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shes driving ooo

  • Ooo - Trey Songz
    "Yeah, they call me Trey Songz Lets go, lets go, lets go lets go lets go ('Cause when they hit you like Ooo) Babeez in the building cat Thats right he in the building (Ooo) I got a one didn't take long"
  • Shes Like The Wind - Lumidee
    "Yea Yo Tony Sunshine... ( Lumidee) Listen baby I've been around I know that you like how I wear my crown I know that im something that's so profound So far what im hearing look I like the sound Everybodys"
  • Ooo-Eee - Dolly Parton
    "(Annie McLoone) I just came by to let you know I'll never ever let you go, oh my Ooo-eee my love And if you ever, ever stray I know that that will be the day That I die, oh my Ooo-eee my love Ooo-eee,"
  • DRIVING - America
    "I awake every morning with the dawn Nothing more than the need to carry on Feel the wind blowing through my hair Make believe I don't ever care Why does the book of freedom take so long We could be driving"
  • Driving - PJ Harvey
    "Tell him I'm driving, it's alright Turn on this wheel Turn on headlights A hundred different bibles by my side In my white gown I go flying down Oh my eyes, it cannot be He said no, it cannot be All that"
  • Driving - PJ Harvey
    "Tell him I'm driving, it's alright Turn on this wheel Turn on headlights A hundred different bibles by my side In my white gown I go flying down Oh my eyes, it cannot be He said no, it cannot be All that"
  • Driving - Everything But The Girl
    "Oh loverboy To you I belong But maybe one day you'll wake And you'll find me gone But loverboy If you call me home I'll come driving I'll come driving fast as wheels can turn Oh loverboy I know you too"
  • Driving - Anberlin
    "And we're driving just as fast as we can And we're racing to outrun the wind It's just me and you and you and me So wild and so young, bright-eyed and free And we're trying to get out of here As"
  • Driving - Patty Griffin
    "Driving and drivingThinking about youKeep the car in the linesWhat else would I doI look straight aheadLock all of my doorsSo tired of drivingDont wanna drive no moreDriving and drivingFast forward rewindEvery"
  • Driving - Case
    "You wanna come play my sex games baby You still want me to taste you dont you Baby, baby yes I will You and I alone up in my Benzie Body got me going in a frenzy Lets be on our way to my hide away So"
  • Ooo Baby Baby - Smokey Robinson
    "Oooh La La La La I did you wrong my heart went out to play & in the game I lost you what a price to pay I'm cryin' Oooh Baby, Baby Oooh Baby, Baby Mistakes I know I've made a few But I'm only human You've"
  • Driving - Arab Strap
    "I was awake I overheard your speech. My ego dried and sank. Talked with your ex and we agreed thought of your sister helped us wank. I'm sure you know that I have fancied her since she began high school. But"
  • Driving - Temporary Basement
    "6 am to 7:30 i'm lying in bed, in no big hurry should i mark targets or set different aims? when last night turned out exactly the same? i draw new designs, i never go out but every day the same chore,"
  • Driving - Drugstore
    "I'm doing 80 miles and it's raining I feel like I could fly tonight I'm gonna get there or I'll die In the middle of this Christmas night I wanted to find you Wanted to find you Goodbye my sweet friend I'll"
  • When we ooo - Janet Jackson
    "Hellomy love Wish you were here So many things in my heart I'd like to share A few warm thoughts A subtle smile Our conversation through silence Could last all night At ease my mind To see your face Those"
  • Shes Leaving - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
    "I've got a secret I can't explain And all the time I've waited for this day All along I was never in doubt I always knew it would never get out There are things that I cannot tell And there are things"
  • Shes Gone - Mungo Jerry
    "The rain fell on my window, the wind was at my door, I tried to light my fire, I was feelin' mighty cold, My woman gone an' left me, to look after myself, I thought I'd hit the city, I don't want no one"
  • Shes Everything - BBMak
    "If you let me be a part of you If you tell me what I gotta do Maybe I could change I don't wanna see another day If I ever let you walk away from the love we have And here I can't see why I need her close"
  • Shes Leavin' - Clint Black
    "When I think about the time that I sat crying in my beer Jukebox pounding misery from ear to ear I know I'd tell myself I'm better off without you here But I'm looking for beginnings when the end is always"
  • When Shes Good Shes Good - Clay Walker
    "plastic black frame glases hair up in a bun from nine to five she looks like a school libarian but mister come this friday whens she punching out shes ready for love the hyme comes up and the hair comes"

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