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she past away

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she past away

  • Past Lives - Level 42
    "An angel came to me last night She saw me in a different light She showed me things I thoughht I could be Are not a million miles away As surely as night follows day It follows, I'm a king not a slave It"
  • She Walked Away - BarlowGirl
    "She couldn't take one more day Home was more her prison now Independence called out She had to get it A fight was all she needed To give her reason She slammed the door with no goodbye And knew that it"
  • She walked away - Barlow Girl
    "She couldn't take one more dayHome was more her prison nowIndependence called outShe had to get itA fight was all she neededTo give her reasonShe slammed the door with no goodbyeAnd knew that it was timeAnd"
  • Past Future Perfect - Ocean Blue
    "In the corner stands a strawman with a cocktail in his right hand firm handshakes all around as he slowly sips away In the twilight sits a reader and the words they grab ane lead her to another world apart as"
  • Call Past Rain - World's End Girlfriend

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