi baby let's me free I feelin' tonight I'm better than life Romantic, crazy, beautiful and true So only I need you... Bum"
  • Bum bum - Gigi D'Alessio
  • Bum Leg - Cake Like
    "There was a guy I used to know His name is Joe He used to live across the street And every day Joe would say Do you wanna come out and play? And I'd say I'd love to, Joe But I can't Wanna know why I've"
  • El Bum Bum - Tito El Bambino
    "Estabas en falda y se te vio to... Se vio to Y ahora vuelvo y te veo, estas en pantalon Que dolor Y tu cuerpo es tan dominante Que me lleva a mirarte Y me tienes loco... loco por probarte Enseńame el bum"
  • Bum Bum (Spanish) - Irene Grandi
    "El trabajo hace dano y todos lo dicen todas la tardes del ano Yo prefiero el amor es mucho ms sano S, s, el trabajo hace dano, dano, dano y todos lo dicen una maleta de suenos a partir de manana para las"
  • Big Bum - Chris Moyles
    "Look at me baby, I'm a sex machine, I may look really dirty, but I keep my undies clean, Hardly knew I'd been around for years, But I still go out drinking beers, Now don't you dare laugh cause you think"
  • One Bum Town - Del Reeves
    "*ONE BUM TOWN DEL REEVES The old census taker bans my name from this town's population Misfit ain't to the word I'd use to fit my situation My predicaments known to every bum for miles around It's my"
  • She Loves Me - Chris Brown
    "Intro yo shay were u benn gurl i bennin callin you so who bout i ride threw there and get yo my lady Verse:1 i be on the road alot but it doesnt change the way i fill bout you gurl i try yo be there for"
  • The Bum Bum Song - Tom Green
    "My bum is on the rail Bum is on the rail Look at me my bum is on the rail! My bum is on the man Bum is on the man It's a lot of fun to put your bum on a man! My bum is on the step Bum is on the step Don't"
  • Shake ya bum bum - Lil Kim
    "Bum chicky, chicky bum Shake ya bum bum {*repeat 3X*} Bum chicky, chicky bum Bum chicky, chicky bum We 'bout to crush all competition Ain't no chance for ya'll Lil' Kim and Shanice, we 'bout to dance"
  • Nashville Bum - Webb Wilder
    "'''Nashville Bum''' I've been chasin' the big wheels All over Nashville Waitin' on my big break to come Livin' on ketchup soup Homemade crackers and Kool-aid I'll be a star tomorrow but today I'm a Nashville"

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