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shes the one

  • Shes The One - Robbie Williams
    "I was her she was me We were one we were free And if there's somebody calling me on She's the one If there's somebody calling me on She's the one We were young we were wrong We were fine all along If"
  • Shes Gone - Mungo Jerry
    "The rain fell on my window, the wind was at my door, I tried to light my fire, I was feelin' mighty cold, My woman gone an' left me, to look after myself, I thought I'd hit the city, I don't want no one"
  • Shes Everything - BBMak
    "If you let me be a part of you If you tell me what I gotta do Maybe I could change I don't wanna see another day If I ever let you walk away from the love we have And here I can't see why I need her close"
  • Shes Got Everything - White Lion
    "I went to a party With a friend of mine Had a couple of beers And a bottle of wine There were plenty of women Dancing everywhere They were dressed to kill And knew what to do She was so outstanding I just"
  • Shes In The Bathroom & Shes Shaking Me 'Til Tommor - Atom And His Package
    "it was my birthday everything was going my way so i took my girl for a real nice dinner (dinner) we went to the facist restaraunt told her she could have whatever she wants i thought the night would"
  • Shes Everything You Want - Gilman Billy
    "Can't you hear your heart it's talking to your brain A little voice inside you keeps calling out her name You can only lose if You start to hesitate So why ignore an open door Showing you the way A heart"
  • What If Shes An Angel - Tommy Shane Steiner
    "There's a man standing on the corner With a sign sayin "will work for food" You know the man You see him every morning The one you never give your money to You can sit there with your window rolled up Wondering"
  • Shes All Ive Ever Had - Ricky Martin
    "Here I am Broken wings Quiet thoughts Unspoken dreams Here I am Alone again And I need her now To hold my hand CHORUS: She's all, she's all I ever had She's the air I breathe She's all, she's all I ever"
  • Shes my kind of girl - Abba
    "Look at her face, it's a wonderful face And it means something special to me Look at the way that she smiles when she sees me How lucky can one fellow be? She's just my kind of girl, she makes me feel"
  • Shes Leaving - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
    "I've got a secret I can't explain And all the time I've waited for this day All along I was never in doubt I always knew it would never get out There are things that I cannot tell And there are things"
  • Shes Leavin' - Clint Black
    "When I think about the time that I sat crying in my beer Jukebox pounding misery from ear to ear I know I'd tell myself I'm better off without you here But I'm looking for beginnings when the end is always"
  • When Shes Good Shes Good - Clay Walker
    "plastic black frame glases hair up in a bun from nine to five she looks like a school libarian but mister come this friday whens she punching out shes ready for love the hyme comes up and the hair comes"
  • Shes A Woman - Beatles
    "Beatles Miscellaneous Shes A Woman She's a woman My love don't give me presents. I know that she's no peasant, only ever has to give me love forever and forever, my love don't give me presents, turn me"
  • Shes A Diamond - Opal
    "there's a diamond in her eye it's a shining up above and the moon in the sky says you won't tell her why we're gamblers we'll tell you lies she'll take a tumble and never lose and in the morning"
  • Shes A Lady - Gemini
    "When the night has come And the land is dark And the moon is the only light we'll see No, I won't be afraid No, I won't be afraid Just as long as you stand Stand by me (Chorus:) So darling, darling, stand"
  • Shes So Square - XTC
    "I'm enlisting, overseas aid need assisting, help with a maid get the expert, on mademoiselles he could diffuse, any bombshell If I could only be tough like him then I could win my own, small, battle of"
  • Shes A Dream - Average White Band
    "Yes, she was beautiful And she smiled at me As she passed my way In the heat of the noon day sun Ohh the promise of those eyes Got me hypnotized I ask her to stay And continue what she's begun She"
  • Shes Every Woman - Garth Brooks
    "She's sun and rain, she's fire and iceA little crazy but it's niceAnd when she gets mad, you best leave her alone'Cause she'll rage just like a riverThen she'll beg you to forgive herShe's every woman"
  • Shes Something Else - Easyworld
    "Tonight we all smell the same In the dark we look cool So it's safe to turn off your brain And what was that? I'm so really really really I'm Something else completely Can't hear me, can't see me It's"
  • Shes My Girl - Gilman Billy
    "All the guys are goin' blind from starin' My baby, she ain't even carin' And they're crazy if they think I'm sharin' 'Cause I know what they're after And nobody else can have her 'cause she's My girl,"

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