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  • Sheryl Crow (I Need You So) - de Mens
    "Sheryl Crow I need you so Hoe laat is bij jou De moed staat in mijn schoenen En ik heb het kou Sheryl Crow I need you so Ik loop hier langs de gracht De zon komt op de nacht verdwijnt Wie had dat gedacht Moet"
  • Love Me Like That (Feat. Sheryl Crow) - Michelle Branch
    "well you stole my heart and I'll get it back but look me in the eye babe tell me why ya gonna love me like that why ya gonna love me like that well I've walked this world five times or more and after all"
  • The Picture - Kid Rock feat. Sheryl Crow
    "Kid Rock: Livin my life in a slow hell Different girl every night at the hotel I ain't seen the sunshine In three damn days Been fuelin'up on cocaine and whiskey Wish I had a good girl to miss me Lord"
  • La Baraja - Sheryl Crow
    "Eres como una baraja caraja por eso mi amor te deja pendeja por eso mi amor te olvida cabrona, jodida, malagradecida Eres como una rueda en el aire por eso vas a chingar a tu madre por eso mi amor te"
  • Long Gone, Lonesome Blues - Sheryl Crow
    "I went down to the river to watch the fish swim by; When I got down to the river so lonesome I wanted to die..., Oh Lord! But then I jumped in the river, but the doggone river was dry. And now he's long"
  • Love Me Like That - Sheryl Crow
    "Well you stole my heart And I'll get it back. But look me in the eye, babe. Tell me why you love me like that. Why you love me like that. Well I've walked this world Five times or more. And after all"
  • Missing - Sheryl Crow
    "feeling weak today run the risk of tears falling down your cheeks from all the lonely years holding back your love while she races up the hill chase what you dream of but always standing still all and"
  • Mother Nature's Son - Sheryl Crow
    "Born a poor young country boy Mother Nature's Son All day long I'm sitting singing songs for every one Sit beside a mountain stream See her waters rise Listen to the pretty sound of music as she flies tu"
  • My Favourite Mistake - Sheryl Crow
    "I woke up and called this morning The tone of your voice was a warning That you don't care for me anymore I made up the bed we sleep in I looked at the clock when you creep in It's six AM and I'm alone Did"
  • New Day - Sheryl Crow
    "What we gon' do right now is go back, way back Bring in the groove I wanna dedicate this to those who never made it From kindergarten to the 12th I never graduated Yo but college wasn't for some of us So"
  • Put A Little Love In Your Heart - Sheryl Crow
    "Think of your fellow man lend him a helping hand put a little love in your heart. You see it's getting late oh please don't hesitate put a little love in your heart. And the world will be a better place and"
  • She Will Have Her Way - Sheryl Crow
    "I might be old but I'm someone new she said I'm so sore that I could cry always in the night lay your tired arms she will have her way somehow I will still believe her it's the life I've been frightened"
  • Souvenir - Sheryl Crow
    "Don't ask the question Cos you won't like the answer Get up off your chair There's nothing for you here Where the guests like souvenirs They play with you 'till you're all worn out Back where the guests"
  • Tearing Us Apart - Sheryl Crow
    "You know the sun is shining; it's raining in my heart. I don't know what to do since we've been apart. Why don't you tell me, babe, what is going on? You know I love you darling, don't want to be alone. They're"
  • There Was A Man - Sheryl Crow
    "Mama's got a squeeze box She wears on her chest And when Daddy comes home He never gets no rest 'Cause she's playing all night And the music's all right Mama's got a squeeze box Daddy never sleeps at"
  • Tried To Be True - Sheryl Crow
    "From baby to best with no second test These little storms destroy you Here is the fame they promised to give you Taking the place of my hand now Well did you try to be true What separates me from you"
  • Try Not To Remember - Sheryl Crow
    "try to erase the smell of freedom and every face that happened to meet mine what still remains something unrelenting i'll say the names of those I left behind chorus: in the still of the night do"
  • Volvo Cowgirl 99 - Sheryl Crow
    "Video countdown cyber phallic optics Profligate talk shows scrounging for a topic Rock-a-buy gravy train cradle's gonna rock me 37 million's what Larry Parker got me World War XIV, my first Sony Beatles"
  • Weather With You - Sheryl Crow
    "Walking 'round the room singing Stormy Weather At Fifty Seven Mount Pleasant Street Well it's the same room but everything's different You can fight the sleep but not the dream Things ain't cookin' in"
  • Who Will The Bext Fool Be? - Sheryl Crow
    "After you get rid of me Who will the next fool be? I know I know I know I know There's things you'd like to know about the boy that I love so 'Cause after all is said and done You won't be satisfied with"

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