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she want me

  • She Want She Want - Tesla
    "(Keith, Hannon) Yeah! Hot damn, shit She want money, she want car, she want jewelry Wants it all, still want more, yeah she want everything What next? Request a cheque? And I said shit man, to pay her"
  • She Wants Me - Aaron Carter
    "(feat. Nick Carter) Attention Ladies and Gentlemen... School's in! Man, shut up Time to teach you a little somethin' bro Haha! Ya right! What? What's this you say? Just back off"
  • She Wants Me - Nick Carter
    "N: Attention Ladies and Gentlemen... SCHOOLS IN! A: Eh...Shut up N: Time to teach you a little somethin' bro A: heh heh ya right N: What? Whats this you say? A: Just back off dawg, she wants me N: Are"
  • She wants - Miley Cyrus
    "I came back to the beginning To give one more chance But the game does not rolled Why she wants Increasingly Chorus: It is either play Not for up to win She wants to change my way She wants She wants She"
  • She Wants - SUNSET SONS
    "Should've been a doctor Should've been a father Yeah, am I the only one To see in this something more? Should've been a writer Should've found a partner Girl, I've got wings to fly And you kept me on my"
  • What She Want - Machel Montano
    "(feat. Calypso Rose) Yo bring it Well this is Mr Machel, yo, Representin de gyal dem interest So I must confess got de gyal lovin up de best Yo any man try test Hear me now what me say She really want" What"
  • She Wants Me Dead - One Man Army
    "Oh No Not Again I've Cut Myself Far Too Deep With The Glass On The Floor I Broke Last Night I'm In Trouble So We Don't Speak And When I Call The Phone Just Rings You'd Take My Eyes Out If You Could"
  • I Want Her She Wants Me - The Zombies
    "I close my eyes and soon I'm feeling sleepy I sleep so easy There's nothing on my mind And life seems kind now I want her she wants me I walk downtown and as I look around me All around me The people"
  • She Knowz What She Wants - GangStarr
    "This jam is dedicated To that woman that knows what she wants And just how to get it, word up She knows what she wants (2x) Yo, she knows what she wants She knows what she wants and just how to get it She"
  • She - The Monkees
    "Words and Music by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart She, she told me that she loved me, And like a fool I believed her from the start. She, she said she'd never hurt me, But then she turned around and broke"
  • She - Diary Of Dreams
    "She has the silence deep in her breasts embrace She wears a perfume of a truly vicious taste She has the wisdom in her empathic eyes She knows the truth to all unspoken lies She says she'd sell her angel"
  • She - Radial Angel
    "She is my inspiration She is my destination And I want her To hold my heart in her hands And she is the one Who holds my life in her arms Right from the start When will I see her again When will I see"
  • She - SOiL
    "Fools say that I've lost my wayThey say that from my path I've strayed awayWho'll clear my way to a better dayWho'll cleanse my veins and take all my pains awayShe takes me in, She holds me inShe keeps"
  • She - Sugarplum Fairy
    "She said be bold You can manage that you've been told to do So it's true That I can keep it all and spend it too I'll lend you a hand You raise your voice and make a stand and I Saw you cry I know they'll"
  • She Wants You - Billie
    "I know she wants, I know she wants I know she wants, I know she wants I know she wants, I know she wants I know she wants, I know she wants Boy I know you better Than you think you know yourself I know"
  • She wants you - Billie Piper
    "I know she wants, I know she wants you I know she wants, I know she wants you I know she wants, I know she wants you I know she wants, I know she wants you Boy I know you better Than you think you know"
  • She - Prominent
    "She- Blowing up my celly She's- always trina' tell me She 's - Always in my face She claims that I drive her crazy She's - got an attitude Still- Girl I'm digging' you Still- I just play it cool She claims"
  • She - Britney Spears
    "You know I'm one of a kind;Boy what's this I see,This girl she looks just like me,Blond hair and dressed to a T,You tell me how can this be,If she knew I was the one,Who used to turn you on,Yeah,But you"
  • All she wants - Love Spit Love
    "It's hard to beAll you want from meIt's hard to beAll she wantsIs a good timeIt's hard to seeWhat you want to beIt's hard to seeAll she wantsIs a good timeAll she wantsI see your jelousyShining in all"
  • She - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion Celine Dion L'olympia She Elle Avait dix-huit ans Les cheveux au vent La ligne D'un cygne Qui dpliait ses, , , She Was eighteen years old Hair in the wind The line Of a swan Who's unfolding"

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