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she smells like daisy she makes me crazy

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she smells like daisy she makes me crazy

  • Daisy - Bonnie Pink
    "But if you love her, tell me You're not supposed to be sorry, baby You are the daisy beside me You've gotta be blooming all the time But if she don't love you, tell me I'll come to hug you like your"
  • How She Makes Me Feel - Natural
    "Could it be tha way she yastes That puts me in a higher place The smile on my face when I'm around her...? Her scent that hypnotizes me My center of reality She is everything and more My hear has never"
  • She Is Crazy - The Kelly Family
    "I know one thing that the truth in her eyes makes me loves her Sticks could break her little fine bones but words could never harm her She's crazy, she is crazy you can't hurt her, you can't break her I"
  • She Makes Me High - Robbie Williams
    "Ah, yeah, yeah Oh Baby She is calling And you don't want to answer back I'm falling Trying to find my way back Maybe I'll never know Where I've been (what I've seen) I hope she'll meet me inbetween"
  • She Makes Me Happy - Rod Stewart
    "She makes me happy on the coldest day She makes me happy when the clouds are gray Every day like Christmas when she's in my house She makes me happy and I'm gonna shout Now it's funny old world, I never"
  • She Makes Me Happy - Sunny Side Up
    "Well I've been tryin' oh so hard to get myself together I think of what's to come, baby everything is so unclear and I've been livin' my life without any rhyme or reason my guardian abgel seems to have"
  • She - The Damned
    "She knows - about all the evil in this world She knows - what blackness lurks in our souls She parts her lips and gives me a literary quip Sharper and sweeter than any cat-o-nine tails whip She makes"
  • She makes me happy - Justin Guston
    "I think we'll all look back and laugh someday, at the so-called beggars (?) and the choices we made, But the things that you say when you don't have a clue, But don't just pick up your stones, you'd want"
  • She - Diary Of Dreams
    "She has the silence deep in her breasts embrace She wears a perfume of a truly vicious taste She has the wisdom in her empathic eyes She knows the truth to all unspoken lies She says she'd sell her angel"
  • She - Prominent
    "She- Blowing up my celly She's- always trina' tell me She 's - Always in my face She claims that I drive her crazy She's - got an attitude Still- Girl I'm digging' you Still- I just play it cool She claims"
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit - Imagine Dragons
    "Load up on guns and bring your friends. It`s fun to lose and to pretend. She`s over bored and self assured. Oh no, I know a dirty word. Hello? hello? hello? How low. Hello? hello? hello? How low. Hello?"
  • She - Ben Harper
    "Ben Harper Diamonds On The Inside Shes Only Happy In The Sun I know you may not want to see me On your way down from the clouds Would you hear me if I told you That my heart is with you now She's only"
  • She Never Makes Me Cry - VINCE GILL
    "(Vince Gill) I saw an old lover Today on the street She said do you remember How we used to be On fire with that passion We'd burn down those nights No I haven't forgotten How we used to fight I finally"
  • She Makes Me - Queen
    "I love She makes me She is my heart She is my love I know I'm jealous of her She makes me need She is my love Who knows who she'll make me As I lie in her cocoon And the world will surely heal my ills I'm"
  • Daisy - Ben Lee
    "I didn't see it coming I just thought that you were friendly But here we are passionately embraced I suppose it's kind of funny But it's also kind of scary That your kiss brought back a feeling I'd"
  • Daisy - Tristan Prettyman
    "I went on a walk inside your head, the other day I couldn't believe some of the things, I heard you say cause I've seen the way, that you've been looking at me and its dangerous, and very intentionally"
  • She makes me - Terry Lee Hale
  • Daisy - Ashnikko
    "You don’t wanna see me bratty Pet the kitty, call me catty Make your man call me Daddy He talk too much He’s too chatty CEO i am savvy Respect a bitch I’m a maverick Flexible so elastic But don’t you dare"
  • Nobody Makes Me Crazy (Like You Do) - Blue System
    "Oh, ice and fire - together we can shine Dancing in the danger zone - hearts on fire Oh, baby - please be mine - I can make it on my own Nights are too short - tonight I feel love And every moment I feel"
  • She Got Crazy - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
    "I jumped up, got my coat and walked right out of the door Because she got a little bit crazy I don't want no deranged lady That'll have a nigga sleepin' under daisies. I don't want another insane lover Cuttin'"

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